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    Hot: BestBuy TitanFall 2 $33/26 and Overwatch $35/28 TODAY ONLY

    For those on the fence with Overwatch, is having a free play weekend. Try before you buy. Free play starts on Friday 11/18 at 11:00am PST and runs through Sunday 11/20.
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    Harmon Kardon, JBL, Infinity Reconditioned products on sale

    ES250P is back in stock. Any idea of how it stacks up against the Dayton or BIC 12" subs? The JBL has 400W RMS vs Dayton at 120W RMS.
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    [HOT] The Crew will be free starting Sep. 14 until Oct. 14 on UPlay.

    This game is a blast. Thanks OP. I had some issues getting the game to load. Not allowing the "The Crew Install Helper" to make changes allowed the game to run.
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    Origin Sale!

    Here is an extended list: Star Wars Battlefront $29.99 Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe $34.99 The Sims 4 $23.99 FIFA 16 $23.99 FIFA 16 Deluxe $34.99 Battlefield Hardline Premium $29.99 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare DDX $6.24 Battlefield 4 Premium $19.99 Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY $29.99 Dragon...
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    Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones - $200 FS -

    I got the X2s second hand for $245. $200 is a great price. Fantastic headphones.
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    Free extra 1G data for existing Verizon Wireless accounts

    Free 1G of extra data for existing Verizon Wireless accounts Here's the fine print: The 1GB Data offer (“Promotional Data”) can only be redeemed one time per account by VZW customers on a qualifying plan. Must have a valid VZW Mobile...
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    Tribes - 20year anniversary free games

    I would support a kickstarter for a T2 reboot. Just saying...
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    Talos Principle $12 Steam (After Coupon)

    Awesome how the alienware discount stacks on top of the sale price. I grabbed it - thanks!
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    Tribes - 20year anniversary free games

    Man, I had some good times playing Tribes 2. It was the Shazbot back in the day. Some of the mods were incredible. I enjoyed the larger maps with vehicles. Please post if there are servers available.
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    Ashes of the Singularity gift key Halloween giveaway

    I'm in. Kudos to you for providing this giveaway. Looks like a great game!
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    Up to 60% Off Select Logitech Accessories

    I have only seen the mini. Costco also had a larger Bluetooth speaker made by Sony.
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    Up to 60% Off Select Logitech Accessories

    Check Costco in-store for the UE Mini Boom. I picked one up for about $70. Not available at
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    Prime Members get MX100 512GB for $160

    Yep the 750gb 840 Evo is about the same performance as the MX100. I got a good deal on the 750gb 840 Evo during the last black Friday sale. The drive has been working like a champ after the latest firmware update.
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    Cole Haan Clearance + 40%

    I have a couple of recent pairs of Cole Haan shoes. One casual sneaker and a wingtip oxford. Got both on sale of course. Having owned them for two years I can attest that the quality is definitely lacking. Would not buy again. Ecco dress shoes are better quality for the price.
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    M-Audio AV40s, $79, B&H

    Consider a Dayton 10" sub from Parts Express. Decent sub for the money.
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    HP Omen laptop $1099 @ Costco

    The Slickdeals coupon is dead. That was a good deal with the rebate.
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    HP Omen laptop $1099 @ Costco

    4/24 Update: Price dropped to $999 + $29 S/H. Link: $1099 at Costco + $29 S/H. Must have a Costco membership to order. Log in to see...
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    Drones 1, Nature 0, Assists (Human) 1

    That's not a drone video. This is a drone video
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    Rockstar Collection at D2D - GTA series, Bully, LAN, MC2 $33.99

    Part of the Direct2Drive Christmas Sale. Valid only for today 12/19.!/download-rockstar-games-collection/5009218 Rockstar Games Collection $33.99. Requires Steam account. Includes the following games: Bully: Scholarship GTA III GTA IV GTA Episodes...
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Replace the GTX 460 SLI rig that has served me well for many years
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    Warm - HP ZR30w 30in IPS $699.99 FS Directon

    I'm using two of the HP Z24 at work. I second the great build quality and stand. Anti-glare coating is not aggressive and does it's job.
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    SennHD600 MassDrop

    What's up with the "steel blue" finish? Makes it look cheap IMO.
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    Samsung 840 EVO SSD 500gb $199 Amazon

    Samsung 840 EVO SSD 500gb $199 Amazon
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    Newegg - M550 512gb $220 AC

    I'm keeping my eye on the 500gb 840 evo. For those that don't mind a refurbished unit, TigerDirect has the evo for $217
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    iPad Mini Retina 16GB for $330 shipped

    A refurbished unit direct from Apple is $339 for 16GB WIFI and comes with a 1-year warranty. Costco has started selling Apple products. You only save about $15 over retail, but I think a $40 iTunes card is...
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    SamKnows whitebox for measuring broadband performance

    Free SamKnows whitebox to measure your broadband performance and send you monthly performance emails. Read the website carefully before signing up.
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    Amazon Sennheiser Sale.

    Over ear Momentum are showing up as $269. On ear are $179.
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    Steam Summer sale is up

    Might want to hold out for Sony's H1Z1 instead of DayZ. Thanks roma for the heads up on Defense Grid. I'm going to grab the DLC Bundle for $2.99.
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    Amazon Unveils The Fire Phone

    $749 off contract? No thanks. I will stick with my Nexus 4 and see what Google has up their sleeve at Google I/O next week.
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    GOG Games Summer Sale 700+ Titles

    Just picked up Rollercoaster Tycoon for $8. I always wanted to give it a try but didn't want to pay the full price of $20. Thanks OP
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    Pioneer Andrew Jones Designed Speakers 50% off

    Denon has great deals on refurbished receivers.
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    Kittyo Enables Remote Interaction with Your Cat

    You could always play with other people's cats over the internet... right now.
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    Newegg Shellshocker: $80 Pioneer SP-BS41-LR 2 CH Bookshelf Loudspeakers Pair

    I paid $90 for the the newer version of these speakers in 2012 from tigerdirect. They are fantastic as the main speakers for the TV in my family room. Excellent for dialog. Great bang for your buck if you...
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    Sennheiser Momentum Headphones $229 at Amazon

    Dead deal; sorry guys. Appears it was only good for a few hours. Edit: Thanks for the correction below. Yes, the deal is still good. The price was jumping between $229 and $299 this morning. Looks like it has settled in at $229 as a special promotion for Father's Day.
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    Sennheiser Momentum Headphones $229 at Amazon

    $229 only applies only to the brown over-ear headphone (not black or ivory). Originally $299. Better deal than getting a refurbished unit from Sennheiser directly ($254)...
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    BF 2142 Deluxe $1 (Amazon)

    Deal is dead. Back to original price of $14.99.
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    Now i need laptop, options and right direction...

    Have you considered the ASUS N550JK? 15" with an Intel i7 and Nvidia 850M. An HP Envy could also be a contender. Personally, I like the looks of the MSI GS series but don't have experience with MSI.
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    Warm: Dyson DC 41 Animal $399 at Fred Meyer (Kroger?) after gift card rebate

    In the $400 range, better vacuums are the Miele Twist or one of the models from Riccar. Check out your local dedicated sewing and vac shop.
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    I Need Your Old Computer Hardware!

    Steve, is there a timeframe for receiving donations?
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    New HP Z24i IPS Gen 2

    I'm running two of these for my work setup. Great display, and as elgerm said, the Ag coating does it's job without being overly aggressive.