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    Is overclocking graphic cards even worth it?

    overclocking a video card is mainly is for people that want to squeeze that little extra out of it if it is older card and don't want to spend money on a upgrade and only need that little extra fps gain.
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    FS:Gigabyte Motherboard

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    FS:Gigabyte Motherboard

    up she goes
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    FS:Gigabyte Motherboard

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    FS:Gigabyte Motherboard

    Original Packaging - G41M-ES2L - $40 Paypal Heatware -
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    6900 CF and microstutter

    set the fan speed higher, problem solved
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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

    PM if you got one
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    WTB: 9550, 9650

    If you got one PM me. Thanks
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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

    PM me if you got one. Thanks
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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

    Pm me if you got one. Thanks
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    WTB: GA-EP45UD3P

    Message me if you got one with how much you want for it. Thanks
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    CPU is better ? i5-2000k or i7-2600k ?

    Could be his power supply, what you running?
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    6950 OC/Unlock, still won't max 1080p

    up the volts
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    ISO: i7 920 DO, 930, 940, 950

    Looking for one of these, let me know. Thanks
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    2600k Batch?

    I think current batches are the best.
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    2500k, do I need to let the thermal paste cure before OC?

    x-4 x-3 the diamond stuff is only like 1-2 points of difference but is alot more money, nt he best bang for your buck
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    Will 8GB of RAM work in my motherboard?

    timing and etc would have to be the same
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    Migrating to a new a Domain controller

    one or two, lol try three or four haha
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    i7 2600k... what r your temps on "AIR" @ 4.8GHz+++??

    whats the highest temp for this chip, I thought it was 80 or something like that.
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    E8400 @ 3.5GHz and a GTX 260...would a GPU upgrade help?

    defently need a quadcore first off.
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    Problems with SSL Cert

    Whats wrong?
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    let sandy folding commence

    lapping for people that can't spread TIM :confused:
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    Q: Best of Best PSU?

    I would go with corsair, always good stuff and notice the fan only comes on when it needs to, very quiet.
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    Post your pc screen shots!

    thats a expensive screen shot not just screen shot lol
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    Mechanical Keyboard Guide

    nice I got the G510, sweet board, I like the gloss look but man we all know it gets marks galore, I have a monitor like that and it a pita to keep clean, so I could imagine with the keyboard.
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    Tech Companies Pitch In On Earthquake Response

    well they need to put money into it they are saying this is just as bad as the what happened to the states and the unemployment, this just made that come back thay are saying. Who knows, only time will tell, but thats why they are helping they need to get that place back up and running.
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    Got my Gigabyte P67A-UD4 B3 board....

    must have a better volt on the board, how many phases?
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    Just ordered the new Evga Gtx 570 HD

    I wonder how much better a 570 is, I been eyeing the 560Ti seems like its not bad price for performance.
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    When to expect P67s @ NewEgg?

    I think all of them are being shipped out that was rma'ed and should be on neweggs if not this week by the weekend.
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    Card for dual gaming and video

    would crossfire do this hmm not sure, but crossfire is sweet!
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    Modding a Gateway mATX case

    not bad but will suck if you need to add one back :eek:
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    The baddest PSU on the market, the new Enermax MaxRevo.

    if the box says 80+ then it is.
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    Radeon HD 4800 series damaged, overheating

    did you leave your GPU in the system when it was in transit? because you should take it out and put it in the box, can flip around in the case and break.
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    2500k, do I need to let the thermal paste cure before OC?

    what tim did you use? Some of them do need to cure. Curing does make a overall big factor, on what tim you use, are you serious lol, it is important if you ue a certain types of tim's, because in some of those tim's if they don't cure your temps will be high. So what Tim did you use?