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    Nvidia has "Unlaunched" the RTX 4080 12GB

    <ALERT!!!! Incoming video message from Jensen!!!> Hi, I’m Jensen. I’m standing here with my fake kitchen/dining room/outhouse in the background. I’m going to pretend you don’t realize it’s fake, because I’m pretty sure I’m definitely smarter than you. I’m smarter than you because I’m...
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    Apple Devices Bricked By Helium Leak

    In the vast majority of cases, it is much cheaper to vent the helium. I totally get that seems crazy, given the high cost of liquid helium and the finite supply, but that's how the numbers work out for those of us running NMR facilities. There are two different situations. (1) When installing...
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    Apple Devices Bricked By Helium Leak

    This is interesting. I do at least six NMR magnet fills with liquid helium a year, and my 4 year old iPhone 6 still works fine. It's company issued, so if it would just suck in a little more helium then maybe they'd finally refresh it :-p It's possible that the air handler in the building...
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    Tech News from TWit Netcast Network Featuring Kyle Bennett and Patrick Norton

    That was great. Plus, the people I manage at work thought I was on a video-con, so they stopped barging into my office every 10 minutes!
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    Nvidia Titan V CEO Edition Boasts 32 GB of HBM2 for Neural Nets

    "CEO Edition" Psychopathic ego trip much, Jensen?
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    This whole thing really gets me thinking. There are a few other top tier tech websites that must also have the connections to know what NVIDIA was pulling. They must have known what was going on, yet said nothing. Only Kyle had the guts to tell us the truth. How am I supposed to trust...
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    NVIDIA Pulling Plug on GPP

    I wonder if Dell, HP, and perhaps Intel (due to their AMD licensed GPU) quietly let NVIDIA know that they were considering legal action?
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    Crytek Hates Star Citizen and Squadron 42

    I suspect it's just about over for Crytek.
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    Apple Allegedly Throttles Older iPhones with Degraded Batteries

    This is happening to my work issued iPhone 6. The CPU frequency is progressively throttles down from 1400 MHz to ~1100 MHz, then 839 MHz, and then 600 MHz by the time the battery is at 80% charged. Actually my phone rearely will run at the rated 1400 MHz anymore. This is a relatively new...
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    Intel’s Flagship 9th-Generation Core i7-9700K May Pack 8 Cores, 16 Threads

    You tricked me into going to wccftech, dang it! Now I feel dirty. And stupider. :-p
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    Intel’s “Sapphire Rapids” Micro-Architecture to Succeed “Tiger Lake”

    Breaking News: Intel has announced that instead of launching on their 7 nm process, Sapphire Rapids will instead use their 14 nm++++++++++++++++++ process. In 2030.
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    Superaccurate GPS Chips Coming to Smartphones in 2018

    Would like to see the L5 signal eventually make its way to Garmin running watches. Needed there more than smartphones IMHO.
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    Intel Coffee Lake Slides Leaked

    Kaby Lake Coffee Lake
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    Most Consumer ISPs are Still Dreadful 2017 Edition

    We recently dumped Comcast and switched to Symmetrical gigabit for $40 a month ($52.91 a month after all the taxes and local city "fees"). And they don't treat me like crap like Comcast did. This is what happens when there is actually some competition.
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    Mass Effect Andromeda Benchmarks Thread

    Very interesting, I guess there's hope. Thanks for testing that out.
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    Mass Effect Andromeda Benchmarks Thread

    Supposedly using the Battlefield 1 SLI profile enables both GPUs, but there are some glitches. Those with early access and two GPUs might want to give it a shot and report back.
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    Robots Really Are Going to Kill us All!

    I need to stock up on ammo.
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    NVIDIA Takes Care of Your Cows

    Great, now sheep dogs are losing their jobs to robots...
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    What would make interesting VR games?

    Dead Space reboot.
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    Yes please! I look forward to watching through my case window as dust, cat dander, and other particulates turn this PS gray!
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    Should We Ban Killer Robots?

    If we ban killer robots, then only Killer Robots will have killer robots.
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    Hyperloop Project Faces Explosive Lawsuit From Co-Founder

    I am counter-suing on the basis of Brogan BamBrogan have an unnecessarily ridiculous name.
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    "...[T]he ten nanometer test chips we're looking at now..." - Howard Marks, NVIDIA

    I have some of that sound deadening foam he mentioned, on the wall in my lab. It works quite well to reduce noise from fans, helium compressors, and various other items. At one point it was looking really dirty so we replaced it. While the walls were bare waiting for the new stuff to go on...
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    Nvidia announcement livestream 5/6/2016 @6PM PST

    Seems like he's kind of a psycho
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    Nvidia announcement livestream 5/6/2016 @6PM PST

    Is this some sort of bit or something? Awkward and uncomfortable...
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    Amazon Sandisk Ultra 2 960GB $199.99

    Was hoping to get a deal on a 1TB 850 EVO, but I'm just not seeing any right now. Couldn't pass up $175, even though I'm not impressed with the benchmarks. My 4 year old Corsair Force GT still works great, but @ 120GB it's getting to be a pain to manage Windows bloat and programs. This is...
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    The Evolution Of Modern Game Controllers

    They did not even mention the Intellivision controller, which tells me they don't have a good grasp of early video game history. The Intellivision controllers certainly had their flaws, but they also enabled the first (small) steps towards more complex game play and strategy. Also, the...
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    Concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Backblaze hard drive review

    I think this might be what was meant to be posted?
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    Unreal 4 Trooper Busts a Move

    Sue them! Make it happen. :D
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    Using Nike+ To Draw Penis Pictures While You Jog

    Uh.... OK. Interesting, the runs are in my neighborhood. But maybe she should spend more time working on improving her slow pace, and less on drawing private parts with her route. Just a suggestion. :p
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    Petting Zoo Where Robots Replace Animals

    This sounds like a cute idea. Then one day you find yourself imprisoned in the zoo with the robots petting you and feeding you little pellets. Then it doesn't seem so great, does it?
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    Asus 7950 DC II (Literally) Caught Fire

    First, let me say that life is too short to get angry enough to yell at the ASUS CR rep on a forum. That said, Raja's comments were very ill advised and reflect poorly on ASUS. More to the point, this is just another reminder that as buyers of higher end PC components, we should do business...
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    EVERCOOL Venti CPU Cooler

    Maybe the EVERCOOL Grande and EVERCOOL Tall CPU coolers perform would be more their size
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    Microsoft's Adam Orth Resigns Over Twitter Tirade

    You don't comment publicly on your company's business or affairs, even when asked. That is a requirement at most tech and biotech companies, if not most companies in general. If you do so, you may be fired.
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    Suffering Buyers remorse

    You're going to have a good time with either card. So, don't worry about it - enjoy the card. Life is short!
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    Corsair 800D

    Really like my 800D. But, be aware that the 900D is coming soon.
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    Positive EVGA RMA Experience

    I thought I'd post this, as usually people only post when they have bad RMA experiences... I recently had to RMA one of my two EVGA 680 SC Signature cards. It suddenly failed when playing a game and would either bluescreen the system on boot or produce a blocky pattern on whatever screen was...
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    ASUS Z77 Motherboards - Official Support Thread

    Last week I built a new system with a P8Z77-V DELUXE. Upon updating I was also getting random shutdowns at idle, even though I was rock solid stable under stress @ 4.6x GHz. I'm not connected to the MB CPU fan header as I'm using an H100 with Corsair link. Sure enough, when I uninstalled AI...
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    GTX 680 In Stock Thread

    Hah, no kidding chronicfx... I guess it's the official graphics card of the mag res community!