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    Revenue from Music Streaming Services Grew 30% in 2018

    Unless the digital music is offered in some losless format which a vast majority aren't, then the cd option will be superior. At least nowdays we do have digital services that offer .wav and .flac but they are far and few.
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    Xiaomi Posts Foldable Phone Teaser

    1 fold is fine. As long as the phone is not too thick since even older smartphones in the past were twice as thick as highend phones of of to. There should also be virtually no crease at the center of the screen where it folds.
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    Here Is the New Atomic Heart: 10 Minute Gameplay Trailer

    Looks comparable to HL1 gameplay but not as advanced as HL2 with its environmental physics. Just interacting with enemies and not the environment gets stale after awhile.
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    BioWare: Anthem Won't Run at 1080p/60 FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X

    In a controlled case, youd be able to tell. Usually if you are 'playing' a game then you arent going to notice much. Depends on how much of a videophile someone is.
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    BioWare: Anthem Won't Run at 1080p/60 FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X

    Id rather have more content then a steady 60fps. I played Botw at less than 30fps on wiiu and it was an ok experience compared to switch which had a steady 30fps. Game to me just got repetitious after awhile and honestly i could care less playing it on cemu at 1080p or 4k.
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    Microsoft Introduces Windows Sandbox

    The more things arent integrated the better. Less holes to have to worry about with integrated software since this is the most used OS out there. Id rather have a barebones windows.
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    Microsoft Introduces Windows Sandbox

    MS catters more to the consumer level so it's no suprise to see thise feature not implemented with Home Version since the majority of users using Home wouldn't have a clue as to what it does.
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    VW Says Combustion Cars Will Fade Away after 2026

    The charging stations are the primary issue to me. You cant charge your chevy at a tesla station. The charging components need to be standardized amongst all vehicle manufacturers inorder for it to work. Also they need to be widespread across the nation or else youd be limited on your trips.
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    Xbox Scarlett Will Use Zen 2 and AMD Next-Gen GPU Technology, Targeting 4K/60 FPS

    There are people fine with the nintendo switch being 720p portable mode even though that will be their standard for the next 6 years or so.
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    Denuvo Fails Again: Just Cause 4 Cracked in Just a Day

    These games are console focused and cant really utilize beefy hardware to merit investing time to implement sophisticated ai. The environmental physics in this game are pretty much basic for today standards and are again suited for console hardware. Imagine a game desiged with highend pc...
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    Rage 2 Won't Have Multiplayer

    Looks like theres no environmental physics to interact with. Mainly just interactions with enemies. Nothing new ill pass
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    ACG Reviews Just Cause 4

    Respawning enemies is a method to catter to lowend hardware...... Consoles
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    Windows 10 19H1: All the Changes We Know So Far

    Check task manager and see if it still is present in the background. In every version it is even after you've disbled it. You have to delete it from the os inorder to prevent it from appearing as a background process.
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    Digital Foundry Tests Just Cause 4 PC Performance

    Hope the game offers more variety with what you are able to interact with compared to jc3 which was primarily red objects. Also jc3 got extremely repetitious after a few bases to me. Lessen the amount of overall bases to liberate and get rid of the tacky spawning of enemy troops when you alert...
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    Windows 10 19H1: All the Changes We Know So Far

    There's alot more than 3 clicks for it to not appear in task manager and be completly uninstalled. Turning it off at install is the same effect as disabling it within the os setting. Essentially all the apps can be disabled but having the ability to uninstall it naturally as a given choice from...
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    Windows 10 19H1: All the Changes We Know So Far

    Would be nice if they allowed the uninstall of Cortana natively.
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    Fortnite's Concurrent Player Count Hits 8.3 Million

    Fortniite is not doing anything to help pc gaming except for the extra sales of avg hardware. Pc gaming has already outnumbered the amount of players online vs console. Just look at the amounts of players in the many mmo games on the pc. What needs to change is a drastic interest with the...
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    Fortnite's Concurrent Player Count Hits 8.3 Million

    Its a low standard if you ask me. I dont accept it.
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    Phone Battery Life Is Getting Worse

    If you are going to blame google then that means you are using a nexus or pixel which both are using googles factory android rom. Within their factory rom, you can disable a great portion of apps which will no longer run in the background. If there are still apps present that you want to disable...
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    Phone Battery Life Is Getting Worse

