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    AMD Radeon HD 7770 CrossFire Bundle Lucky Draw

    I like that I would be able to Fold faster with them.
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    Patriot & HardOCP Lucky Draw Giveaway

    Price, Performance , and Value.
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I lust after everything they make.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    Can't afford to replace my old 7600GT
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    Corsair Giveaway - Force Series™ GT 180GB Solid-State Hard Drive

    I need a corsair Solid State Drive because I can't afford to upgrade to a faster system right now. This would at least give me a performance boost.
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    Enermax Platimax 850W Drawing!!!!!!!!!!

    I would love to replace my old Enermax 650 with this one.
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    The Totally Awesome Directron Drawing!

    I've been using AMD CPUs since the beginning with the 5x86. AMD has always offered the best bang for your buck. I need to replace me aging Opteron so let me win one of these please.
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    MSI Barebone System Give-Away

    I like it because it's way better then what's in my rig now. Been too poor to upgrade in over 4 years :( I just wanna win something.
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    Good looks and modular design!
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    I want four Mini-DisplayPort 1.2 outputs!
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    3 Enermax SpineRex Chassis Up for Grabs

    The modular HDD cages and dust filters.
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    Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System Drawing

    These would go lovely under my Plasma.
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    After being screwed by Crucial on my so called "Life Time Warranty" I'm Corsair's new lover with a Vengeance. :o Winning some of these Corsair Vengeance sticks would make me piss myself!
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    That card is the Hot Shitz!
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    FPS With Extremely Realistic Graphics

    What type pf graphics card would I need to play this at full detail?
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    Galaxy Final Week of Christmas Give-Aways!*%20-women*%20-jr%20-junior%20-youth%20-blades%20-vintage%20-girl*%20-verse%20-liberty&_trkparms=65%253A10%257C66%253A1%257C39%253A1&rt=nc&_dmpt=Skiing&_sop=10&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14.l1581&_pgn=1
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Because they perfornm and look awesome. Put them in my box.
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    Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I think that two cards are better because more is always better DUH!
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    Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I visit the Hot Deals Forum because I'm a poor and cheap bastard! Now that you and everybody else knows please give me a prize. :D
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    Galaxy 5th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    Doom 2 and Quake original! :D
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    Galaxy 4th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    My business has taken a hit with this economy and I haven't been able to afford to upgrade my personal system for the past 3+ years. It's like a jail sentence for a once proud hardware enthusiast and modder. I have never worked on systems that were faster than mine and now I do it on a...
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    Galaxy 3rd Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    The last time I won anything is when I was 11. That was 30 yrs ago.
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    Galaxy 2nd Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

    I'm pussing out but I want a new card. :D
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    Seasonic X-560 Give-Away! 3 PSUs!

    I need one because my tired old system is needing an upgrade starting with the Power Supply.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    I want one.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Mom please can I have this puppy?
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    Galaxy Gives it Away!

    I never win nutin.
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I never win anything.
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    AMD Dropping The Athlon Name?

    Man, it was difficult for me to sell chips made by AMD years back since no one really heard of them. Then it was difficult to sell Athlons as something cool to have and even harder with Duron and Sempron. Why didn't they just call it phlegmon? Cause that's what the new name makes me want to...
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    dell coupon code

    Yet another: L4K?X8$GFMG3LV
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    Opteron 165 LCB9E stepping?

    Opteron 165 Retail Box 90nm, 2x1MB, S939 OSA165DAA6CD LCB9E 0646 RPMW Y974646K60063 Just got this from NewEgg a couple of days ago. It's running in DFI Lanparty UT NF4 SLI-DR Expert (just bought). So far I got it running at 2808 (312 x 9) 1.52 V on air. Both cores prime 8-1/2hrs...
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    Warm Dell 2407FPW $799 +tax free shipping

    Figures! Now that I bought a Dell monitor, and Im now in their system, they email me a coupon for 20% off. I should have bought a mouse first.
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    Warm Dell 2407FPW $799 +tax free shipping

    At dell's website. I check this site almost everyday till the priced dropped ... At $719 you are only getting 10% off. With that coupon I bought on Ebay I saved 20%. No need to wait for a sale, just get a coupon. Mine came to $630ish plus $50 somehting in Taxes...
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    Warm Dell 2407FPW $799 +tax free shipping

    It was for selling for $719 last Friday. I Bought a 20% off ( off regular price) coupon on ebay for $2.85 and save around another $80. The whole thing with tax and free shipping came to $693 and change. I got a revision A03 (I asked for it) and it's perfect. Not a single bad pixel. There...
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    Repelling dust from your monitor

    This stuff is the best! I had a can of it left over when I sold my CJ-7. I bought it when I bought a new top. Plexo™ Plastic Window Cleaner, 20 oz. I gave it a shot and have been using it on my LCDs ever since. It's great when your mounting touch panels because it keeps the dust out...
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    New HardOCP Thread

    I use Mozilla on Linux. Is this how it's supposed to look? What's with the white bars?
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    FS: 1GB (2 x 512MB) Patriot PDC1G3200+XBLK Dual Channel DDR

    These modules are new. They were installed in a system and tested. The customer of these modules decided to go with the 2GB version instead. This is the new version with the redesigned Heat Spreader. Samsung TCCD & Brain Power PCB. PC4200 with timings of 3-4-4-8 or f 2-2-2-5 at PC3200...
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    I buid computer systems for a living from home and I have seen many Hard Disk drives fail. I have piles of them sitting in boxes. Recently a 4 month old 120Gb Sumsung SATA, 30Gb Samsung, many Maxtor drives dying or going dead via the spindle bearing "Whine of Death". For a while in the past...