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    1 loop, two PCs

    Hi all, I am currently running a dual PC system with two seperate loops. I am not overly happy with the result as things are cluttered and not as clean as I would like. It was tough to fit two seperate reservoirs and pumps along with two power supplies and all the wiring. It was also my first...
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    I was gonna post this in the hot deals section...

    Best ebay deal ever! Now I am going to buy 3...
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    Respawn Bans Over 355,000 Apex Legends Cheaters

    The problem with handling cheaters here is that the game is free. Cheaters can come back real quick and try a new method to bypass the ban hammer. They don't have to shell out another $60 to try again.
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    What do I need for 4K streaming?

    I have 4 tvs that were all on Roku's, 2 Roku 3s, 1 Roku 4, and 1 Roku Ultra. I thought I would try Nvidia Shield when it was on sale for black friday. MAJOR upgrade on a 4k tv. Just waiting for the next sale or the next iteration and I will upgrade the other roku thats on a 4k tv.
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    Post Your Workstations 2019

    Updated the 'Hers & His' dual pc case and did my first hard tubing. She gets the pink fluid. Nearly all water cooling parts were from aliexpress. If I could do the bends over again it would be better. Maybe when it's time to move on from the 1080tis.
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    Apex Legends launching monday(titanfall BR)

    Strange I have yet to crash on a 1080 TI (~100 matches) and on a 1050 laptop (~25 matches). The game has been flawless in terms of performace, although on the laptop its gotta be at mid level settings at 1080p.
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    Apex Legends Hits 50 Million Players

    I tried PUBG and Fortnite, although very briefly and I could not get into either. I am hooked on Apex legend though. This would be the first online shooters I have spent this much time on since Counterstrike 1.5.
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    Best website for tracking GPU prices?
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    Apex Legends launching monday(titanfall BR)

    I think I am hooked... I couldn't get into fortnight or pubg but this game keeps me coming back. I suck, I have 0 friends on origin, but I do have a lot of fun losing!
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    Left Alive Trailer Features 14 Minutes of Gameplay

    I might give it a try... when its $9.99 by the end of the year.
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    I ran a few benchmarks... GTX 1080 ti FTW3 VS RTX 2080 ti FTW3 @ 3440x1440

    In terms of pure pixel count - 4k is 8,294,000 pixels, 1080p is 2,073,600, 1440p is 3,686,400, and 1440 ultrawide is 4,953,600. Ultrawide adds roughly 34% more pixels than 1440p.
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    Motorola Patent Hints at a Fullscreen Razr

    So its this concept from a year ago.
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    ACG Reviews the Resident Evil 2 Remake

    I really want to buy, but I want to see if Radeon 7 is any good first since that card has a promo to get this game.
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    Post Your Workstations 2019

    I just cut and fit a kitchen counter top into the his and her gaming station over the weekend. This was to replace cheap table tops that was showing some wear. I also did some cable management.
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    Amazon Plans to Move into Queens Tallest Building

    They are building a new headquarters. They will be hiring 1200 for the citi building, but when hq2 is finished the total employees will be 25-30000. It's something like 32000 in tax breaks for every employee hired. The tax break will be spread out over 10 years.
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    Amazon Plans to Move into Queens Tallest Building

    I both live and work in long Island city and am excited for Amazon to move in. I will be applying for a job as soon as possible! My apartment's value is gonna go sky high and that is a nice bonus. Glad I don't rent.
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    Hunt: Showdown - Free Weekend - 20% Off - Game Key Raffle

    I played 5 matches tonight. First 4 quick deaths, 3 deaths to pve monsters and one a sniper shot to the head. No clue where it came from. Finally the last game was more fun. Killed, banished and walked away with the spider bounty. Killing a few hunters along the way.
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    New York to Kick Spectrum Cable Out of State for 'Failures to Serve New Yorkers'

    When spectrum took over my bill went sky high in NYC. Paying over 200 a month for 100/10 internet and basic cable. No other options in this building. I will be happy to see someone else take over.
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP Well done Kyle! Saw the pcgamer arcticle before I saw this post. It mentions you a few times.
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    Tesla Owner Who Turned On Autopilot Then Sat in Passenger Seat Banned from Driving

    Tesla don't have sensors to make sure someone is in the seat? Even my kia yells at me if i take my hands off the steering wheel.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X @ $719 (from $999) @ Amazon

    Micro Centers are $729 and you can bundle a motherboard for further savings.
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    Sell my 1080ti?

    Micro Center is price gouging now too!
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    Burger King Ad Forces Google Home to Advertise the Whopper

    Google updated so the commercials voice will not set off the google home to respond... BUT this made the nightly news and the newscasters voice set my google home to respond anyway!
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    XFX FURY X Cables

    The Fury X had a pump whine when first released. This was corrected in later batches. Coil whine is non existent for me, and I have the XFX version as well.
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    GrubHub: If You Agree With The President-Elect You Should Resign

    That entire email is hateful. He needs to resign as well.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Just the right amount of space. Im a big man, shes tiny. Works out great. We originally had the tower on the floor but too much heat on the legs and hard to clean the floor. This fixes both.
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    How do you roll at a hotel?

    Currently staying at a hotel. Always bring my Sager NP8672 with me. I7 w/ GTX 980M. More than enough power for anything I want to do.
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    3dmark Time Spy DX12 test

    1080 not overclocked. 4790k small overclock to 4.0ghz
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    Post Your Workstations 2016

    Hers and His gaming station. Case: Phantek Enthoo Mini XL (Two motherboards, 1 PSU, 1 Case, Love it) Monitors: LG 34UM95-P 34" Ultrawide PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA 1300 G2 Power Supply I have the Water Pump and most of the fans turn on when either switch/motherboard is on. The Phantek Power...
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    Ikea desk gallery

    His and hers gaming PCs. Two Ikea Linnmon Table tops 47". I had to cut about 3.5 inches off on the left side to make it fit, but in the end a super cheap desk.
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    Fury X Benchmarked @ 4K (via AMD)

    Do you think msi or some other company will put out a non-reference with hdmi 2.0? If so I may wait to buy this.