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    Norton Internet Security 2014 3 user $19.99 on Amazon

    Avast with 3 licenses for 1 year is $59.00. I'm sure you can get it cheaper with some sort of a coupon but come talk to me when you see it under $20. That's what I paid for Norton.
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    Norton Internet Security 2014 3 user $19.99 on Amazon

    The new Norton products are nothing like the past. I used them back in the 90's before they were bought out by Symantec and they were bloated and slowed down the PC. No longer. Their products are now completely revamped and they work just as good as any other package. I use them and I have no...
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    Norton Internet Security 2014 3 user $19.99 on Amazon

    Looks like a great deal. I use it and it works good.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I was playing fine until the last patch, then the dreaded sound loop bug hit me. Only way I was able to get around it is by limiting my framerate to 59.95 on my beautiful 144Hz monitor. Dice is a joke. They don't care anymore. The game was released 5 months ago, they got their money and they are...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I have tried this with 100's of shots and not a single hit. There is simply no reason for the shells to hit the targets with the way he leads them. It seems completely random. :confused:
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    WARM Corsair TX650W/TX750W $19.99/$39.99 - Refurb

    Reburb power supplies + Tiger Direct + rebates = recipe for disaster. :o
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    WD 2TB External At Target

    Most likely a Green 2TB 5400RPM drive. Price is bad since it is not available online and you pay tax at B/M store anyway.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    I bought the game when it came out and it was a mess. In the last month, I haven't crashed once and I play for few hours at a time. I upgraded to Win 8.1 as well. The so called "net code" is just terrible but I don't think that can be fixed because of client side hit detection and plenty of...
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    Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band Wireless Gigabit Router $136 @Staples AC FS YMMV

    Great deal if you snagged one. A friend of mine has it and he loves it.
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    I hate you, Newegg.

    I have spent $1000's on Amazon in the last few years and haven't given a dime to Newegg. Back when they started, it was THE place to shop but now, I'm surprised they are in business. Their shady "sales" techniques are just bad. Raise the price by $5 for an item, then discount it by $4.99 to make...
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    What's the purpose of NAS that supports Plex?

    I have Plex on my main system and a 4TB NAS with all my media on it and connect my LG TV via WiFi and stream directly from my main PC to the TV. I don't transcode since the TV plays all the files native such as MKV, AVI, MPG, MP4, etc. My iPad and Samsung Note 2 as well as the wife's iPhone...
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    MSI Z87-GD65 What in God's good name is Super Raid?

    Go here for support. I have the same board as well.
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Agreed. Obliteration is so much fun. Makes conquest seem like a Sunday drive.
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    Razer peripherals 50% off 1 Day only!

    <MOVIE QUOTE> ... "and I never learned to read!" </MOVIE QUOTE>
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    Current Green Man Gaming 25% Voucher Works w/ Battlefield 4 Premium.

    Client side hit detection = major fail. So frustrating when you are emptying an entire clip of 40+ bullets into someone standing in front of you and they just smile and kill you with a hand gun in one shot. When you are in a game and have 25ms ping and others are running around with 150ms pings...
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    Sim City 15 bucks @MS store

    Save your money. Do not support a company that puts out crappy products. I was a huge fan of the series and still install SC4 every now and then and play it for a few hours. This game is just crap. Basically, crap wrapped in a pretty bow on Xmas morning.
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    Newegg Black Friday Sale!

    Newegg 5 years ago was the place to shop. These days, Amazon beats them in service, price and if you have Prime, in shipping. I spent $1000's at Newegg years ago but now, I don't even check them for anything. Waste of time...
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    HOT!!! Antivirus software for $4.99

    I have been using Vipre for 2 years now as well and I am very happy with it. Very light weight and does the job.
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    Battlefield 4 Windows 7 vs. 8.1 Performance Review @ [H]

    I was never a fan of Windows 8 since the first time I saw it. It is made for tablets and touch screens and not a desktop OS. But my Windows 7 install was getting a little long in the tooth so I decided to jump on Widnows 8.1 and I am happy so far. I immediately installed Classic Shell which...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Now I get it that I am an "old" gamer by todays standards but I have over 300+ hours in BF3. I had a 1.6/1 KDR and had everything unlocked. I played as a team and it was fun. I played all the previous versions of the BF series and it was never this bad. When I empty a whole clip into someone and...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    This game is a giant pile of poo. Net code, stability issues, crashes, glitches, cheaters, spawn campers, highly unbalanced, etc... Honestly, this game is more frustrating than fun. I've played around 20+ hours so far and they have been more stressful than any game I have ever played and I've...
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    BF4 just doesn't feel right

