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    d2 useast ladder

    FishPenn @ useast SC Meteorb Sorc (primarily for MF)
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    gettin sick of FPS games....

    I am with you, on that there have not been very many great non-fps games out recently. I am holding in for SCII, and the sheer amount of effort being put into Warhammer online does indeed look promising. Who wouldn't suffice to a Diablo III too, it is to bad though.
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    Orange Box on sale at BB for $24.99!!!

    there is now more stock on the site seen here:
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    Best 24" Monitor

    Personally, I am going to ride the wave of rumors going around that Dell is to be releasing a new 24". If they make a WFP2407HC without the ghosting issues, it will a fantastic monitor, if not the best. :eek:
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    hmm...not to thrillled with the X-fi

    I am getting my xtremegamer tomorrow from UPS, and I have a question. Could you use onboard sound for your mic, then xtremegamer for everything else? Right now I get a lot of static with my onboard, but thats only with outbound, not with inbound.
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    X-Fi Xtreme Gamer $50.99 AR

    I just ordered it yesterday, actually. Pros: + X-fi, provides 3d positioning + Cheap, $50 + Probably much better sound over onboard, but it may vary Cons: - No Linux driver support - Lackluster drivers - Chance of a 'high pitched noise', if you get it I would just return it, like I will if I...
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    PC Gaming + November 2007...Good GOD!

    Eyecandy was subsubstandard. Gameplay was just that of another RPG, just contained a not-so-different theme that did not deliver the sense of the 'creepy zombie infestation' that it tried so desperately to achieve. I realize it is just a demo, but if they put the same kind of effort in the demo...
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    Newegg Deals 10/16

    It is a sad day indeed :(.
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    PC Gaming + November 2007...Good GOD!

    I was really excited about hellgate, until I was downloaded the demo. It was sad to say the least, :(. Crysis still looks awesome though :), some new computer parts arrive just before that demo gets released :D.
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    Onboard audio static

    I figured a sound card would probably fix it, but I wasn't sure. Now that I know for certain, looks like I am ordering an X-Fi tomorrow during the newegg HDD blast. :D. thanks.
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    Diffents between ATH 700 and 900?

    In some ways yes, but closed are better in their own ways too. Open style headphones provide more of a natural feel/sound to the music. However, the down side is THEY ARE OPEN. Some people, like myself, find the sound isolation that you get from some(not all) closed headphones too...
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    Onboard audio static

    I have a biostar 945p-a7a mobo and I have the same problem that you have. A temporary fix that may work for you, that work for me is as follows. (only works for speakers, maybe you can try it with headphones though). Go into your volume control and turn your master volume all the way up...
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    Best way to calibrate an LCD without buying extra stuff?

    Without buying anything, I would imagine the BEST way would be to borrow the hardware/software. I am not exactly sure you can do this or not, that is, if the hardware/software becomes bound to the first computer that used it, via cdkey or what have you, or not. I would definitely look into it...
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    Newegg deals 10/8/07

    Newegg probably will never offer coffee mugs, so heres this: I live by it.
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    Bioshock Overhyped?

    I definitely just meant maze, like Candyland, :).
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    Bioshock Overhyped?

    Are you suggesting we make a maze of some sorts, so that every time someone wants to make a new thread, you must venture through it?
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    Diffents between ATH 700 and 900?

    ... I thought A900 was closed, what has the world come to?! It's like L'm being buried alive by building rubble.
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    Newegg deals 10/8/07

    I would like to see mouse pads please.
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    Samsung 245T - What a panel...

    I thought I might have found my long awaited solution when I first read this article, but alas, no. When oh when will I find the near perfect 24" monitor.
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    Replug: Breakaway 3.5mm Audio Jack

    I saw this on CNET today: "Replug transforms any 3.5mm audio jack into a breakaway connection, protecting your audio jack from the rigors of daily use. When too much force is appled, Replug simply detaches from itself, preventing catastrophic damage to your...
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    Newegg deal 10/1/07

    I do not remember the last time there was every a high quality gaming mouse pad up on here. I would love to see the steelpad 5L up on this list one day: Mine is almost 10 years old, its an antique :D.
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    getting a 24in tmrw, help me out guys

    Another vote for the Dell 2407WFP-HC. Dell has outstanding customer service, and great specs, depending on what you will ultimately do with it:
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    The game that started it all!

    Blizzard titles in general have held a special place on my desktop. Starcraft and Diablo(esp d2) got me hooked into pc games. But of course, who could forget pong. Total Annihilation was not only an imbalanced game, but for that fact alone, it made for some great times. :D
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    X1950Pro Monitors

    Hello all. I have have been wondering about the capabilities of the x1950pro (particularly the 256mb version, which is the one I have). Currently, I possess a 955DF(19" CRT), but I would like to get a 24", maybe even more later on. So my question is can the x1950pro handle a 19" crt, a 24"...