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    Daily Mining Profits

    I'm using MSI Afterburner and have had mixed results solving the same issue. With it you can save settings as a profile, then select which to run with "C:\Program Files (x86)\MSI Afterburner\MSIAfterburner.exe" -profile1 And that works fine as part of a script when run manually but seems to have...
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    ASUS 1080TI (Turbo) Very low hashrate

    I have an Asus 1080 ti that overclocks very strangely as well. I have to drop memory clock something like -505 to get its best hashrate.
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    Is VR even worth it?

    I'm playing it now for the first time & in VR. I'm about 2 hours in and I'm really liking it. Flying using the vive wands is a bit wonky and the lack of precision there makes space combat difficult. But it's nice to have a real VR game to play instead of a glorified demo.
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    Comcast, beware: New city-run broadband offers 1Gbps for $60 a month

    How absurd is it that this needs to be explained? "If you aren't doing anything wrong, you don't have anything to worry about." people actually welcome police-state tyranny because they are completely naive when it comes to abuse of power. Do they really need to experience such violations to...
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    Tmobile Free Phone offers and Selling them

    That doesn't make sense. It says the opposite here You can always pay off your EIP early. You will continue to receive the monthly promotional bill credit for the length of the original EIP agreement
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    Controversial Game Pulled by Steam after Outcry

    Has anyone actually seen the game live? Who is the developer? This just reeks of bullshit. A game idea invented to rile up the press and to force Steam to implement censorship. The developer "Desk Plant" doesn't have a website, just a sloppily-thrown together that lists a gmail...
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    THQ Nordic Apologizes for Hosting AMA on 8chan

    Funny how all the "woke" SJW game journalists are the same ones with massive conflict of interest and other ethical violations.
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    NYT Outlines Troubled U.S. Mac Pro Assembly

    I would counter that statement with the fact that manufacturing jobs are coming back in a way we have not seen in decades. Manufacturing jobs growing at fastest rate in 23 years 312,000 Jobs Added In December, Manufacturing Growing 714% Faster... Maybe correcting the extreme corporate tax rates...
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    NYT Outlines Troubled U.S. Mac Pro Assembly

    Yeah, I think I'll take slightly higher prices and slower rollouts over slave labor.
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    YouTube Bans Dangerous Challenges and Pranks Videos

    It's cool when the government exercises censorship through the willing tech companies AMIRITE? The ends justify the means especially when it involves subverting the constitution and being evil assholes.
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    China Releases Footage of First Far Side Moon Landing

    Nice coverup. We all know that's where the aliens have their mega base and invasion force. Remember Roswell! Roswell!
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    Samsung Announces New Monitors for Gaming and Content Creation

    Funny, I see it the opposite way. For a monitor you're sitting close so it keeps all areas of the screen closer to the same distance & directed at your head. I'd only care for an ultra-wide screen. But I don't see why I'd want a curved screen when sitting across the room from my TV.
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    Is Android Auto worth it for $200 install fee? Mazda

    Mazdatweaks works beautifully. The official upgrade also replaces the USB hub, which gives more power to your phone allowing it to charge while connected. But strangely, the official Android Auto update doesn't have touchscreen input. Even when stopped. But it sounds like you can run the AIO...
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    The United States DOJ Dismantles International Ad Fraud Cybercriminal Ring

    It's also BS. Google only gains from ad fraud. It's the poor bastard paying to advertise that gets screwed. Google takes their percentage and looks the other way until, like this, an operation becomes too large to hide.
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    Activision-Blizzard Stock is Tumbling

    You can try it now. It's basically a reskin of Crusaders of Light. I personally deleted it after 2 minutes but YMMV.
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    Chinese Intelligence Officers Conspired to Steal Aviation Turbofan Engine Technology

    They must have innovated in the espionage field. I don't see any other countries with agents embedded in US senator offices for 20 years!
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    Tim Cook Slams Data Collection as 'Weaponized Against Us with Military Efficiency'

