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    Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Owners Club

    Sound Z is in PCIe 2.0 x 1 slot at the top, see pic the butterfly locks are PCIe 3.0 x 16 slots where my 2 Titans X's are.
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Owners Club

    It's an "S" only thing kinky (as in Sexy) is my Husband PC's in the pic above here ;)
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    1080P Surround BenQ XL2420Z @ 144hz....Curved Dell U3415W @ 60hz
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Owners Club

    Haters Gonna Hate....But I just love Titan X SC SLI
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    T!cky's 3D Lair

    Sorry guys if I dropped this in wrong Forum. I'm just spent 4 weeks redoing this Dual purpose room with gaming being the key use of the room. My New PC build for NVIDIA 2D/3D Surround gaming. Or the Sony 3D TV and surround sound with room for both Xbox Kinect and Playstation Move. There's...
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    Patriot Pyro SE it's Sexy and it knows it

    Your RIGHT! My husband is using them on his PC but his MOBO doesn't support SATA III, my new build does. We ran some benchmarks and yes that Convoy is holding me back, better off without it.
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    ViewSonic 120Hz V3D245 Displays (just got)

    No Flicker. I was hesitant about the built in sensor these had. I was using the Nvidia Vision 3D kit on the older 22" version. But it's fine one less thing to wire and have setting on my desk. I was playing Left 4 Dead 2 and I was seeing things I had not before. I totally blew my mind!
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    Post Pictures of your Console Setups! All Generations

    New Pics... Sony 40" 240Hz 3D TV w/3D sensor on top Playstation Eye Center Channel Polk Audo CS1 Series II Fronts Polk Audio Monitor60 Series II Surround 4 x Polk Audio RM 7 Satellite Subwoofer Powered Sony 100 Watt 3D 7.1 Sony AV Reciever STR-DH810 Playstation Wireless Stereo...
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    T!cky's 3D Lair

    CM 690 II Advanced Case Asus P8P67Pro MB i5-2500K LGA 1155 3.30GhzProcessor on a Corsair CPU Cooler O/C @ 4.5Ghz 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengence Memory 1866Mhz 2) EVGA GTX 580 3024MB & GT 520 for PhysX 120GB Patriot Pyro SE SSD III in Patriot Convoy SSD holder (for OS Windows 7) 500GB HD...
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    Patriot Pyro SE it's Sexy and it knows it

    I love my new Patriot Pyro SE SSD 120GB got a $40 rebate and the Convoy Holder is Sweet!
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    ViewSonic 120Hz V3D245 Displays (just got)

    For my new build, wow they really are nice! No regrets choosing them. I already had the 22" 3D model by Viewsonic. These are much better!
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    Move Sharp Shooter - Red Scope Mod

    Just the foam tape I didn't want to make it too solid. CTA has this US Army one coming out soon
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    Ocean Marketing FAIL

    I feel for Dave he just wanted updated on his order for the PS3 Avenger Controllers. Gets treated like most of do, this time Penny Arcade had his back! Sad part is these products looks really cool. But I don't want to give these douche bags...
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    Would you like the "twitch" style of fps gaming brought back?

    I want and HD version of Soldier of Fortune II with ROCMOD improvements. Not that remake crap that came out (it sucked!)
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    Which Console?

    XBOX 360 w/Kinect (won it otherwise I won't own one) PS3 Slim - 120gig PS3 Slim - 160gig PS3 80gig PS3 60gig - upgraded to 320gig 2xPSP-1000
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    Good ps3 games?

    WWE All Stars - It's more Aracde. I've done my own CAW's had fun doing them. Duke Nukem, Serious Sam, Andy Kaufman, Conan, Terminator, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris, Texas Walker Ranger, Bruce Lee, Richard Simmons, Tony Little, Billy Blanks, Dick the Bruser and Crusher. Mayhem - Destuction...
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    Rage sucks

    Typical Dev BS, don't they freakin test on Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround? I mean come the F on here. Contact me people I'll test your games. House of Quad Triplets
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    Rage sucks

    Thanks, I knew something was up. RAGE didn't look all that special to me compared to Serious Engine.
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    Rage sucks

    Well I won't be playing RAGE till AMD fixes it, they killed my Serious Sam HD performance. 11.8 ATI Eyefinity on TSE HD Unlimted 2xAT 4xAA =145 FPS on 6048x1200 11.9 ATI w/Rage Fix Eyefinity on TSE HD Unlimited 2xAT 4xAA = 45 FPS on 6048x1200 I'm running 5970 on Water + 5870...
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    PS3 - Flex-Fire Gun

