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    Z97 HDMI 1.4 to DP 1.2 Adapter for 2560x1440? Will it work?

    DP->HDMI adapters are uni-directional, you can't convert an HDMI to a DP signal with that particular adapter. You need something like this: but it isn't...
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    Dell 2711 DisplayPort or HDMI

    2711 doesn't support 2560x1440@60hz over HDMI. Not an issue with HDMI, it's something to do with the monitor itself.
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    Display Port Monitor "issue"

    You don't need active DP -> HDMI adapters for this. Passive adapters will work for this application. Tape is your best friend in this case. Can't help you with the monitors lighting up the room while gaming, either stick with DisplayPort and put up with your icons moving around, or switch to...
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    Display Port Monitor "issue"

    If turning off the monitor messes up your desktop, then don't turn it off. Is there a specific reason why you need to turn off your monitor? Most monitors will go to sleep and consume very little electricity even if you don't turn it off. DisplayPort is unfortunately the cause (you can switch...
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    World Travels Laptop - ThinkPad x240

    Aftermarket upgrades for laptop processors are not recommended. Buy the processor you need at the onset. Also, there's no way you can get anywhere close to the same performance as a desktop i5-4670k, even without overclock. The x240 is limited by voltage, by heat, and by power. The fastest...
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    Glossy 1080p IPS that I can overclock to 120Hz safely and effectively

    Good start... Ok... Uh oh... Definitely not. Good luck. Other than the 3D compatible (no overclock will allow for 3D compatibility), You just ruled out the only monitors in existance that do anything close to what you want. Try this screen for a non-IPS version.
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    Can I use Accell UltraAV to obtain 2560x1440 from HDMI->dual linkDVI->DP?

    I have not seen a single hardware converter (that is not itself an independent computer) that can do it. I've looked and looked and never found one, not even a theoretical one. Dual link DVI signals are needlessly complicated due to how the spec requires the signal to be split. I suspect a lot...
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    Can I use Accell UltraAV to obtain 2560x1440 from HDMI->dual linkDVI->DP?

    Um... I did not say HDMI cannot be converted to SL-DVI. While dual link DVI may be *electrically* compatible (it is, after all, literally 2 DVI-D links in a single cable) with 2 SL-DVI, logically, a computer does not treat DL-DVI signals like that. DL-DVI signals are assymetric and do not...
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    Can I use Accell UltraAV to obtain 2560x1440 from HDMI->dual linkDVI->DP?

    But SL-DVI cannot, and HDMI can only be converted to SL-DVI. You may be able to drive 1440p off HDMI natively with the right monitor (don't ask me which ones do, most don't atm) or you might be able to do it at <60hz, perhaps 30hz.
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    New 4th gen Thinkpads are finally here

    Because you said the following... You did not mention that you were frustrated that you couldn't set up a high-res dual monitor display with a Thinkpad without a dock. You just raged against a useful legacy port (which is probably currently used in more monitors/projectors than DVI, HDMI and DP...
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    New 4th gen Thinkpads are finally here

    How is the removal of VGA a positive thing, given the amount of legacy hardware floating around? Among all the dozen or so people I know using Thinkpads with external monitors, 100% (one hundred percent of them) use external monitors and projectors via VGA. One. Hundred. Percent. I'm trying to...
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    Have you tested the display rate?
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    Goin to South Korea to purchase a 1440 monitor?

    It would be very tricky to get on to a plane. It's larger than what is allowed normally for carryons, as the box is 65cm x 45cm, although it is only ~12cm thick. The thinness is there, but the box itself is noticeably large. It *looks* big from any angle except edge on.
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    Best replacement for T42? (<$300, used okay)

    I'm going to have to second the amazingness of the x220/x230 form factor. It's a great little machine. I run an x220. I wouldn't worry too much about the keyboard change between the x220/x230, as they're both good keyboards (workplace has a couple of t430 and t530, I set up both and was...
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    Are there any laptops that offer 1920x1200 resolution?

    No current model laptops run 1920x1200 natively.
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    good ips 27inch monitor?

    Hardware adjustments allow for more flexibility and gets you a higher quality calibration than software alone, even if you don't have access to the hardware LUT's. But more importantly... I'm among the group of people who would love to use their awesome 1440p monitor with more than 1 computer...
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    x230t used with dual 1920x1200 monitors?

