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    Trouble with Hauppage HVR 1600

    I am having an issue with the my TV tuner. Hauppage HVR 1600. The signal is scrambled at the top of the screen and I am unsure as to how I should fix it. I have reinstalled drivers already. It shows up scrambled in both WinTV and GB-PVR. This is from an analog cable signal. Here is a screen...
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    Facebook Hit with Lawsuit over Privacy Changes

    Dude you are so different from everybody else. Way to be cool man. And the change was fine, if you RTFM. It specifically told you what happened and asked if you wanted to change it back.
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    Free BF2 beta keys.

    Dibs on 9NUL-UDME-R634-WREB
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    GSM and iDen

    Does anyone know of any phones that are capable of running a GSM network with a sim card and iDen at the same time? The phone will be used with a sim card in the US, but running iDen in Brazil.
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    Class 3 Zombie Outbreak Simulator

    According to the NYPD SOP 9 report, officers only hit their targets with about 17% of the rounds fired. So no, they shouldn't be given higher accuracy.
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    1TB HD - Fry's B&M $59.99

    It's called MAP (minimum advertised pricing).
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    WTB: iPhone

    You get a discount when you pay with something other than paypal..
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    Software That Fixes Itself

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    WTT: 939 Sli setup and Aopen mini PC

    If you get on pbnation you can find Ions for like $50-60 bucks.. You can get mad up'd Ions for $100-120. I would sell if you can and then buy something from the forums over there.
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    WTB: CPU - Mobo - M

    CPU: $60-80 - Looking for a decent Core2 or Quad if possible. Mobo: $50-70 - Show me what you have. Mem: $30-50 - Looking for 2x2gb. Gfx: <$100 - I'd like a 9800 or 4870. Just trying to build a system on the cheap for a friend. Thanks.
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    MMS on AT&T now live!

    Yeah, It is ATT failboating. Anyway, I downloaded the carrier update, but still have no options to send MMS. Edit: Gotta restart the phone then enable MMS in settings.
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    EVGA GTX 275 $148.99 after MIR

    South of Chicago.. Downer's Grove I think?
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    Road Sign Of The Day

    There is an awesome sign by my parent's old house that reads "Rick James Dr."
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    FS: iPhone 3G - Unlocked, Jailbroken - $425

    PM'd you. Bump.
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    FS: iPhone 3G - Unlocked, Jailbroken - $425

    I have a jailbroken, unlocked iPhone 3g 8GB that is about 6 months old. Out of contract, can be used with multiple carriers. It has some slight wear and tear on the back. For sale only. Also included is an IvySkin case...
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    Tennessee Governor Signs Campus Downloading Bill Into Law

    Riiiight, is the RIAA paying for all this filtering technology that is going to be needed? Whatever self righteous morals are holding you back from downloading music need to be put on the backburner as our fvcking economy is in the shitter, and there is no way money should be spent on this...
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    FS: 15'' Macbook Pro 2.4GHz,4GB,250GB HD

    bump4you... good deal
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    Need advice ASAP!! Trade gone wrong!!

    it didnt just disappear out of thin air... its gotta be somewhere
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    Is Circuit City Going Bankrupt?

    i worked for CC for about a year, i quit and went to BB about a month before my store crashed and burned. they are doing it to themselves, they cannot seem to make their own decisions and they just try to follow everything BB does, albeit poorly. they did higher schoonover, who ran the company...
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    omg - 42 inch 1080p tv for 730 shipped - costco

    this is a good cheap tv it does not compare to a good middle of the road tv if you ever put this right next to a samsung or sony or panasonic, you will know the difference. this whole numbers this numbers that bullshit doesnt matter. SIT THEM NEXT TO EACH OTHER...
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    Activision Suing File-Sharers RIAA Style?

    with the advent of self righteousness - its always been digusting, the number of shitty games that come out with no way to try them and at rediculous price points, full of DRM that only affects paying customers... blame the companies for releasing bullshit games not the people who feel as if...
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    Hard for new member to sell items on [H]?

    you can probably get it sold, as long as you are either (a) willing to ship first or (b) go half before and half after it all depends on who you are trading with and weather or not they are willing to take the risk
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    A hot deal NOW HOTTER - X2 BE 2400 2.3GHz $25 FS

    im lookin at throwing together a little HTPC with this chip, but i need a decent case/psu for it that doesnt cost an arm and a leg.... anyone help me out?
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    Is Google Chrome an IE/Firefox/Opera/Safari Killer?

    not bad, definitely has some standards issues with certain sites however. im not making any switch from FF with adblock and ietab (for that one pesky site) quite yet. otherwise, it seems quick to load pages and whatnot.
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    Update to WGA Notifications for Windows XP Pro

    attempts are futile... but beyond that, the only copy protection that is actually uncrackable is that which stops people from using the online aspects of a product. with such a large user base, i have a feeling that would be very difficult for MS to do. oh yeah... and starforce, that works...
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    FS Age of Conan - - $30

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    FS Age of Conan - - $30

    Age of Conan -- $30 shipped I will transfer all account information and you can change the password and email account. Paypal only. heat is snap2006
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    free sunglasses with expensive shipping

    idk about it being a scam... cheap yes, but from what ive read they have great optics with subpar build quality. no one has said they never received them that i have seen.
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    WTB: Yankees Tickets for a Saturday game

    lies... all lies... i love sports but really hate the yankees... good luck bump
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    ~~~~ FS: Dell Inspiron 1420 2.0 GHz (near perfect condition) ~~ MUST GO!

    great deal on this machine... good luck selling bump
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    Good deal for dv5t ~800?

    there isnt really any way to upgrade graphics cards in notebooks... so thats out of the question. i would look at the dell coupon codes that are available, you can usually get some great deals there...
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    FS/FT: Xbox 360 Premium Package - 9 Games, 2 Controllers, Wireless Adapter

    one question for you, do you have the original receipt?
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    FS: Xbox 360 + Games

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    WTS 2 Laptops

    awesome deal on the hp... bump
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    Production 2010 Camaro Revealed

    really? a formula 1 car cant move off the line? in terms of acceleration, 0-60-mph for an F1 car will be around 2.3-2.7 seconds, 0-100mph in 3.5-4.0s. this compares with a Suzuki GSXR1000 of 0-60 in 3.5s and 0-100 in 6.3s.
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    Free Audi S5 Poster

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    Piracy and the Underground Economy

    attempting to justify or vilify piracy is pointless. your moral view on the subject is completely worthless to the rest of the world. people are going to keep pirating software/movies/music because they CAN. if it costs less money to buy something pirated and there is no consequence, people will...
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    Why It's OK To 'Steal' Wi-Fi

    all of this analogy bullshit is ridiculous. if you are broadcasting a signal off of your property onto public property or my property, and you are granting permission for people to use it... its neither wrong nor illegal to use it. and im sick and tired of all the bleeding vaginas that cry...