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    Glade Relaxing Moments Gift Basket **First 6000**

    thanks, pretty nice!
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    Free Sample Lacoste Essental Sport Mens Cologne

    sweet, a free new scent to try thanks!
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    Free Red Gold Tote Bag - 22 States Only

    yay michigan :D
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    2.5" to 3.5" Hard Drive Mount

    nice dood! wouldn't have thought to use an old drive, i prob would have just tried to mount it in my case somewhere. This makes things uniform and most likely cleaner :D
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    Free Keychain, Bottle Opener w/Catalog

    sweeet balloons and keychains oh my
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    Xbox to PC mod video (found on youtube)

    noiiice, very clean finish
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    Worklog: Project Zelda

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    Tribaloverkill's "Blackout"

    niiiiiice keep up the great work man, its looking hawt
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    Teaching yourself Illustrator?

    are you familiar with photoshop? because the learning curve from adobe products makes it definately easier to learn. Illustrator is a bit more advanced than photoshop, if you ask me. i suggest one of the visual quick start books, they always tend to present the information well, and have...
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    not digital... but its a digital picture of Art :)

    awesome painting of the hardware!! good concept, i bet your girl will get a good grade
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    First flash video- Zombies, caffeine, oh my

    :D thanks guys <3 msi broccoli, what will your flash be about??
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    What to do about paint drips?

    wow the modding community has evolved since i last visited - caps and graffiti paint <3 also, for rattle cans, you can easily get a nice finish, just take your time and spray cautiously. warming the can up in hot water for 10 mins or so works great for a nice even application.
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    First flash video- Zombies, caffeine, oh my

    I was supposed to create a video for my advanced webdesign class to get an idea of flash. I chose to do a wiz-bang mock of the flash videos out on the internet, to Mindless Self Indulgence's Seven Eleven (the song was a minute and a half, and the requirement was a minute, woo). I spent over 24...
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    The Annarchy Case... COMPLETED!

    awesome job, funny that the paint was wrong, but oh so sinfully right (since it was so girly and the smell would go perfect with it, lawl) if you have plans to do another mod, i would be totally interested to see it
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    PROJECT : Ultimate fan grills

    nice art very very nice i personally dont like most of the grills, but i appreciate their artistic quality - the cases however are damn beautiful
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    Free Gain Car Air Freshener

    awesome saves me a dollar from buying one at the store :D ty ttp
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    Quite possibly the first decent looking Tt case

    yep TT is still ugly
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    very ornate nice work sir, its easy to tell this was a labor of love
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    my carputer mod from an external CDRW

    yeah, breaking the h-scroll is teh noes looks like it needs to be cleaned up wirewise, but carputers are always secksey, especially with touch lcds
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    can a dremal be used to take rivits off?

    yeah if he has a drill attachment for the dremel but a regular drill is just so easy
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    FS: Soyo Dragon Lite kt333 AMD Mobo - up to 2100xp

    pm/email sent, but board still available - willing drop the price to $25 shipped since i need cash so bad right now :(
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    Cheap lighting accessories found at walmart

    Chi wing - accept no substitutes on cheapness (go past the first page of huge lots)
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    Project: Doom 3

    looks great :) , nice work so far and good luck!
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    Free Guinness Magnet

    got mine a couple days ago :)
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    Does Krylon Fusion conduct electricity? (Simple question, please answer!)

    doubt it, but you never know i'm also interested in the anwser
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    Worklog: Project Zelda

    haha, i'd feel bad taking other peoples money, but right now i'm desprate - so feel free to donate anything you want to drxandy@ through paypal :D Long story short, the ticket was an MIP - i let someone else drive my car because i was drunk in the backseat, and they sort of...
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    FS: Soyo Dragon Lite kt333 AMD Mobo - up to 2100xp

    bump again price is negotiable
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    Worklog: Project Zelda

    Sorry guys, havent had any time at all to mod lately got into some trouble and now need to pay off a bunch of bills (car getting fixed, ticket to pay off, trying to find another job. :mad: ) I'll probally start back in the fall, but i havent tossed this to the wayside
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    FS: Soyo Dragon Lite kt333 AMD Mobo - up to 2100xp Used for about 8 months, in good condition Looking to get maybe $35 for it shipped, make an offer if your interested In a scrap for cash right now, need to pay off some car bills as well as a ticket :( if you have any questions feel...
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    bonz's grills on xoxide?

    then they wouldnt be his creation, just his design - thats the beauty in them being handpainted personally they're not my style, but they're definately well done
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    Krylon's "fusion" paint - anyone tried it?

    fusion is awesome stuff, i'm a total whore of it :D
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    99% Isopropyl

    i know Meijer has it, but they're a midwest chain
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    Zelda Themed Gamecube Log

    yeah that was what i originally planned, but i scrapped it in lieu of another plan (i didnt want to cut up the lid of something that i had painted so nicely haha i got replacement jewels in the mail the other day, now to get to work :D