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    Dell 27" 144hz GSync, 1440p monitor - $349 @ Bestbuy

    Seems the deal is over, now the price is $399.99
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    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    Same here, the 20% off works on the sale price.
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    Best chair I ever sat in - $144. Serta Hensley

    Looks like we are onlyh getting a deal for $239.99 on this cahir for black friday. What a letdown, I missed the sale last month and really want this chair, but not for $240.
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    Torrentday Invites

    I'll take one pls
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    home based Hyper-V lab storage

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    Reliable HDDs

    WD and Samsung
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    Lost in a sea of RAM

    Mushkin werks great for me
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    The Steam Machines

    I'm in for one!
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    New Hitman game in the works PC, PS4, XB1

    Didnt really like the last one sadly
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    How bigs your steam folder

    lol why ever install 200+ games
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

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    If You Haven't Played DayZ - This is Why It's Worth $30...

    This game can pick my berries!
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    OC guide for newbies?

    Good Info
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    The road to 60TB

    woot PrOn!
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    4GB on mid-range cards, or is 2GB really enough?

    the more the merrier
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I can trade BCG invite for IPT
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    Iptorrent Invites

    I would like an invite please, been a member of black-cats for 10 years
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    GFX card upgarde Question?

    a $100 card will not get you much of an upgrade over a GTX260. Get a used GTX470, it will be equal to 2 GTX260's. But to let that new I7 shine best bang for buck would be a GTX660ti or GTX670 I don't like AMD so no suggestions there.
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    difference between asus gtx 670 and the top edition

    The Gigabyte OC Windforce GTX670's are really nice. I just got one and it boosted to 1150 out of the box. It oc's to 1280, I run it at 1250 24/7 stable. It idles at 35c with 25% fan speed and doesn't pass 59-60c with 80% fan speed at full load while OC'ed. Overall a good little performer
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    GTX 670 2x, want to run three monitors

    You will need a DVI-HDMI cord I think. I have seen them they have DVI on one end and HDMI on the other they just wont pass any sound obviously.
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    Optimal GFX card?

    GTX 670 is the best bang for buck, at the current price point.
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    Who's gone back to single card setups

    I have been running SLI since the gtx260, and I love it. I stepped up to a gtx470 from my 260sli and it was great but then I added another 470 for that extra oomph and ran that for a while. I recently traded in the 470's for a single 670 and couldn't be happier. It's about 10-15% faster than...
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    Official GTX 670 Overclocking Thread

    Ok thanks, I will give that a try. I just didn't want to create extra voltage for no reason.
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    Official GTX 670 Overclocking Thread

    Was artifacting at +140 and +130 it stopped at +120 and has been good for the last few days of hard gaming. This is still with +0% on the power.
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    Official GTX 670 Overclocking Thread

    Just got my Gigabyte windforce oc 670, not sure how good of a performer it is. It did 1150 on the boost clock out of the box I currently have it running stable at Power Target +0% (100%) Base Clock +120, +130 started artifacting (1270 total stable boost) Mem +400, haven't tried higher on...
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    GTX 660 Ti SLI vs GTX 680

    Yah BF3, GW2, Arkham City, all the good stuff. Will a 660ti be an upgrade from 470 2xSLI or roughly the same?
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    Guild Wars 2 Performance

    I am using GTX 470 2xSLI @1080p and get about 60-100fps with everything maxxed, it sometimes drops to the 40's-50's but only with 20+ people on screen casting spells. @1080p
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    GTX 660 Ti SLI vs GTX 680

    Well an average of 120 would be fine and i'm being realistic I can lose some AA if needed. Just wanna be close as possible.
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    GTX 660 Ti SLI vs GTX 680

    Hey guys I got a question for ya that seems relevant to this thread. I have been running SLI GTX470's @ 1080p and they have served me well. I recently got a VG278H 120hz Monitor, and my little 470's although great will only pull 60-90fps in most games maxed out and for Vsync I now need to...
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    New Corsair Vengeance Line Wireless Cases

    surprised it fits an H100 that pretty cool.
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    Ivy Bridge retail E1 stepping 9 is a bad oc'er

    ivy sounds like a dissapointment so far
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    Best Non-Cloth Mouse Surface

    always been curious to try a ratzpad
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    Just got a G500 mouse... what to replace it with?

    Logitech is the best for peripherals
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    New Egg Ram sale

    Sweet deal
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    Intel CPUs and LGA 2011

    for it is a crime to not overclock such sexy hardware!!!!