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    Crucial P3 4tb for $219 -AMZ

    1tb for $55, 2tb for $109
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    Crucial P3 4tb for $219 -AMZ

    Crucial's P3 4tb on amazon for $219:
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    Holy Guacamole 4TB "Leven" 4TB nvme $189 on amazon

    It's not that cheap really, only about 20% less than crucial at same capacity.
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    New build - R5-1600@3.9ghz

    Yeah I'm just going to rock this until the 3000 series comes out, then kid will probably inherit. I was trying to make it but my 1100T had been at 4.1ghz since 2008 and was starting to keen...
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    New build - R5-1600@3.9ghz

    Heyo, Grabbed a couple hundred off the casino and hitup Microcenter's 1st gen sales so here's where I ended up: Ryzen 5 1600 w/Spire HSF MSI Pro-VDH mATX LPX 3000 2x8gb 1060 3gb 240gb Sandisk 2tb Samsung F2 (steam library/games, will fill up soon but mostly empty atm) 3tb Green (movies, full)...
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    X470 ECC Support

    Only on ddr3 platforms, on ddr4 its unnecessary and you are just sacrificing performance. There are tons of more knowledgeable people who have discussed this topic. Level1techs, forum posts with anecdotal and long term testing, et al.
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    X470 ECC Support

    DDR4 already has built in error correction that is seriously fine unless your system is literally going to be powered on for years at a time where unswapped RAM pages might actually degrade... If you reboot your system more often than annually, and you are not compiling things like OS kernels...
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    Just talking about their binning charts, haven't seen any for sale either.
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    Application, OS, and build dependent, but theoretical bandwidth isn't so different. Real world bandwidth is variable, and the performance differences won't be evident to most people for a long while (unless you're running quad GPUs in an intense rendering scenario or multiple SAS RAID...
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    I should be able to max out this motherboards settings with the kit I have, I bought it off a guy whose system I built, I've had these exact sticks to 4000 on intel.
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    Oh I know that's partially why there's choices on most parts, I'm also tempted by the 1700x sales, it really just depends on the day, though I think you'll see a bottom price of $150 for the 2600, and $180ish for the 1700 based on all the various sales in Nov/Dec.
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    (First) new build, disappointing figures, OC possible?

    I've been overclocking my Thuban 1100T with AMD Overdrive since 2008, no issues, can I doubt most software could be any clunkier than that. It's really just preference these days, and how detailed you want to get tweaking tons of settings to get where you want.
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    If you look at Silicone Lottery site only 60% of TR4 can hit 3533, 3733 is incredible. I'm gussing based on the capacity of 32gb on both boards they are both running single rank DIMMs with 4x8gb config. That might be a perfect build scenario, but is certainly not reasonable to expect. From what...
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    MSI X399 Creation Threadripper Build - Start to Finish

    I'm actually kind of thinking of using the Air 540 case for similar airflow reasons, funny that is almost identical to the build I have in my cart right now (well one of them, it's hard to ignore the value of the 1700x at the moment too...but I really want TR just because quad channel memory...
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    Are there good non-PCI fan and RGB controllers?

    Looking around there's really nothing with enough channels/watts per channel to do what you say, I think anything software based is going to be about as cumbersome as your current setup. So unless you want to go to say multiple 5.25 bay type controllers and lose RGB...meh Have you thought of...
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    Are there good non-PCI fan and RGB controllers?

    You could use one of the mining PCIe extenders and take the bracket off, put it behind the mobo tray..I think that's your best bet. Could use an m.2 to x4 adapter if you have any free m.2 slots....
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    Are there good non-PCI fan and RGB controllers?

    I mean if you take out the PCI solutions everything else is going to be similar to the corsair commander, and the only one guaranteed to do RGB as you want is the Corsair ones sooo....
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    Are there good non-PCI fan and RGB controllers?