    Far better than putting a case on a physically thicker phone like the 2007-2011 era.
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    Start-Up Beats Major Players to Launch World's First Foldable Smartphone

    Im for this. Just imagine the future when they progress with the technology by making it thinner just like the current smartphone of today compared to 2011 so it doesnt feel like a brick in your pocket. Also with better measures you can even say that this design allows you to finally use the...
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    The Borderlands 2 VR: Announcement Trailer

    Not interested in turning a 6yo game into vr. Im more interested in a new game, new physics, new content, new etc etc. Borderlands 2 was released a month before Obama was reelected.
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    Pre-Order Sales of Battlefield V Have Been “Weak”

    The last time battlefield had something unique going for it was with Bad Company 2. It had an ok amount of interactive environmental physics which really changed how you played against players online. It certainly wasn't at the level of Red Faction 3 or Cellfactor. However, for a popular AAA...
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    Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth “Star Trek 4” Future in Doubt as Talks Fall Through

    Trek died after Nemesis. CaCan say Nemesis was all that great but at least it was still within the boundaries of the subtle feel that the tv episodes gave off. It most certainly wasnt the star wars competitor that michael bay portrays with the massive amount of cgi and 1-liners throughout these...
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    DOOM ETERNAL Announced with Trailer

    Doom 2016 Arena was repetitious. Cant say there was intuitive level designing. Game was probably rushed a bit.
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    Just Cause 4 Trailer

    The games are extremely repetitious. There needs to be more realism to break the monotony. Wildlands feels more realistic and even that game is quite repetitious.
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    Doom 2: Hell on Earth Teased for E3 2018

    If the single player campaign had a fraction of the enforced arenas then I'd appreciate it more. I much prefer bfg edition doom the best.
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    Doom 2: Hell on Earth Teased for E3 2018

    I wasn't a fan of Doom 2016 Arena. Maybe Doom 2: Hell on Earth will have a campain thats not quite arena based like 2016 but more vivd like the original.
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    Far Cry 5 Performance Analysis

    All those mining cards used in the review :(
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    Hacker Group Gets Linux Running On Nintendo Switch

    I do not because I personally don't like the fitment.
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    Hacker Group Gets Linux Running On Nintendo Switch

    Adding the larger grip case is a bandaid and still feels like a cheap fix that is still tiny for large hands. Even mentioning it sounds like you are fine with cheap designs. The dpad mod is still a cheap idea since it is doing nothing more than adding a solid plastic X over 4 individual...
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    Hacker Group Gets Linux Running On Nintendo Switch

    Wiiu tablet is by far more polished for adults. The switch is great for little kids or short adults with tiny hands. The absence of a dpad in place of 4 buttons is a pathetic move inplace of individual joycons especieally when even using those controllers alone are extremly tiny. Therefore as a...
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    Activision Pulls Transformers Games from Steam and PlayStation Store

    I was soo stoked about Transformers: Devastation just going off of face value and then got even more excited when I saw the fluid animation if of the cutscenes till I realized that it's just a game, not an actual animated series. :(
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    The Founder of Mandrake Linux Is Creating a Google-Free Android OS

    How is this any different from any Custom Rom that has no Google apps preinstalled?
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    PC Game Sales in 2017 Are Almost as Big as All Console Sales Combined

    I think its far more impressive to see the combined console sale figures to even be neck and neck with the PC since consoles primarily make sales off their AAA titles with 'some' focus for indie titles along with the subscription fee that they charge inorder for you to play alot of these titles...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumored to Feature 6.32-Inch Screen

    If theres profit to be made then a company will shift their standards and produce what sells. People that like small screen sizes are a minority these days. Also people are using their smartphones as their primary multimedia device and having a larger screen enhances the experience rather than a...
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    Doom's Single-Player Campaign Lasts 13 Hours

    If the game is linear which all doom games are then it means you have virtually nothing to explore but just the path set forth.
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    Life-Sized Armored Batman Collectible

    There's also a difference between a good fantasy story with consistency and a poor one with no consistency. You can still have realism with fantasy along as there's some consistent standard to follow. Seemed to do fine with D&D novels for all these years. Marvel can do the same with their...
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    Just Cause 3 Patch In The Works

    would be nice if the physics took apart the npc's limb by limb as it does the destructive items in the game. I attached a hook from a tree on the left side to an npc's head and another tree on the right side to that same npc's head. Nothing happens when you reel it in. Lame :(