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    System memory fallback for Stable Diffusion on Nvidia GPUs

    I am having a good laugh at the generations. For the upscaling process, I would employ the CN tiling method. This approach involves breaking down the image into smaller tiles — typically 256x256 or 512x512 in size — when working with ultra-high resolutions exceeding 8K. These tiles are then...
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    System memory fallback for Stable Diffusion on Nvidia GPUs

    Before I dip out (since I've got some labbing and Robocop gaming lined up), I wanted to mention there's a 'styles.csv' file circulating online – you can find it on Reddit, YouTube, Google etc... It comes pre-filled with various positive and negative styles, and its drop-down menu feature makes...
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    System memory fallback for Stable Diffusion on Nvidia GPUs

    You can start looking into control net, it can greatly help with generating specific poses. Also in A1111, there is a script drop down towards the bottom, you can plot the same seed/prompt across many different models in a x/y/z fashion. Also, you can set ranged to the CFG/steps to see how it...
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    System memory fallback for Stable Diffusion on Nvidia GPUs

    There are upscale techniques to properly push you past 4/8K vs trying to generate an image at that resolution. But welcome to the club, it’s very likely to sit down and get lost for hours without realizing it. To expand on the above post, most model authors will tell you the resolution, CFG...
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    AMD Counter-Strikes Itself, Pulls Driver After Anti-Lag Feature Causes CS2 Bans

    It's become almost a spectacle, observing supporters of one faction ardently pointing fingers at the other, all while being oblivious to the missteps within their cherished company. Had AMD not chosen to parade its 'innovative' feature design akin to the tactics employed by cheaters, bypassing...
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    Steam players are reverting back to GTX 1660 graphics cards, despite Nvidia's best efforts

    QFT. Intel loses .0001% to AMD per steam survey and it’s time to break out the champagne bottles cause Intel is dead in 3 years. Then you scroll down two charts and see a similar loss on the GPUs side to Nvidia and the narrative changes to how the Steam survey is not a true representation of...
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    Nvidia has got us.

    Looks like the standard that apply to resolutions are different when it applies to science, cinema, and computer monitors. Since I was never really a big cinemaphile I always looked at 2k being 2560x1440.
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    Nvidia has got us.

    Amazing!! Precious generation cards going for less than newer ones? Who would have thought?!?! My god thanks for showing me the error of my ways!!! I mean by that logic Nvidia also has cards between $100-200… This is true. My bad for being a smart ass, especially when I took some text...
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    U.S. Congress to consider two new bills on artificial intelligence

    It’s obvious, only allow the rich corporations to build/train, have them paid for by public funds, host their services on non-patched systems, secure it with Huawei enterprise equipment, and train it with classified data. To top it off, higher Fred the janitor to monitor the system. Also, if...
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    Nvidia has got us.

    Where is AMDs $100-200 card? Ohh found it!! God that Radeon 7000 looks nice.
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    One day post-launch, the developers of Switch emulator Yuzu announce that Tears of the Kingdom is playable 'full speed on most hardware' with 'no hack

    Got it for my son, he is enjoying it a lot, but he found the videos on YouTube highlighting how much better the game plays on more powerful hardware. Since we have original switches from 2017 it might be time to show him how to dump everything and keep that offline, only use the switch to play...
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    Google is so desperate for iPhone owners to buy Pixel Fold that it'll pay top dollar for your old Apple phone

    Hard pass. Though a replaceable battery (like my old Galaxy S2) might make it barely above a pass.
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    ASUS ROG Ally Delivers Great Performance

    The extra cores and egpu are very nice, but the lack of ram and proprietary connector is a no go. Unless they release a dock utilizing their specialized connector, or 32GB of RAM….
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    Unreal Engine 5.2- Next-Gen Graphics Tech Demo

    Even to this day, the title "Alien Colonial Marines" continues to frustrate me. It's a game that I wish I could erase from my memory, as it was an utter disappointment compared to the promising gameplay that was initially showcased. It fell far short of expectations and could be described as...
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    My intention is not to engage in an AMD vs Intel debate. Rather, I believe that individuals should reconsider spending $700 on a motherboard, particularly if they plan to use default settings. Instead, they could allocate that money to other areas and opt for a more affordable sub $200...
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    Scumbag ASUS: Overvolting CPUs & Screwing the Customer

    Never had an issue with Asus motherboards, so I won’t join on the fuck em bandwagon, yet. But to assume people will only run default settings on a $700 motherboard, is ridiculous.
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    Nintendo GameCube Prototype From Space World 2000 Expo is Rediscovered

    Rally enjoyed the GameCube. It was pushing some crazy graphics back then, especially Resident Evil…
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    Upgrading from a 3070 question

    What resolution are you playing at? Or, are there specific goals you are trying to accomplish?
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    Fans Freak Out As Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Leaks Two Weeks Early

