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    W7x64 - Prefecting/Superfecth - 8GB -> 16 GB Worth it?

    I believe win 7 actually turns off superfetch along with indexing and defragmenting for SSD's. Regardless, a good SSD is still faster than your iRAM, though you probably won't notice, but has a much larger capacity. The iRAM's primary advantage over SSD's is going to be write performance. Unless...
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    Future PhysX games

    For all the moaning and saber-rattling from AMD towards open standards, they sure aren't doing much to support them. Steam has never been usable for mainstream development and OpenCL isn't making much progress. The problem with a vendor-exclusive API like CUDA or PhysX isn't the fact that it's...
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    Microsoft Stores To Sell Bloatware-Free PCs

    I doubt it. As long as there's enough profit to cover operating costs and the hardware, I see no reason why Microsoft wouldn't just ship the OS free.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Ya never know.