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    Hitachi 2TB Harddrive Owner's Thread

    What are you guys using to manage AAM on these drives?
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    BF2: WalMart $9.82

    I've got a bunch of copies of this game that I'd be willing to part with for ~$5 each, if anyone's interested ;)
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    BFG ES800 enough for dual x2's

    :o :(
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    BFG ES800 enough for dual x2's

    I'm going to have to disagree with you guys and say an an 800W PSU is cutting it awfully close. The [H] numbers show their 4870X2 quadfire system 686W from the wall, which while still probably doable, does not leave much headroom. I'd suggest springing for a 1000W PSU like the Corsair HX1000.
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    Curious. Radeon HD3300 (780GX) vs x800GTO AGP

    I would be shocked if 790GX graphics even match an old 9800 Pro, let alone an X800.
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    Does AMD have an answer to Nehalem?

    The problem is that AMD is stuck squarely in the bargain basement category right now. Have you seen their ASPs? Until this changes, AMD is going to continue losing hundreds of millions of dollars every quarter.
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    7600GT has a blown capacitor?

    That's actually not a solid capacitor. Solid capacitors don't have vents. It's basically just an electrolytic cap in a solid-cap type casing. Remember, if you see vents on a cap you thought was solid, it's not actually ;)
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    What Cooler For HD3850?

    The bottom line is that the Accelero is by far the best value VGA cooler around. Sure, you could pay $50 for a Thermalright cooler (or similar), but does it really make sense to spend that much on a sub $100 video card? If you don't want to go ghetto, just use the Accelero fanless. My 8800GT...
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    What Cooler For HD3850?

    Zip ties. Works perfectly!
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    POP! goes the capacitor... [with pics][dialup beware]

    What brand of cap is the exploded one? It looks like a Nippon Chemicon to me, which really should not be failing on you. Thank god that virtually all new (good) boards use only solid caps in the CPU VRM area. I would probably lean towards just replacing the the blown capacitor and the other...
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    Best deal on an 8800GT

    Does anyone know if NCIX is currently shipping the version with the larger fan?
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    That is a crappy TN like almost all new monitors these days, and not even remotely comparable to this A-MVA panel.
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    BenQ FP241W vs FP241WZ

    Ok, so that's a disadvantage, are there any advantages to the WZ?
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    BenQ FP241W vs FP241WZ

    Well, my BenQ FP241W (sept 2007) that I got from (division of NCIX) a couple days ago has 5 dead pixels, and 4 stuck pixels, so BenQ has agreed to replace it. Unfortunately, they have no FP241W in stock, but they do have FP241WZ. My question is, what do I have to lose or gain by...
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    You think they open up every monitor they get and test them for dead pixels, and then sort them into 2 categories, one for those who pay extra, and one for those don't? No, that's not how it works. It's basically just an insurance policy that says they will replace the monitor if it had any dead...
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    24" LCD recommendation, some questions and help.

    Well, tddirect = an NCIX company, using the same warehouse. But they don't have a dead pixel guarantee like NCIX.
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    24" LCD recommendation, some questions and help.

    I was so annoyed when I checked today to see that the price had gone up - only to realize that I had put in in my cart at $499 the night before, and as such can check out with that price :D
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    Official BenQ FP241W Thread !!! Info, Pictures, Reviews

    What are the odds of getting a monitor with dead pixels? Would it be worth putting out $50 to guarantee that I get a monitor with no dead pixels? I'd be interested an anyone's experiences...
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    DX10.1 Totally Downplayed by Crytek, Microsoft, NVIDIA

    Doesn't this sound vaguely similar to the SM2.0b vs SM3.0 debate from when the 6800/X800 cards launched? :o
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    Upgrade from X2 4600+ to QX6850 1333fsb

    Where were you planning on getting a QX6850 for £140? :eek:
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    Soundstorm Problems

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    Very weird CPU usage problems...

    Well, a quick spyware scan later, the problem seems to have dissapeared! :o I can't believe I forgot to do a virus/spyware scan, I feel like such a noob!
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    Very weird CPU usage problems...

    crap, you're right. i'll do both right now. thanks for the idea.
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    Very weird CPU usage problems...

    Hello, For the past 12 hours or so, i've been having some major CPU related (i think?:confused: ) issues my computer. Simple everyday tasks like clicking a link in Firefox are now using 50% cpu usage. UnRARing a file now uses 100% CPU usage, when it would used to only take 20% (and it takes...
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    DVD Burn Speed - Faster = Data Corruption?

    You should burn media at its rated speed, with few exceptions. Some low-quality media should be burned slower, and some high quality media can be burned higher. However, the rated speed is definately a safe bet.
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    BenQ 1620 & 16x media

    Verbatim 16X DVD-R (MCC20RG30) and Taiyo Yuden 16X DVD-R (TYG03) are the only truly excellent 16X medias I can think of for that drive. Some Taiyo Yuden 8X DVD-R (TYG02) does very well at 16X too. Most high quality 8X or 16X DVD+R is fine at 12X, but with DVD+Rs, even 16X rated ones, quality...
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    Absolute Hands-Down Best DVD Burner?

    I assume you're talking about the good old Canadian NCIX, and if so, use this sale link, only $44.07 USD.
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    BF2 Temps?

    60C for an X800/6800/7800 is perfectly normal, in fact many 6800GTs hit 80+C with stock cooling.
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    Should I swap my MGE 600W for Antec 430W?

    What kind of 600W PSU has 24A on the 12V rail? My 420W Powerstream has 30!
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    Question about DVI cables...

    Yep, my 930B came with no DVI cable. I took darktiger up on his offer. :p
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    Any converters to make a 24-Pin a 20 pin?

    Just a little increased resistance, AFIAK.
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    At my wits end with heatsinks..

    What is it? Corsair XMS PRO or XPERT?
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    XP SP2 ruined Power DVD XP & Nero 6

    sorry, don't mean to hijack this thread, but mosin, what registry cleaner would you recommend? thanks :)
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    thank you qwerty.
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    Hi, Have a few quick questions about some of the fans it my system. 1) I have a generic 80mm case fan (SUPERRED CHA8012AS) that uses 0.09A @ 12V. Anyone have a rough estimate of how much air it pushes? I'm thinking of replacing them with 80mm Panaflo "low" speed fans, will it make much...
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    Bought a new PC

    I seriously doubt Alienware uses 4X 55db fans. You do know that the noise doubles every 3 db, right? So these fans are approx 7X louder than a standard 35db case fan? I can assure you you'll want to get rid of them once you hear them. :D
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    Nobody sells TwinMos in Canada?

    Canada sucks for getting somewhat hard to find items like that. :(
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    Canadian Computer Components Stores List Great prices, flat $10 shipping, price matching, and the by far the best service of retailers in Ottawa.
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    Need to cut some cash off my build....

    I would just wait for the 3000+ and/or 3200+ Venice to hit retail.. That should do it.
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    Need to cut some cash off my build....

    Get a 420W Powerstream instead of the 520W. 90% of the extra wattage on the 520 is on the 5V rail, not the 12V, where you need it most.