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    how do I add wpa to a network with a linksys RV016 and 2 wireless routers?

    Ah I figured out how to get onto the wireless routers config pages. Not sure why I didn't try and earlier. So I just do it with the same password on both of the wireless routers, right?
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    how do I add wpa to a network with a linksys RV016 and 2 wireless routers?

    I can't find any option in the RV016 configuration pages, and can't figure out how to actually get into the 2 routers configuration pages. How do I add wpa encryption to the network?
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    Can it be? 45 nm Deneb early look

    btw if you disabel javascript the anti adblocker thing doesn't work tools->options->content in firefox, just uncheck enable javascript, load the page, read it, then renable javascript. this way you can stick it to the man and browse the page without ads!
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    Puma is out

    when will I be able to purchase a laptop that supports xgp?
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    Specifics on how future intel CPU's will be locked from overclocking

    I don't really see the point in this. This move won't significantly increase revenue as the over clocking market is fairly small to begin with, and b even of that small market, those that would be willing to pay the 1000 dollar price tags of the extreme editions to continue over clocking is...
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    Dell XPS l530

    that sucks, luckilly I won't be purchasing a laptop till this july/august so the battery issue will be fixed by then. I'm probably getting the 1530 or whatever the equivalent is if dell refreshes their line for the montevina release btw
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    Dell XPS l530

    they change their deals every thursday, but the prices look fairly similar to me. Except that they are now charging ridiculous prices for batteries. a 6cell and 9 cell used to be 90, today its 299, wtf? are they having a huge shortage?
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    LG 15.4 inch laptop

    the xps 1530 gas 1689 x 1050
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    Will Intel Ever Support SLI?

    Intel would support SLI if nvidia let them. This may change though. I haven't been following the story recently, but Intel had been refusing to let nvidia make chipsets for intels next gen of chips, presumably in response to nvidia restricting SLI. Maybe they'll come to some type of agreement.
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    Intergrated graphics + Vista question...

    The max is 4 gigs not 3.
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    Mainstream Penryn launch nearing

    any idea when the quad core mobile stuff is coming out? I'm going to be getting a laptop for college this summer, and it will probably be the only computer I'll have till I graduate so quad core would be nice. Oh well it looks like I miss it by a few months.
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    Question on which CPU to purchase.

    Um those links compare cpus with the same clockspeed, whereas the $175 cpu is 700 mhz faster than the cheaper one in addition to the increased cache and bus. Now I don't know exactly how significant this is in real world performance as I don't have benchmarks, but I would imagine that a near...
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    What's the difference between e6750 and e6600 cpu's?

    when intel cane out with the 6750 and the 6550 and all the other 1333 mhz fsb cpus they priced them lower that then older models and for some unknown reason didn't adjust the rest of their line ups prices accordingly. Get the 6750 its faster and cheaper.
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    Buying a laptop in japan or other countries

    might need a voltage converter, I have no clue if Japan uses 120v. Other than that it would work fine. However there would be absolutely no advantage to doing this so I don't see why he would...
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    Dear Gawds of [H]ard|Forum: I seek building advice!

    spend 3000 on the pc, and either just put it in the bank for saving for a rainy day or invest in either, bonds, mutual funds, individual stocks, whatever you feel comfortable with.
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    Hows that 45nm technology coming along?

    An atom has a diameter of 0.06 to 0.6 nanometers so 1nm would be approaching this. They may well be able to go that far but they certainly won't be able to go much further.
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    any idea when the laptop versions of phenom and penryn will be out?

    also any idea on pricepoints?
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    Penryn prices by HKEPC

    any idea when laptop parts will hit and pricing?
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    Corsair DDR3 Memory Product Preview @ a Smoking 2GHz @ [H]

    Interesting preview. Anyone have any idea where ddr3 prices and availability will be in 6 - 9 months?
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    will ddr3 prices have come down to near current ddr2 prices by next june?

    actually it will probably be in july or early august
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    will ddr3 prices have come down to near current ddr2 prices by next june?

    I'll be buying a new laptop next june for college and would like at least 2 gigs of ram in it since it will probably be running vista, will ddr3 be more reasonably priced by then?
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    FS: Nintendo Wii + Extras....... PS3 + Extras....

    yeah that was me Um out of curiosity if I were to purchase it, how exactly would that work, I've never bought anything from here. Also although I was pretty enthusiastic yesterday, and this is a very nice deal and has exactly what i want, I think I'll probably just wait till I can buy one in...
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    FS: Nintendo Wii + Extras....... PS3 + Extras....

    Its in like new condition and still under warrenty correct?
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    FS: Nintendo Wii + Extras....... PS3 + Extras....

    If no ones' bought the wii yet I'd like to buy it
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    Headphones reccomendations for under $30 please

    is their any reason to buy the 201s instead of the 202s besides price? Also I've never really tried in ear buds or closed headphones, are these two types hard to get used to if your used to open ones?
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    Headphones reccomendations for under $30 please

    I've heard these are good
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    Headphones reccomendations for under $30 please

    Basically I need a new pair of headphones as my current generic ones broke. Most importantly I would like headphones that are comfortable as I listen for long periods of time and would like to do so without discomfort. I will mostly be sitting down while listening though so I don't need...
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    What are some good cards for around $125

    I don't have any brand preference, pcie 16x
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    When I turned my computer on this morning it was artifacting now the moniter is blank

    I didn't really turn it on, it was in standby mode as I usually leave it on most of the time as I'm impacient. The whole moniter looked extremely messed up and artifacted, so I restarted, and then it was worse, the bios was artifacted too which leads me to believe its a hardware problem and not...
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    What is the best video card for a 100MHz machine?

    Hmm, you can run liero pretty well
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    New hard drive = instability?

    maybe installing the new components draws too much power for you're psu to handle
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    what ahrd drive would you reccomend getting for around 100$

    Ok, thanks for the suggestion, I think I will get that drive you linked to unhappy mage. However do sata cables come with it, and if not can you link to some good brands on zipzoomfly? Also do I have to do anything special to run both that sata and my current ide drive at the same time?
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    what ahrd drive would you reccomend getting for around 100$

    if I do wind up getting an oem drive, what are some good sata cables?
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    what ahrd drive would you reccomend getting for around 100$

    ok so between the best buy one and (although I'm pretty sure I have an older version od sata so I don't know if it will work) which should I get, or any other...
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    what ahrd drive would you reccomend getting for around 100$

    so do I have to do anything special to run an ide drive and a sata drive at the same time?
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    what ahrd drive would you reccomend getting for around 100$

    thanks. I think I'll get that. 250 is probably more than enough, and that being a retail version instead of oem is appealing
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    Will Flash production benefit from a dual core processor?

    The video card would be a much biiger problem I'd assume.
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    what ahrd drive would you reccomend getting for around 100$

    Ok so I have a dell 8300 and would like to instal a second hard drive. It currently has an ide 120gb seagate barracuda I think something.7 I know the mobo has sata slots, however If I go with a sata drive do I have to change a bios setting to run ide and saata or buy a sata cable or do any...