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    P5Q Pro Raid Question

    Thanks for the quick replies. One question. If I reinstall vista is it going to bitch about my hardware being different and give me activation headaches because of the new drives? I know in xp when I was swapping things around it locked me out because of this. This is a legit copy I got through...
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    P5Q Pro Raid Question

    Here's my setup that I'm trying to get working. I have 2x250gb sata drives that I want to make a raid 0 array to hold my media and such (no problem here, did this on my last board successfully). However, I don't want this to be my bootable partition. I have a separate 80gb sata drive that I...
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    Quick Perl Question

    How do I get perl to evaluate expressions contained in string literals? Ex. If i have this code $num = 60; print "$num/2"; How do I get it to display "30" instead of "60/2"
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    Infinium Labs closing up shop?
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    Why I think the revolution will succeed

    I was in gamestop the other day just killing some time and I overheard a conversation between a mom and a dude who worked there. The mom was with her kid and was looking for "something new" because her kid was "tired of playing all his current games." So the guy shows her gran turismo 4 and the...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is vaporware?

    That game will seem so dated in 2007 it won't be worth it. I bet it takes longer than that, something seems sketch about this whole thing (gamer intuition)
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    Has anyone beaten TMNT?

    I beat the game today, started on monday (classes got in the way :\ ). Had to use save states HEAVILY but no health cheats etc. omfg the hardest part is at the end in the technodrome where you have to go through about 15 of these guys with jet packs shooting laser beams at you. Shredder was...
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    Has anyone beaten TMNT?

    Yea i would say ghosts and goblins is one of the hardest NES games i've played.
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    Does anyone else invest in "gaming" PC's that doesn't play that many games?

    Exactly the same boat. I have a 2.4ghz p4 oc'ed to 3ghz, a gig of ram, and a 9700 pro. I can still play most of today's games at a decent quality and enjoy them. I don't play computer games nearly as much as I used to so spending $500+ on a video card would definitely be excessive. So yea...
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    Annoyed by the latest graphics?

    I was thinking the same thing looking through the x1900 review on this site. Here's the first one that struck me from serious sam II. I dunno how often I look at a basketball goal and see that...
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    What Retro Games do you want on the Revolution?

    Marble madness for sure. Screw using the d-pad to control, the rev controller would be perfect for it.
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    Hope jack thompson doesn't see this

    I was looking through some old pics and found this, looks like rockstar will have to patch gta3 now. worst part is, you don't even need a patch to access such scandalous content :p
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    Any news about the new physics card?
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    Kids + Video Games = Violence?

    i swear i've read this EXACT article on another site. is this the original source?
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    Fast game play videos That site has tool assisted speedruns, very entertaining. I think my favorite so far is mega man X and X2 beaten using the same controller. The mario 64 one is also pretty sweet.
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    Ordering system - suggestions/changes/advice please!

    I was planning on getting a new comp at the beginning of the year and this looks similar to what I was thinking. I have a 17" lcd monitor so I don't need a graphics card that can play everything at 1600x1200. Is the 7800 GT powerful enough to run say.. F.E.A.R at 1280x1024? If so what AA/AF to...
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    I wish I could pay someone to figure this out. All my games crash.

    I would go with the video card overheating. If I'm not mistaken wouldn't a cpu overheat cause the computer to crash rather than just the game. I have this problem with my 9700pro sometimes, play fine for a long time then I lose my game and vpu recover kicks in.
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    Flight Simulator Joystick

    The only game my dad plays is flight sim 2000 and he's tired of using a keyboard to try to fly. So I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent joystick for the game, nothing too fancy since it's just for flight sim, but not a pos (of course).
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    MS All Over

    Oh man I'm gonna go open my window; it's hot in here. Oh shit I hope i don't get sued.
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    Starcraft Players

    *bump, I would like to know this as well because craps out on my friends starcraft and we can't play :(
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    GTA: SA Bug?

