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    Curved Screen TVs Are A Gimmick

    as you go bigger, the curve "works" more. the 78hu8000 is a STUNNING panel. the 55" is pointless imo though
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    My new 4k display. Samsung UN78HU9000 Curved

    One of my co-workers sold one of these to a guy last weekend, he bought it back because titanfall was giving him motion sickness (xbone, lol). He paid more and took home an 84UB980T. btw he dropped 16k on the sammy (lol New Zealand pricing) I think the larger the curved panel the better it...
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    So the OnePlus One is now here...

    i think im going to replace my 64gb 4s with this beautiful phone. Im in New Zealand, so even with shipping and exchange rates its still going to clock in at under $500 NZ. Im going to wait until they stop the invite system as Im still happy with my current phone (for now) and I really cbf...
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    4K Blu-Ray Discs and Players to Arrive Next Year

    4k displays are stunning. upscaled blu-rays looks amazing, and I cant wait to see what 4k movies are going to look like! My wife and I love movies, we currently watch on a 55vt60 (so a fantastic plasma) and I am supremely impressed with the resolution, however I still think OLED is probably...
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    Unreal Tournament Pre-Alpha Playable Build

    ut2k4 with better gfx please :) as long as its not ut3 i think the community will be happy
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    help with itunes organisiation please

    Used mp3tag to sort this mess out. This can be closed
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    help with itunes organisiation please

    I have an iPhone 4s 64gb that I have decided to fill with music. Normal artist CDs have ripped just fine (ie "master of puppets is there under metallica for artists, so is and justice for all... etc etc) However!!!! I have a few compilations that I want to get onto my phone under ALBUM...
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    So.. when did you start your Steam account?

    i will be 9 years on the 13th of July :) Unlocked: 13 Jul, 2013 @ 5:56pm
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    Am I the only one that misses spare batteries?

    i just charge my phone overnight. lasts me a full day, whats the problem? 64gb iphone 4s, gets pretty heavy use over the day. wifi and a little bluetooth
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    Unreal Tournament 4/2015

    as long as its PC oriented ill be happy. UT3 could have been a good game, but it was just too consoley..... slider menus, bugger all crosshairs, OP rox, cruddy (lolut99) movement. gimme boost dodging with 2k4s weapon switch + armour system :) If they just remade ut2k4 id be happy tbh (over 1000...
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    Whatever Happened To Blu-ray?

    I live in New Zealand. I have a 120gb cap per month on my internet. How am I supposed to watch HD content with dts audio? i basically have no choice but to buy bluray. We dont have a (convenient) service such as netflix to be able to stream media, we have one satellite tv company that has a...
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    Popular games you can't get into.

    WoW my first MMORGRGRRGRGGEG was lotro, and despite the fact that all my mates play WoW i just cannot get into the cartoony graphics style. I have an undead shadow priest lvl 40 something, so i gave it a go...
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    What does the average user of an Asus or Alienware gaming laptop look like?

    @ op wait.... 9 pounds is what? like 5 kilograms? (google says 4.08kgs) why are you bitching about carrying 4kgs around? if that is too heavy for you then I suggest you get your little sister to carry it around for you. dont all the cool kids have "satchels" that they carry their macbooks...
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    iPhone Catches Fire and Burns Eighth-Grader

    how old is an 8th grader? (non USA person here)
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    What video card has served you the longest before upgrading?

    my sapphire 4850. the fan died on it otherwise id probably still be using it lol :)
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    Wearing a headset with glasses?

    how big are the ear pieces on them? im using a pair of steelseries siberias and they fully cover my ears with zero discomfort. Ive had glasses since I was 12 and I pretty much cant see shit without them so they are on 100% of the time im awake, this includes gaming marathons
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    12-Way Gaming Mouse Roundup

    gaming mice? mx518 or g400 ie 3.0 deathadder optical or go home
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    Man killed after dispute over texting in theater

    im not saying i condone anything, but I understand.
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    Funny Xbox One Trolling

    got a lol from me
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    Users Finally Giving Up on Windows XP

    *still using xp on his c2d "gaming" rig
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    Good current arena shooters or regular (non-team) DM FPS?

    games like ut actually required you to practice to be good, ESPECIALLY movement. If you couldnt move you would get smashed, regardless of your aim
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    What are you CURRENTLY using?

    iPhone 4s 64gb
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    Should I get laptop or tablet for newbie Aunt?

    has she specifically asked for one? if she has never used one before why would you assume she has any need to use one now? but if you must, id just get her an ipad
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    Interesting MMO's?

    try lord of the rings online, it has a f2p model :)
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    Final Fantasy 8 now on Steam

    great game highly underrated
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    Call of Duty Ghosts system requirements.

    im still pleased with my decision to boycott after they took away dedicated servers for mw2. I loved the 1st MW game, but im glad ive ended my time with the franchise
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    Final Fantasy XIV Official Release Thread

    quick question people. Will this run on xp? i dont care if its supported or not, will it flat-out work?
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    Trying to adapt to a higher DPI, should I be using a lower sensitivity in game? Does

    drop your ingame sens. that is not negating your mouses DPI settings in any way.
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    A great day in gaming, 14 years ago today

    sega went bellyup? or just moved to games only after poor sales?
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    Verizon Sends Angry Letters to 10TB FiOS Users

    terabytes per month?? wow
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    Killers Influenced By Video Games

    did you read the article? it happened in Oklahoma, the victim was an Australian.
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    Small wireless gaming mouse?

    what about the razer orochi?
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    Microsoft Attempting to Scare Windows XP Users Straight

    i cant afford to upgrade from xp to w7. I have a family that takes priority over my wish to upgrade anything to do with my computer (or thats what my wife tells me) ill change to w7 when I absolutely have to
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    Which MMO has the best looking graphics on the market?

    lotro can look pretty damn good maxed out. edit: i think its pretty safe to say that any mmo can look really good maxed out. I mean WoW is what? 8 years old? and it still looks good
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    How much is your steam account worth right now?

    My Steam Profile (from SteamDB) Worth: $861.29 Games owned: 85 Games not played: 32 Percentage: 38% Hours spent: 531.0h
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    What to do - ethically.

    had something for 3 weeks? his problem if its not working. If/when I buy something 2nd hand online, the FIRST thing I do is test it. 3 mins after arrival, not 3 weeks
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    Not hot but FF7 on steam!

    awesome :) i wasted a year of my life playing the crap out of ff7 when I was 17 (12 years ago) Will buy it on pay day for some nostalgics
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    No more XP video driver support from AMD?

    i still use windows xp, and I have a 6850. I havent changed my OS because a) I dont need to, and b) I cant afford to with a 13 month old boy and a wife to look after. guess im pretty much out of options now
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    Gaming mouse, worth it?

    bought a second-hand mx518 and it lasted my 6 years, now im using its successor the mx400 and its amazing. yes, gaming mice are worth it
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    Gaming mouse, worth it?

    bought a second-hand mx518 and it lasted my 6 years, now im using its successor the mx400 and its amazing. yes, gaming mice are worth it