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    Diablo IV - The Real Official Thread

    Played couch co-op through campaign and had a blast. 30 hours according to the PS5. Didn't finish a fraction of the side quests or other dungeons so plenty left to do. I'd say unless you're planning on putting 100 hours you should end up really enjoying it. Well worth the $70
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    New Ryzen Embedded Systems Coming

    Tom's has some more details on the different boards and their prices. FS-FP5V1807B V1807B 35-54W 52093-00-40G - $450 FS-FP5V1756B V1756B 35-54W 52093-01-40G - $390 FS-FP5V1605B V1605B 12-25W 52093-02-40G - $340 FS-FP5V1202B V1202B 12-25W 52093-03-40G - $325
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    InsideVR VR Arena TTC at The FRAG

    Make sure you test out having multiple setups that close together. We've done that before and noticed some tracking problems.
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    Old PC Games

    Sold, hope they bring someone else as much happiness as they did me.
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    Old PC Games

    SOLD! Anyone interested in giving these a good home? I'll ship them wherever UPS ground for $10 for the lot. Just can't bring myself to toss them.
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    7 Years Ago Today Intel Launched the Core i7-2600K

    Chiming in on the 2600K love. I wish I had some reason to upgrade. But that with 16GB RAM just does not give me any sense that it's too slow for my daily usage. Which is the clearest hint I'm old. :(
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    PCMag: Apple Is Ready to Ditch the Mac

    Except for the fact that you cannot write Apps for iOS without a Mac somewhere in your development workflow. I am not a Mac user, but every time I see some story about the Mac being killed off I wonder how they manage to skip that minor detail.
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    Windows 8 Has Driven Millions To Become Apple Users

    I don't get all the windows 8 hate. The Metro UI doesn't exist on the desktop which is exactly the same as 7 without the Start Menu. And I'd like to understand why people use the start menu so often that they miss it so much. I wish the internet was as wide spread when Win95 came out. Would...
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    Asrock AMD mobos AM2+ and AM3+

    890gx pro3 - used for like a week, boxed up and I forgot about putting it up for sale. $50 shipped 790GXH/128M with 8GB DDR2 - Don't have the original box at the moment, but a nice board that served me well - SOLD Paypal only please. heat under alienz of course PM on offers
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    Aliens: Colonial Marines Trailer Goes Multiplayer

    @awsiemieniec I don't think they're going for realism here. :)
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    WTS: Dell Mini 9 w/ extra battery

    Bump for my Mom's favorite computer.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I want one to replace this aging 4670 and enjoy some high res gaming.
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    WTT: X6 1100T for FX 8120/8150

    Did you get to OC that X6?
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    FS/FT: i7-2600K

    PM'd you
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    FX Owners, what's your OC?

    What kind of temps are you all seeing? I just put a 8120 in and after realizing my AC Freezer 64 Pro AC was not up to the task, hit 65C, I put the stock cooler on it but it couldn't even do 20x200 and temps ran to 50C idle. All this on a 890GX mobo. Ordered that new Thermalright TS120, but is...
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    i7 2700K, Gigabyte P67A UD-7

    bump because I keep looking but don't have an excuse to pull the trigger yet.
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    Free BF3 from Amazon with Bulldozer or GPU Purchase

    @odditory Haha, luckily I don't game much and am more interested in the Battlelog website's technology and the only way I can get in is to have a copy of the game. Of course this means I am officially old. But whatever I'm still going to try and hit 5GHz with this chip.
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    Free BF3 from Amazon with Bulldozer or GPU Purchase

    I fell into the category of needing an excuse to get a 8120 haha.
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    Free BF3 from Amazon with Bulldozer or GPU Purchase Didn't see this thread on this after a cursory search. Well if you're in the market for a CrossFire setup or an excuse to buy a bulldozer and not feel terrible about it. 1) Purchase a combination of any two (2) AMD Radeon HD 6850, 6870, 6950, 6970, or 6990 graphics cards from the...
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    FS:PII X4 955 - 6GB DDR2 - ASRock A790GXH - ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 -

    Jets football takes years off my life I'm sure of it.
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    FS:PII X4 955 - 6GB DDR2 - ASRock A790GXH - ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 -

    ugh, feel free to shoot offers if you'd like.
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    FS:PII X4 955 - 6GB DDR2 - ASRock A790GXH - ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 -

    bump for Football. Jets vs Pats taking the Jets all the way! Will still sell to Pats fans :)
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    FS:PII X4 955 - 6GB DDR2 - ASRock A790GXH - ASRock 939Dual-SATA2 -

    PII X4 955 - no HS - $80 shipped Fedex ground I never pushed this chip at all, haven't been into OC'ing. So not sure what the ceiling is. 2x2GB Geil PC2-6400 CL=5-5-5-15 @ 1.6V 2x1GB OCZ PC2-6400 CL=4-4-4 @2.1V $40 shipped for all 6gigs ASRock 939-Dual SATA2 with...
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    AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Desktop Performance Review @ [H]ardOCP

    @Slee Thanks, looks like I might have to splurge for an i7. Just hope the RAM I recently picked up will behave with it.
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    AMD Bulldozer / FX-8150 Desktop Performance Review @ [H]ardOCP

    Primarily I am looking for the chip that could do the fastest code compiles from visual studio. Would it be better to go with a BD and 8 cores or a higher clocked 2500k? Haven't had much experience comparing CPUs based on compile times but figured it could be important for programmers.
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    AMD FX-8150 Multi-GPU Gameplay Performance Review @ [H]

    I think it will be interesting to see just how well BD as a stepping stone to the future many-many core CPUs plays out. Perhaps they will be able to ramp BD to a huge number of a cores much easier than Intel will be able to with their roadmap. Of course someone has to come up with a reason...
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    The Easy Mouse

    Try the evoluent mouse if you think this thing could help your arm fatigue. It really does make a difference.
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    Rise of the Planet of the Apes

    "The BBC reports only 350,000 apes from six species are left in the world." Not all that worried even if they become super smart.
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    Loved the quality of their RAM. Never worry about getting a bad chip. Also, good Power Supplies.
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    Android More Profitable Than iOS

    My experience on selling the same app on both platforms has been the complete opposite by a magnitude of 7x. Quite odd.
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    Beware of Fake Microsoft Security Essentials

    Got a call from the family members on this one. Apparently it might have evolved and now when you boot into safe mode it immediately hijacks that too. Haven't gotten to it yet but it seems booting into safe mode with command line is necessary and then launching regedit. Go for a...
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    "For the [H]orde Boxen Giveaway!" Signup

    What kind of CPU power do you need to get 1,000,000 points in a month? I'm in, just gotta get my client up and running 24/7
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    Sega's Office Pranks = Win!

    No wonder this country is going down the shitter. All you seem to do nothing but take long periods of time off. 2-3 weeks? Must be nice. (I'm just kidding, congrats to those smart enough not to get into a job where taking time off is pretty much unheard of)
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    Google Street View Image of the Day

    Obviously the smoke monster from LOST has escaped!