    I did not test with an X230t, but I do have access to T430 and T530, and both of them can drive 2x external monitors without turning off the internal display.
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    Laptop for business use

    Don't get Lenovo's consumer line for business.
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    16x10 vs 16x9?

    10-19-2010 10-19-2010 Let it die.
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    Need Help Finding a 14" Portable Powerhouse

    Lenovo still offers Windows 7 on their Thinkpad line as well.
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    Ivy Bridge Laptop with 2 sockets - 8GB MAX?

    The manufacturer might not have validated the laptop at 16 GB. In which case, 16 GB might work, but if something goes wrong, the manufacturer isn't obligated to help you with it.
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    HDMI cable not allowing 144Hz refresh rate

    As per Asus' website: As far as HDMI and DVI compatibility, HDMI is indeed compatible with single link DVI, and only single link DVI. It is electrically incompatible with Dual link DVI.
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    27" QNIX QX2710 flashing through colors connected to Haswell's HD4600 chip

    For what it's worth, your DVI-D port on the back of the motherboard is not a dual link DVI port, which is what you needed. Haswell is capable of 2560x1440p... over DisplayPort.
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    help with me with a labtop

    EDIT: No idea where I got that idea from.
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    help with me with a labtop

    I'm guessing no budget for a MBA 13"? Those have battery life out the wazoo.
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    The chart is just plain wrong. Ignore it. You will be able to run it.
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    Glossy or Matte

    I have a tempered glass screen next to a glossy next to an AG screen. The U2312hm is the one I find most pleasing to the eye. The other two I use primarily because it looks cool (tempered glass Catleap), 1440p resolution (Catleap + Qnix) and overclockability (Catleap + Qnix).
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    Edit - never mind
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    It's not worth it.
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    27" QNIX QX2710 Evolution 2 impressions

    It's a real overclockable one. This coming from a skeptic. Who now owns both a Catleap "2B" and a QNIX.
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    Lenovo T530

    That depends. If my Thinkpad were my only machine, then yes, the mSATA route makes a lot of sense, especially if you store a lot of media (movies, games, video, pictures, music) on your laptop. On the other hand, I use my x220 as an ultraportable, and I don't store movies, games, videos, or...
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    Dell U3014 unboxing :)

    What do you need to turn off the monitor for?
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    Crossover 2730MD and overclocking

    It's been verified that this monitor can't overclock.
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    When is a true 1440p 120hz IPS coming out?!

    DVI doesn't have official support via hardware vendors. There's enough engineering margin built in to cover up to 1440p@120hz. DisplayPort has enough bandwidth. These aren't 1440p 120hz monitors. They are 1440p 60hz monitors that happen to have the ability to overclock up to 120hz+. And...
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    DVI-D to DVI-D+(Hdmi or DVI-D) splitter compatible with lightboost?

    Dual Link DVI is neither electrically nor signal compatible with HDMI. Any splitter would have to use an active "interlacer" to combine the two DVI links into a single HDMI link... which I can't find. Any "dual link DVI -> HDMI" adapter must have the active electronics; any of the short stubby...
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    So many 1440p screens to choose from :(

    *looks at calibrated Catleap* *looks at calibrator* Hm. I see a contrast ratio of ~800:1. I think you're mistaken about that. FRZ, the U2713hm would be a superior option - the question is what you are looking for though. It has better build quality, better warranty & support, better...
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    BenQ XL2720T: 144hz 1920x1080 Matte Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Gaming Monitor

    Seeing as how there isn't a 1440p TN panel at 60hz on the market... methinks that 1440p TN at 120hz is a long ways off.
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    Need help finding the least expensive Mini DP to Dual-link DVI Adapter...

    You've got U3011's... Why not go for some higher-quality DisplayPort cables? DP -> DL-DVI adapters are notoriously finicky under the best of circumstances. 6m *is* a bit long, but if you have a high-quality DP cable, they should work just fine.
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    Need an Ultrabook that is thin and light!

    The X1 Carbon touch only has 5 hours battery life. It will not get 8-9 hours (although I'd drop the money on it right away if it did).
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    Laptop: Single SDD or SDD + HDD?

    You may wish define "a lot of writing". Because as far as the engineers are concerned, "a lot of writing" = PiB (petabytes) of data. Thousands of terabytes of writes. You will not be able to meaningfully kill an SSD without actively trying to do it (it takes months of out and out full drive...