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    Ajit Pai: States Can't Enact Net Neutrality Rules

    A shortsighted generalization at best. Policy takes time to effect but sometimes it happens right away in the most unexpected situations. This is just one resource on the event. Of coarse you are free to use any alternate facts... Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during...
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    Amazon Removes Nazi-Themed Goods from Its Store

    Still plenty of Wolfenstein games on Amazon. Don't get how left and right views are taken out of historical context to fit any one narrative.
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    The EU Hates Memes

    If someone from Canada or the EU puts their nose into US politics in the [H] forums then they are totally chastised. What kind of fucking hypocrisy is that?
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    This is all exaggeration and I am sorry you are not correct about the 2A because it was not created so that anyone could organize a revolution against our police force, the government or its standing Army. Its a document that outlines the underlying foundation of our current system of Government...
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    Agreed. Assault weapons have no place in our culture. Automatic weapons are for terrorists, the utterly irrational, Law Enforcement and those in the Armed Services. Single fire and 3 round burst weapons are choice for war because trigger control, weapon preservation and preventing weapon...
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    Samsung Plans 3nm Gate-All-Around FETs in 2021

    "Classical physics starts deviating significantly at the molecular level... There is no clear boundary between classical and quantum mechanics, it's more of a continuous transition."
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    Valve Slammed over “Horrendous” Steam School-Shooting Game

    Time to cue up my favorite oldskool FPS and listen to listen to some appropriate music... but I digress.
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    Tiny Particles Could Help Fight Brain Cancer

    The Right to Try has been the law starting in many states since 2014. This new President Trump Right to Try legislation pushes the FDA to make it easier for those institutions to get access to the new or unapproved drugs for treatment. This is when patients see the need for insurance that will...
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    April's Fool Joke Turns Real for Weaponized Kitties

    By definition if something is Weaponized it is a weapon. Not sure I see the ghz in this but... meh.
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    Monoprice Take 20% Off Almost Everything

    3D printers are on "sale" but as expected the 20% off does not stack. Entry level printers are still very cheap.
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    Unreal is 20 Years Old

    Couldn't wait to get home to play this game. Almost every penny I had went into PC hardware at the time... the rest went to rent, food and beer because you know priorities.
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    IBM Warns of Instant Breaking of Encryption by Quantum Computers

    This is old news. Grover's algorithm should be able to find any given users password in about 12 days if the machine running at today's classical computer speeds. Here is one article on the subject...
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    IBM Bans All Removable Storage, for All Staff, Everywhere

    A military grade protocol for all employees of a civilian corporation. Perfect!
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    Microsoft Lets You Gift Digital PC Games Now

    Maybe I will finally get that Halo key I have always wanted...
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    AMD Precision Boost 2 and Wraith Prism Deep Dive @ [H]

    What versions of Prime95 were used for stress testing? This is very interesting. Thank you.
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    Twitter Deleted 270,000 Terrorism Accounts in the Second Half of 2017

    Please let us all be even more divided and start shooting each other. Liberals are armed as well. They just dont brag about it. Why think there are only two sides? For instance, long gone are the days when only "liberals" smoke dope. And there is only one Human Race with extremely difficult...
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    Overwatch Pro is in Trouble for Livestreamed "Racism"

    Outrage is always a matter of perspective. Give it time and you'll find yours and no one will care because the Internets have ambiguated and generalized everyone to a single shitty meme.
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    Amazon Shares Fall After Report Trump Wants to Curb its Power

    Delete the shitbag Trump. Problem solved.
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    IRS Reminds US Taxpayers to Report Crypto Earnings

    Just pay your taxes. Wesley Snipes loves you.
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    President Trump Getting Options to Crack Down On Chinese IP Theft

    Courage and Sacrifice in the White House indeed.
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    These Are the Video Games the White House Played in Its Meeting on Game Violence

    Blaming video games for violence...well fuck, seems like the [H] liked to bury someone and some people a long time ago for this... and rightly so.
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    Gigabyte Offers Sneak Peek at a Future AMD Motherboard

    "How has it taken so long for an easily swappable BIOS chip!?" I am sorry to say that this is a thing that has come and gone in many forms over the years. Not totally uncommon.
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    NSA’s Top Talent Is Leaving: Low Pay, Slumping Morale, Unpopular Reorganization

    Science, technology and math are not very popular with this administration. When idiots get put in charge the intellectuals leave.
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    AMD Adrenalin Driver Is Causing DirectX 9 Games to Be Unplayable on PC

    "which is most likely caused by outdated API modules" This sounds like a guess and others are clearly do not have this problem.
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    Outcry as YouTube Star Posts Video of Dead Body in Japan

    In Japan this is probably one of the highest levels of disrespect possible. His apology never mentions once exactly what he did wrong or the people he hurt.
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    Germans Were Paid to Use Electricity This Holiday Season

    Germany's primary form of power production has always been coal. Since 2014 they have been moving away from it. Germany is a small country. Coal, Nuclear, Biomass and Renewables in that general order. Coal mining has been heavily subsidized for years and the mining is extremely hard and deadly...
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    Even Mark Hamill Hates the 'New' Luke Skywalker

    Its a flawed movie but its not hard to believe that Luke would pull a Yoda after his nephew wiped the board.
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    Nvidia Will no Longer Support 32-bit Operating Systems After 390 Driver Release

    Its only for specific needs. Usually for compatibility in offline manufacturing systems.
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    Gamers Want DMCA Exemption for “Abandoned” Online Games

    Sad to think that many do not consider video games art.
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    Twitter Begins Enforcement of Abusive Content Rules

    "the company will review complaints individually to consider the context of the post or profile, including cultural and political considerations" see "profile and political considerations" - Twitter moderator x21 is sure to see both sides
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Is Coming December 2018 with 4-Player Co-op

    I have been digging around ALOT. If they exist then I will report back. I am a huge Mechwarrior fan.
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    Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams Are Making an R-Rated “Star Trek”

    Fault Quentin Tarantino for many things. For me its #1 - Harvey Weinstein #2 - After watching an interview with him I realized that he is all his characters. Now I cannot watch any of his movies without seeing or hearing his face or voice.
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Is Coming December 2018 with 4-Player Co-op

    Go play it on Windows 10 today! Totally legal and authorized by MS. (no MTX or voodoo driver files needed) MekTek Mechwarrior 4 - Mercenaries and or if you want to run the original release go here: