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    troubleshooting lag in diablo 2 LAN game....yes the original

    unfortunately not an option at this time. wish it was.
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    troubleshooting lag in diablo 2 LAN game....yes the original

    ok so it's an old game. diablo 2 is a dinosaur. and it's still a damn good time. i recently got my older son into it. i did not like diablo 3 myself and 4 i haven't bothered with. it's great father/son time, he uses my destop and i set up my laptop right next to him and we play a TCP/IP game...
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    how many guys in this forum are IT pros?

    not me, i grew up around computers. my dad was a programmer back in the 90s...bit before too. ran a software business out of the basement until it ultimately failed. learned most of what i know that way. so yeah thats how i got into building computers and other such things. i almost went the...
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    Western Digital Ships 24TB & 28TB Hard Disks, Declares "Total Supremacy"

    I think in the next few years we're going to see more of these extremely high capacity HDDs. Logically, it's the only way they can compete with SSDs. Flash drives are constantly dropping in price and increasing capacity. Can't beat them at speed, only size.
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    Microsoft Repositions 7TB 'Project Silica' Glass Media as a Cloud Storage Solution

    About the only benefit here is the longevity of the media... don't get me wrong, that's pretty cool. But I feel like this isn't aimed at the average joe ...
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    Two years after launch Windows 11 adoption is still waaaay behind Windows 10

    I'm not surprised in the least. I personally like win11 for the most part and prefer it over 10. But that's me. Reality is they introduced a very firm hardware barrier and didn't really change that much when you get down to it. Very little incentive to switch. I waited for that hardware...
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    Rockstar games using Razor 1911 cracks on Steam?

    this is amazing. laziness at its finest.
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    Volition shutdown. Saints row dev.

    After Freespace 2 these guys really fell off their peak. I respect them for one of the great classics, but hey it is what it is.
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    Intel doing silly things for DARPA.

    Not much once they add I ray tracing. If they haven't yet already?
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    Are you happy with win 11?

    Just my curiosity....I know some are not happy with win11 and may prefer 10. I had 10, upgraded to 11 and surprisingly I like 11 better. It seems a bit faster, very stable and less nags. I bought 10 retail and was very annoyed that it came with built in ads in the form of apps that were...
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    MultiSync FP2141SB Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2070SB Monitor Retro Gaming Vintage

    Man that's a lot of money for a 22" CRT. Can't imagine what the shipping would cost on top of that. Despite having grown up with CRT, I'm quite happy with LCD. Might not be quite as good for colour and black reproduction, but it's a lot sharper and much easier to lug around. But hey to each...
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    AMD To Unveil Next Major Products At Gamescom 2023, Radeon RX 7800 XT & 7700 XT Expected

    I agree. At least until AMD drops their prices. The 7xxx series costs way too much for how it performs. However, I got a 6700 xt this past November for a good price. Quite happy with that purchase.
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    Please don't laugh, I need a new graphics card

    i just upgraded from a GTX970 to a 6700XT this past shame at all, if it works then it works. my attitude with hardware is much the same as i have with my vehicles. what you get from selling it used is usually sweet F.A. in comparison to purchase price. might as well run it into...
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    Remnant 2 Devs designed game with upscaling in mind

    This is so very true. Not going stop anytime soon either! PC Master race and some other BS.
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    Just in time to make interdimensional-alien fighting quantum-computing-antigravity-A.I.: ✨Room temperature superconductors✨

    I'm skeptical too, but if there's any truth to it....a lot of things will change in our world. We can always dream I guess.
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    System Shock Remake arrives to Positive Reviews

    Me too, love that game :) There's several mods that help with visuals, but let's face it, the thief engine is pretty old these days. Only so much can be done.
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    System Shock Remake arrives to Positive Reviews

    Actually it's an Easter egg. They mentioned it in one of their updates before the game released. It's a reference to current development of an enhanced edition of SS2.
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    [Rumor] Windows 12 to arrive in fall 2024 with a floating taskbar and a focus on AI

    Microsoft: "we will tell you what want" But seriously, when is skynet edition expected to release?
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    The GPU Nvidia would rather forget – GeForce FX