    Why did certain individuals choose to modify Breath of the Wild without official approval from Nintendo? Because they did not want to be part of the herd enjoying the game only one way! Garbage jokes aside, the community modded VR is leaps and bounds ahead of Nintendo's Labo crap. Nintendo's...
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    MSI Breach Leaks Intel BootGuard & OEM Image Signing Keys, Compromises Security of Over 200 Devices & Major Vendors

    I am surprised that this type of information does not reside on air-gapped systems, as they are designed to prevent data breaches by isolating sensitive information from the internet and other connected devices. While user error and malicious insiders cannot be entirely eliminated, air-gapping...
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    Fans Freak Out As Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Leaks Two Weeks Early

    Nintendo's stance on piracy has been a concern in the past, but ultimately, I feel that their decision to legally kill community-made games and focus on destroying people's lively hood was detrimental to my support of them. As such, I am less inclined to support their intellectual property...
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    I understand the concern and agree that it's essential to consider the impact of automation advancements on different industries and workforces. However, it is essential to recognize that this is not the first time technology is expected to shake things up, and hopefully create new opportunities...
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    Chat/GPT-4 released

    So block it at work and fire the idiots willing to chance taking secrets home to chat about it with openai.
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    Ryzen 7000X3D Series: A Brief Technical Chat with AMD

    I think it’s a good idea to hide it in here. That way people have to dig through a thread not related to chips exploding to see what is going on. Though I have a strong feeling if it was related to Intel or Nvidia, it would have its own post 1 min after if was discovered on Reddit…. A simple...
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    So can't afford a brand new card. 2080TI for $350 reasonable?

    I recently sold a 2080 Ti XC ultra for $300, had to return the karma after a co-worker sold it to me for $400 in July of 2021.
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    The Best Gaming CPU

    Hmmm…. Let’s price out an itx build, might be time to shrink this ole SMA8 down.
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    Bricked custom NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs during the game Diablo IV

    I am interested in what Gigabyte will say, but I am unsure if it has been identified since it's pretty early. My current search results are... D4 bricked my card, D4 will brick your 3080 Ti, my card was submitted for RMA, and I cannot reach the Gigabytes RMA site. I assume that it will be a...
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    Bricked custom NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs during the game Diablo IV

    Overall I agree, no one should accept their $1600 card will die on a cut scene, game menus, I would recommend anyone who owns a vulnerable card to blow it up and get it repaired/replaced with something that works correctly. But…. If they don’t have a warranty. Why should they not look at...
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    Is it really that simple?

    Like em or not, info on the 4090 starts at 10:15 ish…
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    Linus Media Group YouTube Channels Hacked

    Normally…. I cannot stomach Linus’s videos. Every so often they have something I interesting, water chillers, TEC cooling, and the thunderbolt extenders (?) to relocate the computer outside of the room.
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    Bricked custom NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti GPUs during the game Diablo IV

    That is unfortunate, I hope those cards are under warranty. Good time to learn about limiting FPS, never know when you will come across those menus/scenes with uncapped frames that might stress your card harder than Crysis…
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    Is it really that simple?

    So on the GPU side of things, the 3090/3080 released back in September of 2020. The 4090 released in October of 2022. It is still early enough in the cycle to buy and enjoy (which the 4090 would last a few generations). But I see a post that your rig is running a 7700x. Are you still using...
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    7800X3D will be an utter failure of a CPU

    has anyone used process lasso to force programs to a specific ccd? I was looking to movs the gaming pc to the 7800x3d and the 5950x to replace my aging dual Xeon setup.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    Of course they have, they released the 295x2 (which was impressive) in 2013? For $1500? Also…. I did pickup and AMD cpu for my Clevo style build in 2005…. Shit wasn’t cheap.
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    bought a 3090 FE with a bad fan, bad idea?

    Was going to say head to eBay and look for a fan/parts card, but then I see shit still running upwards of 2.9k and wonder…. What did you pay. Shit talking aside, here is an aftermarket cooling solution that may work for your card.
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    AMD Intentionally Held Back from Competing with RTX 4090

    Yes. The way people hate in leather jacket man and love Lisa most likely believe if the tables were turned, AMD would still be the same company we know today.
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    GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G - Random Black Screen When Gaming

    As it shouldn't, well I would be curious to see if you see a difference between full-screen and windowed. But since you haven't been having the issue lately, hopefully it is solved.
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    GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G - Random Black Screen When Gaming

    Since I swapped GPUs this morning and finally ran test / gamed for a few hours... I do not see this issue. My workflow was to pull the old GPU install the new GPU, and play... As for HDMI cables (LG OLED user here), my initial cable "supported" 4K/high refresh rates, but I kept getting random...
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    GIGABYTE RTX 4090 GAMING OC 24G - Random Black Screen When Gaming

    Does windowed, full screen, or exclusive full screen make any difference?