    How many corsair commanders are you using now?
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    New Zen 2 Leak

    Eh I'm not worried about memory bandwidth, remember most current quad channel setups max out at like 3200, while JEDEC is closer to 2133, compared to dual channel at 3200+ it's just a bit of future proofing, there's almost no single workload today that could max either. I mean quad channel 2400...
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    I've also considered going up to an x470 from MSI since they seem to have super solid VRMs too, I like in N. TX and its hot and humid here.
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    New build plans - 2600 Based

    So I wanted to do Threadripper but current budget is more Ryzen 5 so here's my current plans. Let me know if you've had any specific bad luck with the following items especially in combination with each other: Items I already have: Corsair LPX 16gb 2x8gb 3000mhz C15 kit Corsair Spec-04 Case...
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    My Kryonaut results (not good)

    Big difference in thermal conductivity: Kryonaut = 12.5 W/mk IC Diamond = 22 W/mk IC Diamond "7 carat" = 40 W/mk Kryonaut is mostly popular by people that don't want to use Grizzly's Conductonaut, and because it has neither a cure time nor a short duration before reapplication (often lasting...
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    (First) new build, disappointing figures, OC possible?

    Agreed, you may even want to grab an IHS replacement if you're running without one, with the IHS on. As Kyle as stated you can really crank the mounting pressure on your HSF without worrying. I presume you may have been too gentle since delidded...
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    My First Personal AMD Box in a While

    Pretty close to what I want, though I'm thinking 2920x for some more extreme overclocking, tempted to switch the cold plates on my cascade cooler to something more appropriate for TR4...
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    Pennsylvania Proposes Tax on Mature Video Games Due to Violence, School Shootings

    I'd rather be taxed than see them removed from sale.
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    Microsoft Is Readying a Consumer Microsoft 365 Subscription Bundle

    I thought when they first announced the "Home" version of Office 365 that they said then this was coming? In like 2015?
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    Battlefield V NVIDIA Ray Tracing RTX 2070 Performance @ [H]

    I can't wait for something like Hitman or Assassins creed uses DXR, I think that combined with DLSS you'll see playable frame-rates in those kind of single player games, and the reflections et al could actually be an integral part of gameplay. In higher player count fast paced games like BF or...
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    EVGA 2080 Ti XC burst into flame !!

    I'm just going to take this as another sign that they know AMD is finally nipping at their heels, that they would put out such an obvious Pre-overclocked not consumer friendly product. Between ram failures, bios failures, driver issues, and now hidden flamethrower capabilities I'm literally just...
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    Exhaust fan beneath GPU- Pics/test results

    Or just take the front panel off of case, that's the uber restrictive side vented front panel design. Or make sure you're using High Static Pressure fans up there to adjust for the right angle intake path. But a cool idea, if you have the equipment. (pun intended)
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    Is Aquatuning normally difficult to deal with?

    Did you pay through paypal or major credit card? If so they may be able to help you if you're getting no response from the seller. Bummer.
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    These Temps Don't Look Right to Me

    I think that means blue painter's tape outperforms most thermal for thought.
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    Red Dead Redemption 2's HDR Isn't Really HDR

    Sounds less like hdr and more like nvidia oversaturation slider then. Odd
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    More People Have Cell Phones Than Toilets

    I still defecate in the open and I have two smart phones, hooray meaningless statistics!
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    Nasty Client Website Lets Businesses Review Customers

    Can I pay to increase my rating? I want to be A++
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    Windows color scheme?

    Have you re-run the windows experience score checker?
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    Verizon to Bundle Landlines with DSL Service

    I believe this is illegal in Texas.
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    HBO Forces Netflix To Go Elsewhere For Its DVDs

    Erm maybe in amount of content, but in functionality Origin is much faster and smoother and uses less background resources than Steam. Even when I turn off steam friends...
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    Kanye West Is Hiring Tech People

    Kanye gonna
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    Skyrim, running at 45-50 fps then huge drop unless restarted

    Skrim and Dragon Age 2 both run me out of VRAM, thats why I'm getting a pair of 6950 2gbs when my boy upgrades to 7970s in a couple weeks...