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    YouTube TV Expands Its Service Nationwide

    Maybe they jumped the gun, my location was added according to their updated FAQ but was not recognizing any of my zipcodes when attempting to start a free trial.
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    AMD Catalyst 15.9.1 Beta Driver for Windows

    Grabbed from Guru3D Highlights of AMD Catalyst™ 15.9.1 Beta Windows Driver Performance Optimizations Star Wars™: Battlefront Beta - Performance and quality optimizations Fable Legends : Includes the latest DirectX® 12 optimizations for the Fable Legends: Benchmark Resolved Issues...
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    King Kong vs. Godzilla Film Is Happening

    They will probably do something similar to the original movie of King Kong vs Godillza, they made King Kong around a 1/3rd of Godzilla's height.
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    What the FCLK? - Skylake GPU Performance

    I would like to see the results on an Iris/Iris Pro Skylake variant.
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    Intel to End Sponsorship of Science Talent Search

    Possible reason, reality tv show, ugh.
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    Origin PC drops AMD graphics options

    Did not realize their issues was serious enough to warrant such a move.
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    Leaked NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Review

    Even though I am team AMD, if it is true that the Titan outperforms the 780, color me disappointed.
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    Feds Drag Swizz Beatz Into Megaupload Case

    I have heard of Swizz Beatz before, due to this abomination.
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    EA Stock Soars On Buyout Rumors

    I thought that too but after some researching, Nexon's market cap is about $8.5 billion while EA's is $5.3 billion. Still it would be tough for Nexon to pull it off. Another interesting note is that Nexon's CFO is Owen Mahoney, who used to be a Senior VP of Corporate Development at EA.
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    EA Stock Soars On Buyout Rumors

    There must be a misinterpretation somewhere. Considering what Nexon has been investing in recently, my guess is they are going after EA Mobile.
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    Legend of Grimrock game spy review up "4.5/5" stars.

    Here is a gameplay preview if anyone is interested.
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    Battlefield 3 - Official Thread

    Just got my alpha key literally minutes ago in my email, was not even expecting one because I knew I had a reserved beta spot.
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    5 Games, Pay What You Want, DRM Free

    Step 1: Cut a hole in the box.... I mean name your price.
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    Guitar Oscillations Captured with iPhone 4

    The clip was cool in a non-apple, non-hipster way. However, I want to strangle him with his guitar strings or break the guitar over his head for the multiple times he stopped/cut playing "Tears in Heaven".
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    South Korea Going All-Digital in the Classroom

    They did this to meet the requirements that all kids have to be introduced to Starcraft before the age of 10. Also it helps parents meet the requirements that their kids have to have some involvement in developing an MMO before turning 21.
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    Most Hated Companies In America

    You would be correct. Taking a look at the ACSI website and you will discover not many companies have scores yet for this year.
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    Evo 4G got update today to fix Netflix, but where is netflix?

    Well, Netflix works for me, but I use a rooted Nexus S with 2.3.4.
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    Nexus S

    I just got an Nexus S a couple of days ago. It is the unlocked one and does not support at@t 3g. Even though it is unlocked, I am guessing it was favoring tmoibe as it came with a tmobile sim.
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    New Swype 3 update

    Never tried Swype before, but after a couple minutes of typing I am really liking it.
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    Stupid Criminal of the Day

    From reading the article and watching the video, I find it ironic that they were making a big deal about how security cameras were everywhere when people with fake badges had a easier time getting access to the exhibits than people with legit badges.
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    April Fool's TGIF

    If you want to know how bad it is without listening to her, you can listen to this equally awful singing.
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    Nvidia Next Gen Teaser for March 24th???

    They have been working on the GTX590 for 2 years?
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    Nvidia Next Gen Teaser for March 24th???

    Looks like a 5.56 ammo can. So the card is not longer than 11 inches.
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    Best Earbud Speaker Invention Ever

    Apparently these guys have never seen earbuds that use tips.
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    AMD Radeon HD 6990 "Antilles" Video Card Review @ [H]

    Is it just me, or can anyone find this actually on sale in the US?
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    Unable to set 2560x1600 on XFX6970 2GB and Samsung 305t

    Just researched that, good question.
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    Unable to set 2560x1600 on XFX6970 2GB and Samsung 305t

    I wonder if something is wrong with the 6970? Other than that, power related? The 460 is 6/6 while the 6970 is 6/8 right? are using an adapter or does PCP&C have an 8 pin?
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    Unable to set 2560x1600 on XFX6970 2GB and Samsung 305t

    How are you connecting to the monitor?
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    Free Google Netbook! (cr-48)

    My friend received his last Thursday, no notifications of any kind. Shipped FedEx.
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    Any US Made mobos out there?

    I think Machspeed is the closest to an USA made mobo. They have not produced any new boards for several years and all previous boards have been discontinued. I have had experience with them when I worked at a shop that used their boards for builds but unfortunately all boards used ended up...
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    How much will drivers improve 6970?

    Just read that on his twitter. It will be interesting to see how things play out.
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    AMD 6950 / 6970 for sale :O!

    Up on also Just noticed something, XFX is $10 more than other brands.
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    Let the 6970 Rumors Begin

    I forgot to add this to my prediction, we could see the 6970 for sale on the 8th, tomorrow.
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    Let the 6970 Rumors Begin

    Here is my prediction based on the latest info/rumors from overseas. 6970 performance will be a mixed bag and will heavily rely on tweaked drivers in attempts to get the upper hand on the GTX580. Due to this AMD really does not have a choice but to keep prices below the GTX580, and not just a...
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    Audio-Technica ATH-A700 Headphone Review

    The A700/AD700 are amazing headphones for the price and is a common recommendation as a first step into the audiophile side of headphones. Of course as listening is subjective people might not like the particular sound qualities of this headphone though.
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    Secret Package Delivery Procedures Revealed

    I hate UPS where I live. If I order something with overnight shipping, it will arrive after 5:00pm. Do the same with FedEx, before 10:30am.
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    We're From Microsoft...You Can Trust Us

    Basically a patch prereq for the upcoming service pack
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    We're From Microsoft...You Can Trust Us
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    Impossible to find optical drive??

    I did some searching around and found this:
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    Problem with my VB program for class

    Thanks everyone for the assistance. I would have like to written better, more efficient code but my learning/understanding of VB or programming in general is not very good and is a very torturous and laborious task for me. This class was a requirement for me to take. Lunknumb had the answer...