    I totally skipped those fun cards. I was a poor college student at that time so I went from a voodoo3 2000 to a Radeon 9000 pro. Wasn't a great card but it was all I could afford at the time.
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    Microsoft wants to move Windows fully to the cloud

    This is going to be a great idea, putting windows in the cloud. I'm hoping they'll go a step further and make it browser based just like they did with the office apps, because it's just new cool thing to do. So I could load up windows to start edge and start windows in the browser. I can't wait.
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    The GPU block that wouldn't die

    I'm starting to come to the same conclusion. I used to insist on putting my video cards on water for the fan noise and the extra cooling capacity for overclocking. These days it seems there's very little benefits to either. As you've said, the coolers are much bigger and better designed now so...
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    Valve Reportedly Banning Games with AI Generated Content from Steam

    Good point, and I wonder how valve intends to verify what material the AI was trained on? Seems like that would be an easy thing to lie about?
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    Steam 2023 Summer sale is here! Summer sale runs from June 29 to July 13 2023, 10 AM PST

    anything i'm interested in i already own. big bag of disappointment for me. not blaming steam, i'm just getting more picky about my games as i get older. only so much time i can spare for gaming these days.
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    RTX 4060 teaser

    It's as if Nvidia is trying to compete with the previous gen....sad
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    RTX 4060 teaser

    Kyle also refused to sign an Nvidia NDA and as a result they refused to send him a card to review. And then in a stroke of genius, he managed to get a card from some nebulous source ahead of release date to review. No NDA in the way, the review was posted before release date :D
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    Microsoft Releases DirectStorage 1.2 with HDD Speedups

    Gotta store those pirate ISO's somewhere....
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    Intel Arc Graphics Driver Change Leads To A Big Speed-Up

    I'm just happy to see Intel getting their act together. Might be a little late for their current, but hopefully should pay off with their next gen parts. We might even have a good alternative in the GPU market....fingers crossed
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    EU's new regulation requires replaceable batteries in smartphones

    Well that was an epic typo. But I do sorta maintain my cats :p B12 issue, one gets a monthly injection at home by me :)
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    PC games are starting to require SSDs

    Oh God those were good times. Remember the old FMV games when CDs were still fairly new? CD would really grind away for those....and all the disc swapping. I remember crashing during a disc swap was fairly common. I still play some of those old games, but without the CD.
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    EU's new regulation requires replaceable batteries in smartphones

    And let's not forget DIY. I would far rather just replace my own battery. I really don't want that 16 year old minimum wage kid touching my phone let alone doing any work on it and I'd rather not wait a few weeks for the factory to do the job. Most would buy a backup phone for that time...
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    Microsoft backs down on Windows 11 changes

    This all seems like their age old problem. MS does not ask their customers what they want, they tell them what they want. Hasn't really worked out all these years, not sure why they think it will at some point. Definition of insanity.
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    ATI Technologies: Gone But Not Forgotten

    I wanted a rage 128 back then ... Ended up with a voodoo 3. Guess I can't complain.
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    ATI Technologies: Gone But Not Forgotten

    It's interesting to consider their history. Small company in Ontario, Canada. Started putting out video cards long before we had 3d accelerators. Branched out into that as well, but man they were completely half assed compared to the competition. What kept them afloat was selling to system...
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    EU's new regulation requires replaceable batteries in smartphones

    I think this is awesome. Free market be damned, it's never truly free. Big corps just work together to screw over the customers. I'd keep my phone a lot longer if I could get a new battery for it. Unfortunately all I can get is nasty knockoffs that aren't worth the effort to install.
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    Upcoming Windows 11 beta giveth and taketh away; further guts power user functionality

    it's true and illustrates the problem of trying to cater to both the average idiot and the adept. it's not the easiest thing - but yeah MS is failing at this spectacularly.
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    Upcoming Windows 11 beta giveth and taketh away; further guts power user functionality

    I'd imagine there will be a way around this but yes I've been complaining about this kind of behaviour from MS for many years now. It's a bit if a problem they have. If you cater to power users like us, we want as little nags as possible and to be able to access just about any setting. This...