    I saw this product talked about on a site dedicated to PS3 Move Games. Watched the videos and put my pre-order in for the Mid October release. I do have the Sony Sharpshooter and I can see what they are saying with the Flex-Fire Gun is different. When I use the Sharpshooter I tend to look...
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    Gamestop 50% of PS3 Move

    Nice sell if you've wanted to try Move and the games.
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    House of Quad Triplets

    For Lan we like Pure a Quad Racing Game by Disney works well on both Nvidia 2D or 3D surround and suppports ATI Eyefinity. Mostly we play Left 4 Dead 2 on weekends check out my steam groups.
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    House of Quad Triplets

    Hubby's new redone room - i7 SandyBridge build on red Lian-Li test bench Nvidia 590 supporting Triple 2D Surround 24" Samsung 2443 @ 1920x1200 each 2nd PC Micro ATX Silverstone using ATI 3970 running 27" LG 1080i TV/Monitor w/PS3 My room - i7 920 build with ATI 5970 on water block + 5870 for...
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    James Bond Comes to Move with GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Yes! Yes!
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    I know there's a Move Patch coming on June 14th for Socom 4 :)
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    Kitchen 3D Surround PC - rebuild

    I had a 3rd Monitor in my room 27" shown here. Not 3D like yours. I was using for watching my game servers (2nd PC via HDMI) and viewing TV on its built in HD tuner along with a PS3. So I know how enjoyable 27" size is. I wanted 3D in my room too but I already had triple 24" in Eyefinity...
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    Kitchen 3D Surround PC - rebuild

    Well I guess I should explain, all of this hardware was not bought at the same time. As we do upgrades to our main PC's we've built each one up to Multi-Monitors systems you see here. The older hardware was moved to 2 lessor systems. I've had my main PC (3rd pic) ATI Eyefinity triple 24" for...
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    Kitchen 3D Surround PC - rebuild

    June 3rd....Got DNF Demo to run on my Nvidia 3D Surround ave 35 fps on Ultra & FSAA. Needed to load Vision 275.33 drivers that has DNF profile included. Did notice small gain in fps overall system was happier. Had issues with random monitor loss of the 3, or hard lockups with pc on prior driver...
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    Resistance 3 also to come bundled with 24" 3D TV and 1 pair of rechargable 3D stereo glasses $499.00 retail. There's also a Sniper Rifle move controller coming that looks wicked!
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    What will you play on November 15th?

    Aliens: Colonial Marines - PC
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    Awesome....I got 1 free PSN game...

    FYI, the select content for me showed nothing. I kept at it till it populated and I was finally able to get my Game 1 this way. I'm going to wait a few more days before I redeem Game 2, wait for PSN Store to calm down in traffic.
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    PS3 Twisted Metal (2011)

    F'n Awesomeness, if you havent seen these game play trailers.....
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    - Extended Cut will support both the Move controller and stereoscopic 3D displays. On top of that, the game will add new game modes and two new scenarios to the original seven-level zombie shooter. Better review here:
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    Sony's Rechargable 3D Active Glasses

    I bought a Sony BRAVIA KDL40HX800 40-Inch off Amazon back in early April. Got a bundle deal with the Alice 3D kit included in my price. I love the 3D Movies and PS3 3D games. I was over on Sony Style site and noticed they offered Rechargable 3D Glasses on sell $69.99 the next Gen! So I...
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    Yes! Yes!
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    Mortal Kombat (2011)

    Mortal Kombat 'Klassic Skins' DLC due June 7 ($4.99 or 400 MSP XBOX)
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    PS3 Move can be great!

    Move Titles I have........... FPS: Modern Combat Domination - PSN Download Resident Evil The Shoot Dead Space Extraction - PSN Download Mag Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011 Time Crisis: Razing Storm KillZone 3 (3D) Socom 4 (3D) Sports: Sports Champion The Fight Lights Out Top Darts - PSN Download...
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    IGN sold Direct2Drive to GameFly I've seen the TV Commericals of where you can rent games by mail from GameFly. That's all I know about them.
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    Duke Nukem Forever

    I got the Duke Nukem figures from 3D Realms website back in 97-98. The Software from my local BestBuy back in the day (still sealed). The Pills, Belt Buckle and Shirt was from 2010 PAX Show. (Ebay) There a Bottle opener came from 2011 PAX Show. (Ebay) Just recently NECA released the DNF 7"...