    This is the same guy who moved cloud data to China to allow the Chinese Communist government easy access to private user data. He's talking about himself.
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    Broadband Industry Sues California Over Net Neutrality Law

    So in order to enforce California's net neutrality law, all providers would have to treat CA internet traffic differently? Huh.
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    Liberty, not control

    Liberty, not control
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    Toronto Residents Are Worried About a Google Urban Complex

    Hasn't Google's official line always been "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place"? Use duckduckgo, folks.
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    Former Engineer Claims Apple Went Rotten after Steve Jobs' Death

    Why would you be reporting mold and product bugs directly to the CEO? They don't have facility services and product teams? I don't think the CEO needs 100,000 emails daily on every triviality within the company.
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    Billionaire LA Times Owner Calls Social Media the 'Cancer' of Our Times

    Being a billionaire does not harm the country. Being part of the cancer that is MSM, however...
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    Google and Mastercard Cut a Secret Ad Deal to Track Retail Sales

    It's not like big tech companies like Google would use their database of personal information to target people based on their political beliefs or anything. They certainly wouldn't use their bias to ally with the political elite to influence elections through search tuning, censorship, and...
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    Google Boots Open Source Anti-Censorship Tool From Chrome Store

    Billionaires and megacorps now have the right to tell us what we can read and which apps we can use. Remember these were the same folks that went into a frenzy over net neutrality because it was going to allow internet censorship. I guess it's OK when they get to do the censoring.
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    Yeah, nobody at any time has ever said Elon is their only hope. Why be so irrational?
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    What I've learned from this thread: If my life is in danger I hope that a ridiculously famous & successful entrepreneur with resources doesn't offer to lend assistance. Since that might get him an extra fame point and all. I wouldn't want insecure internet people to have an ego crisis.
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    Elon Musk has an Idea for Saving Boys Stranded in a Thailand Cave

    The team is not saved, one rescuer is dead, and there are threats identified that could yet kill them all. But yeah, let's crap on a genius offering to help.
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    Amazon's "Pivot" Program Takes Employees to Court

    Just one of the many examples of why I will never work at Amazon and why Bezos can go fuck himself.
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    Twitter Deleted 270,000 Terrorism Accounts in the Second Half of 2017

    If you really don't understand how conservatives are being censored on every platform, you have your head up your ass.
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    YouTube Cracks Down on Far-Right Videos as Conspiracy Theories Spread

    "Far right" is anything right of Marx at this point.
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    Don’t Keep Cell Phones Next to Your Body, California Health Department Warns

    California decriminalized intentionally spreading HIV. So cell phones are bad, giving someone AIDS is ok? Fuck CA
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

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    Google Is Hiring 10,000 Reviewers to Clean Up YouTube

    Finally they can ban everyone who isn't a complete Marxist.
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    Facebook Will Show Which Russian Election Troll Accounts You Followed

    No mention that the Russian ads on Facebook were all actually anti-Trump. That simply doesn't match the media narrative. Now label everything funded by Soros and the DNC. Cue full libtard denial.
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    Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

    Maybe they should just identify as fit instead of being offended. Isn't that how this works?
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    “Fortnite” Publisher Epic Is Suing Two Alleged Cheaters

    This story is such an amazing collection of things that shouldn't exist.
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    YouTube’s Big Makeover Continues with Redesigned Mobile App, New Logo, and More

    How DARE they perpetuate the harmful stereotype that mobile and desktop are in ANY way different?? REEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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    Google Employee's Anti-Diversity Manifesto Goes “Internally Viral”

    Read the "manifesto" (note the wording to spin him as a crazy racist?). He is completely 100% right on the money. It is an articulate write up of the current state of the entire tech industry. Many of these companies are happy to let product quality die so long as their diversity targets are hit.
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    OnePlus 5’s Display Is Inverted, Causes “Jelly Scrolling”

    Got a OnePlus 5 and it's the best phone. Miles better the Galaxy S7 edge it's replacing. No jelly-scrolling here.
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    Hide that pR0n Faster with Minimeyes

    What about the machine to whip your pants back on? This is an incomplete solution