    Looks like you wandered into blue hell somehow. Try going into the interior of a building and walking out again to reload all the world textures.
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    Nintendo Revolution Video

    That made me jizz my pants even if it was fake. Everyone remember that patent with all the 3d projection stuff though, kind of fits with the visor idea doesn't it? And that thing was definitely less than an inch thick.
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    Tonight people

    man this is so terrible. everyone is clapping and cheering for a box in the middle of a stage.
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    Little peeved with WoW

    Yea I'm not that pissed that I'll quit just kind of a shitty way to get started. *update just logged back on and my character is there. sweeeeet.
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    Little peeved with WoW

    Alright, I went and got the game last night. Took about an hour to install. Had to wait another hour for updates but that didn't bother me too much. I get home today and start playing and play for a good 3 or 4 hours and get a level 6 guy that i was having fun with. Then all of a sudden it...
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    Not Sure if I can ask this here: Comp Sci AP...

    The AP comp sci exam was really easy for me. Just get a prep book and get comfortable with C++, or if they switched to java learn that. I had the fish program as the case study deal and it sounded easier than the bigint one; all you basically have to do is learn what the functions do and the...
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    How do you pronounce SLI

    Hah, this reminds me of the time when a noob friend was putting together his first comp and was telling us what he wanted to put in it and pronounced cathode as kuh-thod. If someone says sly to me referring to S.L.I I'm going to laugh in their face, simple as that.
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    Differences between HL2 and the demos played at E3 ::might be some spoilers::

    Yea I noticed that too. It seems like none of the sequences from the trailer were left in the game. Like in ravenholm there were combine in the demo but not in the final product. Also the strider battle where he takes the letter off the hotel and throws it at him. I haven't seen the trailer in a...
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    So much for HL3

    Lol jeez I didn't realize this would get so out of hand over my stupid pic. The pic isn't a spoiler at all I was just fucking around with noclip and found gman standing somewhere and shot him. It's not like its part of the story or anything it was just supposed to be funny. You guys are going...
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    Half-Life 2 outakes, WT! (large pics)

    Yea I couldnt believe how bad the fire looks compared to the rest of the game. Its funny.
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    So much for HL3

    Nah it wasn't a spawn actually. I turned on noclip in the lab and flew off somewhere and G-Man was standing around in some random gated place. I was surprised that you could actually kill him.
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    So much for HL3

    This gave me a lot of satisfaction.
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    HL2 - Autosave and Stuttering

    Stuttering is getting old and I'm pretty positive its stuttering because of autosave. Right after I hit a stutter where the video froze and the sound looped I hit esc and clicked on load and to no surprise the screenshot for the last autosave was exactly where I was in the game. Is there any way...
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    Hmmm, stuttering bad in HL2, or skipping?

    I have the same problem. It only happens once or twice per level though. All suggestions I've tried haven't worked. Specs: 2.4C->3.0ghz 9700 pro sound blaster 512 pc3200 80gig wd
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    Ram Overclocking Issues

    Ok i've looked on review sites for the board and there is a ratio setting in their bios but not mine. I updated to the latest version but it still doesnt exist. Maybe they removed the feature for some stupid reason? If so where could i get an old bios.
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    Ram Overclocking Issues

    I have geil pc3200 clocked at 400mhz right now. When I overclock my processor from 2.4->3.0ghz the ram will only run at 233mhz so the gains from increasing the processor frequency are lost by the mem bandwidth going down. I have an asus p4p800e and was wondering if there is a way to lock the...
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    How to tell if a cpu is dead

    Ok, the new suspect is the RAM because i took it out and the exact same thing happened; the comp turns on but nothing comes on the screen and I'm not getting through POST. So, does anyone know how I can find out if its the ram or the vid card?
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    How to tell if a cpu is dead

    ok, i took my cpu out of my comp and started it up and it came on for a second and quickly shut off so i'm thinking that its not the processor? maybe its the ram??
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    How to tell if a cpu is dead

    no, i dont get any POST beeps