    I've been trying Team DM type of servers with only 32 players max. It's ok and no crashes it seems vs. the 64 player ones. But I enjoy playing big maps with 64 players but it just seems like a giant sniperfest. Half the teams are snipers and I spawn and I'm dead within 3 seconds, hearing the...
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    BF4 just doesn't feel right

    I played the game for a couple hours last night. Several servers were rubber banding like crazy and a few times, the game locked up and I had to kill the game via Task Manager. Then I was able to get into a server that was nice and stable but it was just no fun. Getting sniped from all over the...
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    BF4 just doesn't feel right

    I am a big fan of BF3. It was simple and easy to play and get a hang of. Been playing the BF series since BF1942. I have been "trying" to play BF4 for the last couple of days. Sure, the graphics look pretty but man, it just doesn't feel right. Game seems so unbalanced for me. I am having a very...
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    Big Price Cuts for GeForce GTX 780 & 770 Tomorrow, GTX 780 Ti Coming 11-7

    Will be buying another EVGA 770 2GB with the ACX cooler for $329 to go with the one I already have. SLI here I come. Will play nicely with my Asus 27" 144Hz monitor. BF4 will be awesome. :)
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    Asus VG278HE Calibration settings needed!

    +1 Mine is coming from Amazon and I could use this info as well.
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    need a good budget 24/27" 120hz 1080p monitor for gaming

    I just bought this exact one from Amazon. Got it from the warehouse deals in "like new condition" for $335. Going from a triple 23" Dell 2312HM's to one 27" 144Hz monitor. I never could get used to the "fish eye" view on the side monitors when it came to triple screen gaming. I found it too...
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    Apple's iPhone 5s being announced tomorrow!!

    Samsung has surpassed Apple in the smart phone market as far as the "cool" factor. People see the iPhone being for people who can't handle a real phone and something your grandparents are using. I work at a law firm where the majority of the attorneys are 50+ years old and they want the iPhone...
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    Which GPU for 2560x1440, budget around $530

    Love my EVGA GTX770 SC. Clocks at 1280/7500 and doesn't break the bank for under $400. Get the 4GB version for about $450 and in a year, go SLI.
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    Recommend Video Card 80$ budget

    Check Craigslist in your area. I've seen tons of good deals on there. Bought a GTX 680 for a friend for $125. Those deals are very rare but it's your best bet to get something locally for cheap.
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    OCZ Vector 128GB MLC SSD $80

    OCZ is the bottom feeder of the computer hardware market. I've had their products from SSD's to power supplies and everyone has either failed or under performed. I for one am glad they are going under. I hate to see people loose their jobs but their name brand and reputation is just awful.
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    Acronis True Image 2013 + Dragon Naturally Speaking 12 $4.99 AR

    $75 rebate on a $79.99 purchase from TD? Ummmm... Don't think so. :o
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    MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming $169.99 w/ promo code.

    Must... watch... video...again...and...again... :D
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    Please help - upgrade advice - worried about PCIe bottleneck.

    GTX780 is king of the hill right now, atleast until we see what AMD has up its sleeve but they are expensive. I just bought a GTX770, coming from a 670, and will go SLI before year end. This way, I am enjoying my games now at max settings and when BF4 comes out in November, I can go SLI and be...
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    MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming $169.99 w/ promo code.

    I have this board. I bought it from MicroCenter for $114 last month with a 4670K. Excellent features and very easy to work with and the design is top notch. Highly recommended. Driver support from MSI is also good as well as the great support forums.
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    Samsung Magician

    If the drive came in an HP or Dell system, Magician will not support it because there is a custom firmware on the drive for those computers. I know because we use Dell systems here at work and they all have Samsung 128GB 830's in them and Magician will not recognize them. Here is more info...
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    EVGA 770 SC is pumping out some heat!

    Ok, looks like I have this all set up now. I changed my H100i fans, which are mounted on top of my case, from pulling air into the case to exhaust and changed both 120mm side fans into intake which blow directly onto the card. pushed up the OC on the card to +125 core and +300 on the mem which...
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    EVGA 770 SC is pumping out some heat!

    UPDATE: With the side fans changed to exhaust instead of intake, temps are hovering in the mid 70's now in Skyrim and I have pushed the OC to +100 core offset and +250 mem offset. Thats giving me a boost of 1295 on the core which is nice.
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    EVGA 770 SC is pumping out some heat!

    Just got my EVGA 770 SC 2GB with ACX cooler in the mail today to replace my 670 which was starting to flake out. Plugged it in, installed the latest 326.80 Beta drivers and in Precision, I have it set at +75 GPU offset and +200 mem offset with 106% power and 85C temp target. Got into Skyrim and...
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    16GB kit recommendations

    Wow... 1.35v and CAS 8. Looks like a winner. Amazon has these right now at $125.