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    Need help with WXGA (1366 x 768) and my nvidia cards

    Yup, you were 100% correct. Once I connected the DVI cable, instead of the analog vga cable, I was able to select resolutions all the way up to 1600 x 1200. Thanks again for the help.
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    Need help with WXGA (1366 x 768) and my nvidia cards

    Thank you all very much for the suggestions, I will give them a shot and report back.
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    Need help with WXGA (1366 x 768) and my nvidia cards

    I recently picked up a Polaroid FLM-3701 37" LCD TV for $1799. This is a HD monitor with just about every video input I have seen. It has connections for DB15 (standard vga) and DVI . The problem that I am having is getting any of my Nvidia cards to work properly with it. The LCD TV native...
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    Whats the cheapest, fastest 6800GT to get?

    I say go with the BFG 6800 GT OC. I found mine at for 399.99. Shipping was free, but overnight was only 5 dollars. So I overnighted it. It IS the fastest stock 6800 GT available. Currently my BFG 6800 GT is at 440 / 1.150 using a Artic Cooler NV 5 SIlencer. I loaded the BFG 6800...
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    my 6800GT a defect?

    If it is hardware problem, I would put my money on motherboard or power supply.
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    case with 120mm fans

    I love my P-160
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    Cant play Doom 3 with CD/DVD emulation software installed = CRAP

    Urban legend, didn't actually happen.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Remember the special word of this thread - "hypothetically"
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    discussing the warez problem

    My point is to give more people less of a reason to do it.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Let's see, 1) Not so honest software publishers - not delivering demos before a $55 game is released. Biased game reviewers. Sometimes fairly buggy games released (ex. Enter the Matrix, what a cluster fuck) and 2) Highly intelligent consumers base with powerful PCs with CD/DVD writers...
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    ASUS Tech Support full of...something

    You think Asus will get your patronage again? :D
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    Sign HERE is you still don't have the game :-(

    I got my preorder this morning - Overnight FedEx.
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    discussing the warez problem 321studios Inc was shutdown today due to a federal court order. Seems as though the industry lawyers had their way with the judge. They made DVD and Audio backup software.
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    discussing the warez problem

    heh, absolutely not. :) Thanks for the links, yes our patent system is out of control. Simply too overwhelmed and too general these days.
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    discussing the warez problem

    The first rule for any form of bureaucracy is to protect the bureaucracy at all costs. I think alot of evil mean are using this confusing era to erode our constituional rights. I do not want to live in a world where folks become "persons of interest" and where you are "guilty until proven...
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    discussing the warez problem

    The patriot act expires next year in 2005 - thank god. I prefer to be protected by the constitution.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Basically, if you can't convince the mass general public that said crime is actually a crime. That is causes negative effects and that there is a victim. Then you have no chance of sucessfully enforcing and maintaining said law.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Who remembers prohibition? If you do, then should you see my point.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Totally agree. "You downloaded, installed, and played a game that you aren't legally licensed for?" I don't see many prosecuters jumping after folks for that.
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    discussing the warez problem

    IP addresses are not unique and can easily be hidden or spoofed. Doesn't sound like much of a fingerprint to me. I am pretty damn sure that any mass uploaders already have their bases covered.
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    ==How to Flash the BFG6800GT OC into an Ultra in a safe way== Omni Extreme Edit. Utility to modify FX and 6800 bios using a GUI. Mem and Core adjusts Voltage Adjustments Memory Timing Adjustments More... Have fun,
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    discussing the warez problem

    I edited my post above to reflect today's favorite word - "Hypothetically". Thanks for reopening this thread.
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    discussing the warez problem

    Hypothetically 98% of all the software I own privately is pirated and I do NOT resale any of it. Hypothetically, Private use only. Hypothetically, I did preorder Doom 3, but today I downloaded it. Do I care? Hypothetically, Nope, because in the profession I work in, I influence the purchase...
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    When are 512 meg video cards supposed to come out?

    Everything bit of analysis that I have read (babelfish) seems to point less delayed lauch compared to the delayed shipping launch of the 6800 series. Nvidia seems to be perfecting their new fab processes (110nm) and there should be more 1.6 and 2.0 GDDR3 available. I am pretty sure Nvidia...
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    Doom3 Playability

    Update chipset drivers for your motherboard and update your video drivers yet?
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    When are 512 meg video cards supposed to come out?

    Nvidia's NV48 and NV48 (pci-express) will be out late fall/early winter. They will be available in 512MB versions. I am skipping the current GT/Ultras and getting my hands on NV48 Ultra when it launches.
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    Let's see your Mac!

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    Compusa SUCKS!

    Once, as a gift from my employer, I received a $100 gift certificate from CompUSA . I hate that store so much, at first I thought the gift card was a joke. Eventually, I gave the card away without using at all. Yes, CompUSA sucks! BestBuy too!
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    Exchanged Ultra for 6800 GT, same problems! Please help me troubleshoot

    I think you got really unlucky and picked up two defective cards back to back. Can you try the card in another system such as a friend or neighbor?
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    Gamestop Processing My order for D3

    Same my preorder from is processing.
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    ASUS Tech Support full of...something

    Do they plan to compensate you for all the testing and information you are giving them? Free boards or cards or something right?
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    Paw, I cut my finger in the screen door again! :p
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    Nothing to add but a post title with mostly CAPS is pretty darn annoying.
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    FarCry SM3.0 - what you need to enable it.

    6. Nvidia 6800 series video card.
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    Redneck cooling

    wow, looks like shit! I am depressed! ;) BTW, get that guitar pick out of there before it pokes someone in the eye!
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    What Is Wrong?!?!?! Help Me Please

    Memtest86 uses a modified linux boot disk.
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    New Nvidia Drivers causing an error. (pic)

    Click "Continue Anyway". It will be fine. The driver is just not digitally signed by Nvidia. Not a big deal.
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    What was your first video card?

    Diamond Multimedia Stealth 3D 2000
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    IE closing when I click ok.....

    AOL? :eek:
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    why the dell 2001fp sucks (in pictures!)

    Great post very informative. Now I dont' feel so bad for skipping a couple deals on one. Thanks.