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    Nintendo "Wins" $12 Million from Pirate ROM Site Operators

    While I think it is petty of Nintendo to go after these sites, unfortunately, "But everybody else is doing it!" is not a valid legal defense.
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    Intel to Scale Down DIY Processor Shipments

    Wow, is Intel trying to drive DIY PC builders to AMD? Between this and the total coasting in regards to performance increase, they have really allowed AMD to catch up from what look like an insurmountable distance.
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    Netflix May Make Changes to its Pricing Schedule With the Addition of a Fourth Plan

    Netflix is starting down the same road as cable. Charging extra for more screens is fine. Charging extra for 4K and HDR seems lame. The small amount of 4K/HDR content they have is shot that way and they are downgrading it for the lower paying customers. It's not like they have to make a new...
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    Backpage Founders Indicted on 93-Counts

    Is that one guy Ernest Hemingway?
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    Uber Disabled Volvo's Safety System Before Fatal Crash

    I'd like to know if something in the Volvo software conflicted with Uber's software. Why was it disabled? It seems some redundancy would be beneficial. The very first report stated that the woman stepped right out into the way the car. I think a lot of people thought that there was no way the...
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    Toys R Us Is Closing All Its U.S Stores

    While I'm sure that's part of it, the stores were run pathetically. I start looking for my kids Christmas gifts early. Whatever they want for Christmas seems to turn out to be the items you can't find anywhere. This past October season, I went in to Toys'R'Us to look for something. It was...
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    Google Believes Android is as Secure as iOS

    While I agree with the sentiment of your post, the article was about security. Hasn't your S8 received monthly security updates? My wife's S7 is still getting them. Android security updates are very heavily influenced by manufacturer. The Pixel phones are as good as Apple. The rest are on a...
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    Intel Hades Canyon NUC Benchmarks Leak

    That's awesome. I work for a company with the word "computer" in the name and we have some old, hand me down Lenovo laptops with 3 GB of ram and hard drives. We do some onsite consulting work and some of my co-workers have actually had customers say "You work for a COMPUTER company?" when they...
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    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X On Sale

    +15% IPC or +15% overall? You said the former but, I think you meant the later... Clock speeds are going up for sure.
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    Rhode Island Also Wants to Tax Your Pr0n

    Define great. Great on out-of-pocket costs. Not so much on coverage or access. Average wait time for an MRI in Canada is 11.1 weeks. So long that many ligaments have already healed in that time, making it difficult to determine how extensive injuries originally were. In the USA, I could...
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    Bar Receives 500 DMCA Notices Last Week

    +1 The majority of people at bars aren't using open wifi to torrent.
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    How Bill Gates Aims to Clean Up the Planet

    Smog is not caused by CO2. It is mostly from NOx emisisons and unburnt hydrocarbons.
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    Apple to Invest $350B in US over 5 Years & Pay $38B in Repatriation Taxes

    Apples to Oranges. That is just the repatriation tax. There will be additional taxes levied on this money, 1. If Apple pays dividends with some of the repatriated cash, stockholders will have to pay income tax on those. 2. If Apple uses the cash as capital investment (which looks...
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    Serial Swatter Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    You got the general jist of the charges correct. I would only add that most jurisdictions add a Felony Murder statute. If a someone dies in the commission or as the result of a felony, it's felony murder. I don't know if falsely reporting a homicide/hostage situation to police is a felony in...
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    Serial Swatter Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

    That jury in San Francisco was way out of line. The guy was not guilty of 1st degree murder. It was a ricochet, he couldn't have (beyond a reasonable doubt) been guilty of 1st degree murder. But, the SJW jury should have convicted him of a lesser included offense. The jury was instructed to...
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    Confessions of a Digital Nazi Hunter

    Using a bot to harass harassers is still harassment.
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    Amazon Will Start Selling Apple TV and Chromecast Again

    +1 Grand Tour in 4K on Chromecast Ultra. (i'm actually not sure why I want this so bad, but I do. I have one 4K display, my TV, and it has a Amazon Video app.)
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    Prototype 4x Titan V

    Pfft, no RGB!!! /s Impressive, no doubt.
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    The US Claims It Doesn't Need a Court Order to Ask Tech Companies to Build Encryption Backdoors

    Big difference between "ask" and "force." Hopefully companies are saying no when being asked, but they probably aren't....
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    Google worked with Intel on a custom AI chip for its Pixel phones

