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    Playboy To Drop Nudity As Internet Fills Demand

    Name change. Softboy.
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    Windows 10 - Build 10525

    Downloading now. :D
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    Windows 10 Build 10158 is out

    I'm installing now.
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    Just stole a Titan X

    Another option if you so choose is to keep one of the 980's and dedicate it to PhysX.
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    Nvidia GeForce GTX TITAN X Owners Club

    Yes, I ordered 2 Titan X's from NVidia last Friday afternoon and received them Wednesday. I am definitely happy with NVidia's service. Haven't had much time to play with them but so far so good.
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    No flashing here. Mine was made in May.
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    Benq BL3200PT (32" 1440p)

    Is anyone overclocking this Monitor to 75 Htz 24/7? I was able to set it to 75 Htz but went back to 60 for fear I would burn out the Monitor.
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    Well, I can't say the same. If you look at my sig, it really doesn't get much better than that and I can definitely see a difference in my frames if I force the CPU vs the GPU for PhysX. You might be surprised the difference it makes if you had a dedicated PhysX card for a game like Borderlands 2.
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    I'd say it's now relevant.:D
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    There is a very noticable difference in visual effects in Borderlands 2 with PhysX on High vs Low. Take a look.
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    Please play Borderlands 2 and report back.
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    The current game with the best PhysX is Borderlands 2. Try using your CPU vs GPU on that game and you will clearly see a difference in performance and visual quality.
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    Security of Data on Disk: HDD vs. SSD

    Yes, exactly. I'm surprised the guy in the video didn't talk about that.
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    Diablo 3 Discussion Thread

    I have, works great. Graphics look more realistic. Shhhh, don't tell Blizzard.
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    EVGA Dark (New X79)

    I hope [H]ardForum reviews this board soon. A comparison between the Asus Rampage IV Extreme and the MSI Big Bang XPower II would be nice.
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    Iron Man 3 Will Have Smell-o-Vision In Japan

    The perfect movie for smell-o-vision.
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    Hijacked search results help.

    I would try and use Malwarebytes and see what it finds. Malwarebytes has saved my butt many of times at our company.
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    Looking to upgrade, need advice 2560x1600

    Is gaming important to you? If it is then as far as a 30" display goes I believe the HP ZR30w is the best for gaming at the moment.
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    Opinion: Windows 8 Is Unusable

    I do agree with a lot of his points but some of them are blown out of proportion. Windows 8 is not a great OS and it's not a bad OS either. It's just ok. And seriously, he never figured out how to close metro apps. That's pretty bad. At the end he states he only spent 30 minutes with the...
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    Does the GTX 690 exhibit micro stuttering?

    Sounds like one GTX 680 is the only way to cure my fever. I've dealt with micro stuttering for long enough and I just can't deal with it anymore. Or perhaps I need to ask one last question. What about two GTX 690's in SLI (quad SLI). Would the micro stuttering be even less noticeable? I...
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    Does the GTX 690 exhibit micro stuttering?

    Simple question. Does the GTX 690 exhibit micro stuttering? I am seriously thinking about buying this card and would like to only here back from folks who actually own the card. The reason I bring up this question is because on nvidia's site they claim the card "uses hardware based frame...
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    Diablo 3 Account Hacked

    Windows Phone 7 also has the free authenticator app. I agree, everyone should be using the authenticator otherwise you are a sitting duck.
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    Good X79 Socket 2011 Board

    Other listed in my sig. This is just my opinion but I believe the Asus Rampage IV Extreme is the most popular x79 enthusiasts motherboard at the moment hence you will probably get the best support for any issues you may run up against. There are tons of YouTube videos to watch on this board...
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    MSI Big Bang XPower II Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I'm actually kind of confused by this review. If this board received a gold award then why didn't the Asus Rampage IV Extreme receive a gold award? I would venture to say the Asus is the better board over this one. It is the most popular x79 enthusiast motherboard at the moment. You will...
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    How do I: Install Windows without a username?

    Here is how we are renaming the built-in admin account in our Windows 7 image.
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    Big Bang-XPower & Three 7970s - Not working :(

    No, shouldn't make a difference. Question: Are you certain your crossfire bridges are ok?
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    CES 2012 Mobile Phones

    Screw the Lumia 900, the HTC Titan 2 is the way to go. I don't think there are many smart phones on the market that can do 16 megapixels but this bad boy can. Yeah, I know, megapixels aren't everything but still...
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    MSI Launches The Big Bang-XPower II

    I concur. I am very interested to see how this board compares with the other X79 boards.
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    Any IT folks running BitLocker?

    Yep, BitLocker is now a go for us. We will also be backing up the recovery keys in AD.
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    Be presumptuous, which x79 mobo for the reasons listed? Everyone!

    My Requirements: 3x double slot video cards 8 dimm slots Slot left over for sound card. The ASUS ROG is the only one that can accommodate my needs. The ASUS ROG is the clear winner.
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    MSI Big Bang-XPower Multi GPU issues.

    Here is a link from the MSI forums that shows the same issue was affecting the GTX 400 series. The user recieved a beta bios that resolved the problem. Someone should point this out to MSI and they should be able to come up with a BIOS to fix the problem with the GTX 500 series cards...
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    Sennheiser Pc 360

    No, but you can push the mic up and out of the way.
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    Any IT folks running BitLocker?

    Hey SRock, how many computers are running BitLocker? How long have you guys been using BitLocker? Do any of the users travel often? Have you guys had many instances where the computer triggers recovery mode? Any bad experiences yet?
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    Any IT folks running BitLocker?

    So my IT department is seriously considering BitLocker for all of our Laptops. A question has been raised. Say you have an offsite user that triggers recovery mode. How can you easily get the key to them to unlock their laptop? From my research the key is 48 digits long. I can't imagine...
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    MSI Big Bang-XPower Multi GPU issues.

    I'm running 3 x GTX 580's 3 gig with no problems but I only have 6 gigs of memory installed. The problem you are describing affected the Nvidia 400 series cards when they first came out but MSI came out with a BIOS update that resolved it. I believe they need to do the same with the 500 series.
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    Must See Video of the Day

    I dig it. Sounds like experimental electronic music. Some of the sounds remind me of BT. Musical genius.
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    Nvidia drivers 270.61 WHQL are out

    I just noticed this Vega. Over at guru3d another guy by the name of "RavenMaster" is having the same message pop up. He has 2 x 590's which is basically 4-Way SLI. Here's the link:
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    Nvidia drivers 270.61 WHQL are out

    New drivers are out today. Post your experience.
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    So which x58 motherboard would YOU get?

    I don't think it's that bad of a board. You go to Newegg and it's either they love it or hate it and yes, I think there are some newbs posting their experience. One thing to note for this board is the Northbridge runs hot. I applied some Artic Silver 5 and cooled the chip by 20 degrees. I...