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    FS: LSI 9223-8i HBA, OEM DDR3/4

    bump for you
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    FS: Abit BH6 and Celeron 300A, the original overclocker's combo

    That was a rad combo for sure.
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    WTB: Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (or equivalent)

    I use it for Pi-hole + Unbound for recursive DNS (Pi-hole block ads coming through to web browsing and streaming services like YouTube on all of your devices, you set all of your devices to utilize that IP as your DNS server so all DNS queries go through it filtered) and Unbound provides...
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    WTB: Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (or equivalent)

    Looking to buy a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W (or equivalent). I just need the Pi Zero 2 W board itself, no case or PSU. Let me know your price shipped to SoCal, 91320. Note: If I can't find a Pi Zero 2 W I will accept a RPi non-Zero or Pi 3 or newer model (it needs to support ARMv7), or any similar...
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    Are the posted prices including shipping to the US?
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    FS all sold

    Do not hesitate to deal with this seller, he is awesome. Purchased two items, an ASUS Radeon 5700 XT and a SeaSonic FOCUS GX 750 PSU, from him on [H] over the course of 10 days, in late June 2022, and for both items he shipped the next day and the items were in like new condition. You can tell...
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    FS all sold

    PM for FOCUS GX.
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    FS all sold

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    *found* I'm looking for a Ryzen 5 5600x CPU. I'm hoping to stay under $300 but shoot me what you have. The CPU can be bare of retail boxed, as I do not require the HSF. I can also trade you plus my cash for a Ryzen 5 2600X retail boxed. Local is SoCal, Thousand Oaks, 91320. I can pickup if...
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    Sound Blaster Z / Zx / ZxR Modded Driver for Windows 10

    Will the moded drivers incorporate the official Creative Labs November 6, 2020 drivers?
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    WTB: TP Link AV2000/TL-PA9020P PowerLine Kit

    They work great, bump for you.
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    WTB/WTT: 8TB, 10TB, or 12TB SATA hard drive, partial trade for Intel NAS, Intel AX200 WiFi6 PCI-E, RAM

    Bump, I removed the Ryzen 5 3600 CPU as it sold locally.
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    WTB/WTT: 8TB, 10TB, or 12TB SATA hard drive, partial trade for Intel NAS, Intel AX200 WiFi6 PCI-E, RAM

    YGPM. I have added a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU w/Wraith Stealth cooler like new in retail box, and removed the Raspberry Pi 3B in a Flirc aluminum case parts, for the available trades.
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVME

    The Samsung Magician software will also show it, I edited my prior comment to show that. Using Samsung Magician you may not need to remove the drive from the enclosure.
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    WTB/WTT: 8TB, 10TB, or 12TB SATA hard drive, partial trade for Intel NAS, Intel AX200 WiFi6 PCI-E, RAM

    Added a Ryzen 2600X w/Wraith Stealth or Wraith Prism (both coolers are new and unused), for trade for a 8TB to 14TB mechanical hard drive as the title states. Still looking for the drive.
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    FS: AMD Ryzen 5 3600

    Payment sent for Ryzen 5 3600.
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    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB NVME

    You can take a screenshot of the main screen after running CrystalDiskInfo software for that. The Samsung Magician software will also show it, in Drive Details area, on the Samsung SSD disk, you may not have to remove it from the enclosure to see that if using the Samsung software. You can...
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    Thank you, looking for $100 shipped for a used one if possible. It would need to be TLC with DRAM cache, such as Inland Premium, Adata, Sabrent. Seen some go for this amount lately.
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    32GB Kit DDR4 DEALS $93-$100 (Amazon Prime & Newegg)

    The prices went up by about $9 on the same Teamgroup modules for those two Amazon links that were posted originally. edit: The prices are higher on them unless you are signed in with a Prime account to see the lower prices. May need to edit the title to say Amazon Prime instead of Amazon.
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    FS: Plantronics Head Set - SOLD!

    Plantronics makes good head sets.
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    FS: 3x Nest E thermostat

    Good deal bump!
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    Looking for a 1TB NVMe M.2 PCIe Gen3x4 Internal SSD. No brand preference, but prefer TLC as it will be the primary drive going in my 7 year old daughter's first PC. Send me a PM with the model and your price. Can pickup if you are local to 91320 / Thousand Oaks, So Cal. Heatware is QSnexus...
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    Inland Professional 1TB 3D QLC NAND PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe M.2 Internal SSD $89.99

    This still shows as $89.99 for me today. And it can be shipped, although not for free. $5 more on for the same drive, but free shipping (no Prime needed) there. Looks like NVMe M.2 drive prices are normalizing finally.