    Intel definitely has mature 10 nm process tech and is in a good position for 7 nm. If Google can design good custom chips, they could be a good match.
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    Native American Tribe Sues Amazon and Microsoft Over Patents

    UGH! I hate patent trolls. Could someone please appoint me to be a judge and preside over these cases? I have a law license, STEM education, can understand and write code and I'm a geek. That makes me way more qualified to here these cases than most of the crusty old turds currently hearing...
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    World Will Need “Carbon Sucking” Technology by 2030s, Scientists Warn

    There are easier possible solutions. Basically, simulate large volcanic eruptions. Volcanic eruptions been shown to lower Earth temperatures. I'm sure "World Leaders" will go with whatever solution gives them the most power...
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    Supreme Court Won't Hear Kim Dotcom's Civil Forfeiture Case

    +1 I'm an attorney. I understand the need and reasoning for civil forfeiture. That said, the process and oversight of its use is utter garbage. Certain cases and their abuse of civil forfeiture are the worse affront to constitutional due process since the civil rights era.
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    Google Pixel 2: New Leaks Confirm Pricing, Colors, and Storage Options

    Too expensive... Damn Apple for raising prices and damn you Google for following them.
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    Call of Duty: WWII Multiplayer Open Beta Coming to PC

    Thank you for making this beta on Steam. It's so annoying to have to download other launchers for betas.
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    Digitimes Says AMD RX Vega Card Shortages Will Persist

    It boggles the mind how badly AMD screwed up the Vega launch. I really don't know why anyone would want to buy one of these cards. They aren't even that great at mining. Polaris is better for the cost. It's sad really, because AMD absolutely nailed it with Ryzen and Threadripper.
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    Cheapest Intel X-Series Boards Will Ditch Quad-Channel Memory and Cut PCIe Lanes

    Then what is the point of Kaby Lake X? Only reason for it to be on X299 at all is to give you an upgrade path to more cores. What kind of moron is going to spend the extra money for Kaby Lake X/X299 over Kaby Lake/Z270?
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    Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2016

    Backblaze numbers should be taken with a metric ton of salt. Their use case is nothing like what most of the drives are designed for. They use consumer drives, not enterprise drives, for data center purposes. The enclosures are basically drives wrapped in a rubber band and stacked directly...
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    Elon Musk Says There Is An Anti-Tesla Conspiracy

    I agree with that statement but Tesla gets a ton of positive press too. They are the new, totally different player so they get a disproportionately high level of attention, good and bad. Elon's childlike response to criticism only encourages others to sensationalize negative news stories. He...
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    Google Is The World's Largest Censor And Must Be Regulated

    For all the people who are ok with Google doing this, are you ok with Comcast slowing down Netflix? Seems to me that this is very close to net neutrality. Free and open web means good and bad.
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    USPS Delivery of the Day

    I guess it depends on where you live. USPS gives excellent service where I live. Actually, UPS and FedEx do as well. I live in a rural area. Just outside of a town of about 3600 people. When I lived in suburbia, the service of all three was worse, especially USPS.
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    White House Leads Major Energy Storage Push

    Wouldn't it help if they first understand that they are using the wrong units? Isn't stored energy measured in KWhrs? KW is an instantaneous measurement.
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    Intel Demos 3D XPoint Optane File Copy At 2 GB/s

    Hmm, unimpressive. Weren't they claiming a 100x performance boost? Flash really isn't the problem anymore. It's the interface. We went from maxing out SATA III, skipped SATA express and on to Nvme on pci-e 3.0 x 4. The problem is the first generation consumer drives on this new interface...
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    Did The FBI Just Unleash A Hacker Army On Apple?

    Excellent post. Almost every article completely failed to mention that huge fact. The county government was the owner of the phone. Not an individual. A person shouldn't expect their work phone to be private. This case had owner permission, probable cause and a valid court order. I'm guessing...
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    Apple Boss Says Finding Music Online Is Too 'Difficult' For Women

    If it's any consolation ladies, Apple doesn't just think you are dumb. It thinks all its users are dumb. It thinks "S" models are completely innovative and worthy of $799+ and that $100 is justifiable to upgrade from 16GB to 32GB.
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    What kind of connector is this?

    I had my laptop apart fixing the dc jack and saw this. Anyone know what kind of connector this is? What could I use it for? The laptop is a Toshiba C55-A5285. It's a Core i3 3120M on HM76 chipset. Thanks!