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    Steer me in the right direction :)

    Apache, mysql and php are fairly popular for this. In fact, you can probably find a full blown solution for what you want that already exists.
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    [WTT] Radeon 4890 for Equiv Geforce Chipset

    bang bang still looking.
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    [WTT] Radeon 4890 for Equiv Geforce Chipset

    Moving my main box over to FreeBSD and need Nvidia's lovely 3d accelerated drivers. Prefer a GTX 285 or 275. Working card, pulled from working system. Heatware Defakto, Defakto227
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    Aren't routers suppose to load balance bandwidth?

    Frostwire is a torrent client. Torrent clients can be notorious for bring an inexpensive home router to it's knees with the shear number of incoming and outgoing connections they make. Running two computers on my home network if I let torrents go full bore my wife looks over at me and tells me...
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    Aren't routers suppose to load balance bandwidth?

    Lots of things could be going on here. 1) Anyone running any type of torrents at all? 2) It's a Dlink, not even a really high end Dlink, most your consumer grade stuff can't handle as much load as people think they can effectively. 3) Max speed means nothing, what is your true sustained...
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    I think you missed the part where it said, "Server." No need for a dedicated video card in a server, most likely has an onboard that handles it's needs quite well.
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    FS: 2x $100 Best Buy Gift Cards, 3x $100 Barnes and Noble gift cards

    FS: 1x $100 Best Buy gift cards. Brand new not scratched off. 1x $100 Barnes and Noble Gift Cards. Also brand new not scratched off. $95 for 1. $185 for 2 $90 each for 3 or more. Heatware: Defakto Due to lack of Heatware feedback: Ebay, aguarious2
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    Torchlight $10 at D2D

    Game looks interesting. I'm afraid to try it, mainly because I know I'll get sucked into it most likely and spend untold hours killing things.
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    K8N-DRE dual 940 mobos NIB for $18.99!!!!! :eek:

    I've heard good and bad things about the board. Seems quality was an issue with them at times and the layout is kind of, meh, because of the PCIe location. Other than that I plan on snagging a bunch of these myself at some point anyway.
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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

    bump, it is good hardware...
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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

    bump, shipping now without the case, will ship anywhere for ship cost.
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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

    bump, price drop
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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

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    FS: Dual Opteron Workstation

    Heatware: Defakto (Only used it twice...but better than zero.) Ebay: Aguarious2 ( I know ebay isn't valid but I don't typically use heatware so at least this will give you some reference point of things I have previously sold or purchased) Price:$300 Tyan Thunder K8W (Rev 1.0 if I recall)...
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    Computer rebooted while formatting new hard drive.

    Are you doing a quick format by any chance and not a full?
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    question about daisy chaining

    I have this sneaking suspicion that raid was what he was thinking.
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    I am thinking getting my Raptor was a waste of $$$ The above link has a chart with BF2 load times. If you look at it, the difference between raid and not raid is extremely small for performance gains( Yes I know you don't have raid, but bear with me) as well as the difference between...
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    Evaluate this basic SCSI setup

    Don't get the killer nic. It is a waste of money and marketing at it's most genius.
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    BSOD with HDD in rack

    Sounds like the rack is causing the problem. There probably isn't a way around this.
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    SAS expander?

    I think the standard for SAS allows for 128 devices per channel, if you made them all expanders, will full drives on each expander, a single channel is capable of something like 16,000 drives. While not efficient, more than covers the meager 16 he wants to attach. Example pulled from adaptecs...
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    Hard drive making musical sounds on boot???

    Are you sure it's the drive and not the bios? Also, you may need to load drivers from floppy or slipstream them into an xp install for it to see drives on the sata controller during install.
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    RAID Card Question

    It will save you a lot of headache to understand the difference between PCI-X and PCI-E. You most likely have PCI-E in your system. 4x, 8x, 1x, and 16x refer to the number of lanes of the connection. You can use a 1x card in a 16x slot, but not a 16x card in a 1x slot I believe.
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    Where to put pagefile?

    If you're running something intensive, like loading a large game, from a drive with a page file on it and the system starts paging information out of ram, you will take a small performance hit. Larger depending on how intensive it's doing the loading and paging. Those read/write heads can...
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    Raptor noise(another thread yes... but with audio clip!)

    A good option for reducing drive noise is the coolermaster 4in3 drive bay they have. I've bought a few of them for other non-cooler master cases because I run a 2nd gen 74 gig raptor and 2x74 gig 10k scsi drives and cannot hear seek noises unless I put my head next to the case.
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    Help: XP Pro install doesn't see Raptor, but bios does...

    Yeah..he's installing XP, not adding a drive. During the inital blue screens of the xp install. It tells you to press f6 to load drivers, do this and put in floppy with drivers for the sata controller OR get a winxp install with drivers slipstreamed. Though to be honest most intel boards...
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    Jumper settings for a western digital

    That page lists everything you need. It tells you what all jumper do on a that particular drive. It's important to note though that SATA drives do not need master/slave jumper settings. It's a serial connection with one device per master/slave is needed.
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    Mounting NTFS Volume in Folder Safe?

    Gotcha, misunderstanding on my part. From my experiences there's no real difference using drives nested in folders vs individual drive letters. Just be careful when you delete stuff because you can delete drive contents pretty easily doing that. (Speaking from experience after an all nighter.)