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    RMA my gtx 680?

    You flashed a Zotac w/ an EVGA BIOS, and want to RMA a perfectly running card? Warranty likely voided. Also, don't be a douche. RMA is for a broken product. It screws up legit customers and Fry's, higher prices and repeal of warranties for those w/ a legit need. :rolleyes:
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    Netflix Says Its PAC Has Nothing To Do With SOPA

    ^^ Good way of putting it, I hadn't thought of it that way before....Akin to VZ re-bundling POTS in order to get DSL (going back to ~2003 again are we?).
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    AT&T Offers User A Settlement in Throttling Case

    I'm conflicted here... Feck AT&T, but I know the guy in the story,if I saw him today, i'd deck him. ps he was popped for a gta in the early 90s, maybe 89'ish (got off as a minor I think though). also stole parts off my relative's car while it was@ the high school auto shop (reason for said decking).
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    Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits MP3 Album $.25 cents @ Amazon

    ..and to think I could have stolen the AfD gold record (Steven Adler lived in my old neighborhood), some friends and I briefly were accused of it after partying there once in my high school days (no dragon chasing here). ps, the people who bought the house said there were needles all over the...
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    Corsair Force GT 120gb - $150 AR

    Now showing 165$/135$ AR (rebate thru 2/15).
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    Google Combining Your User Data

    Yeah, if you have a bit of disposable income to help shield yourself, domain registration costs are minimal, especially if you go for very obscure names/TLDs.... And a cheap hosting package to get the email/SMTP stuff (email only hosting perhaps), minimal yearly outlay there. To use GoCrappy as...
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    Not Even Thieves Want Your BlackBerry

    Haha, you know your business is f*cked when even the criminals don't want your crap.
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    Ford Adds Mobile Phone Blocking to My Key

    Depends on what your definition of is, is, I suppose. I can't speak for the rest of the country, but it's mentioned in the DMV handbook in CA that going slower than traffic is a) illegal/ticketable and b) dangerous. Unless it's wet, icy, foggy, etc, there's absolutely no reason to be going 20mph...
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    The Truth About Steve Jobs' License Plate

    It's got nothing to do with paying registration fees - that's always done @ point of sale. Considering the secrecy around his life, and Apple for that matter, the why's are pretty clear... He simply didn't want to put 2 metal targets on his car to identify him driving around. Douchey, but hey...
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    Lawyers Using Facebook, Twitter to Screen Jurors

    Jury golden rule #1: I hate all races. Or something like "I'm very interested in the news and believe everything they tell me." Perhaps if it was something more than $5/day, 20c/one-way for gas, and a big fat 0 for the first day, people might be more receptive. I'd better shut up, it's been...
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    SAPPHIRE TOXIC HD6950 Video Card Review @ [H]

    And for anyone wondering, I checked back into an old review (inc. a 580), the review rigs are the same/very close, and w/ the 580, ref./stock clocked, the rig pulled 505w, vs. the 463w quoted here for the 1536 shader BIOS.
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    Google's CEO Knew About and Allowed Drug Ads

    But it's not FDA approved. But if might be fake. Oh yeah, the terrorists packed it with WMDs. What a load of horse shit, they all are manufactured in the same places, by the same people. Only difference is the various corporate lobbyists and politrickcians didn't get their hands in the till...
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    Prison Time For Inciting Riots On Facebook

    Yes, go sit in the corner and be a good consumer. Remember, the corporate citizen knows best for all.
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    T-Mobile Drops Throttling for Overage Fees

    Well, at least they're capping it at $30 :(. Better than a $20,000 bill. Seriously though, the people that are elected to serve us need a swift kick in the ass, 10c per meg, probably cost them 10c per gig, if that. The Bells were broken up for much the same reasons that make it high time to do...
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    Free-to-Play Game Releases $500 Gun

    I saw AK47s for less than that in southern Oregon. Got even a non gun person like me to go "hmmm". :p I bet the RIAA/MPAA would *love* to be able to do this kind of crap.
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    Flash Player 11, Adobe AIR 3 Betas Released

    Unless your name is Seth Macfarlane, I don't see making a jewel encrusted chunk of gold out of what is a pile of shit. You suck Adobe. How about stability and efficiency?♦
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    Google’s Anti-Piracy Filter Is Quite Effective

    and so does filetype:torrent.
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    PayPal Shows Off Mobile Tap-to-Pay

    PayPal, FOAD.
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    California Targets Kindle Lab in Amazon Tax Spat

    I did, and loved the Rogue Valley. :p Just some other SoCal native douchebag made it so I'm back in sunny CA again...For now. Not pumping your own gas, and actually paying the price shown on a store tag? Not sure I ever got used to that ;). I'm not much of a drinker, but the liquor stores can...
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    Thanks fans. Here's a free GEEK ON shirt on us

    Ain't it the truth :p. I'm not much for the bar scene anyway. But the BB thing crossed my mind, thinking of trying it later....
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    Gamer Ships Himself Across Country in a Crate While Playing Game

    argh, posting, then seeing more... This. I an an '08 Altima, only non HU amp in the mix I have right now is 500w RMS, and I can get lights to dim pretty noticeably with the bass cranked up. Stock battery/charging system.
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    Gamer Ships Himself Across Country in a Crate While Playing Game

    Bald Knob, seriously WTF? I had to actually look at the article to believe that one :p. Poor Portland. Glad I stayed south in the Rouge valley when I was up there.
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    Thanks fans. Here's a free GEEK ON shirt on us

    In for a large, free stuff is always nice :p [edit] Got my shirt yesterday, went outside and spied a UPS package @ the door. I'd forgotten about it. :)
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    Tenenbaum v. Music Industry: The Copyright Wars Continue

    No, let's skip all that and send them to Japan, let them clean up Fukushima.
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    Corsair Gaming Audio Series™ SP2500 High-power 2.1 PC Speaker System Drawing

    Value for the dollar? I can't really recall a Corsair product ever failing spectacularly. Build quality, warranty & support, etc. Nice to have a go-to brand. [edit] failing on a product as a whole, ofc there's users that get the short end of the QA/luck stick sometimes... ....About time I...
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    27+ pages in, I'm sure this has been said before.... Online support and direct access to helpful reps here, rather than negotiating a maze of online, mail, or phone tech "support".... Helping people with RMAs when they don't have to - I recall an [H] poster that had to open up a PSU to replace...
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    4Chan Founder On Anonymity and Creativity

    Yeah, they're fucking stupid. He's just trying to deflect the 4chan=anonymous thing... Lawyers fees, fines, court, civil assessments... And I wouldn't mind. These little anonymous pricks think they're hot shit, and they just aren't. They 'went after' somebody I know, purporting to have dug up...
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    Help Wanted: California Searching for a State CIO

    Nice way to over generalize the hard working schmucks working for the state/feds. :( My mom's worked for the FPD for ~10 years, works her ass off. Seems every year they're moving to a bigger office, more attorneys, yet NOT spreading the load on the secretaries, I mean "administrative...
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    Judge Tosses iPad Overheating Lawsuit

    Ding ding ding! As much as I like to jump on the anti-Apple bandwagon as much as the rest, there you have it, it in black and white (and red and yellow). Want to know an electronic devices limitations, open the damned manual, that info is always there, no? With that said, the judge is lame...
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    Copyright Claims Are Out of Control

    There, fixed. UMG are total asshats for doing this, and I hope they and the rest of the dinosaurs die off already. However, this stupid woman kinda deserves it. 1) Shut your fucking mouth when you're in litigation. Golden rule, especially for flimsy, baseless lawsuits with companies whose...
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    Amazon Pulling Out of Texas Over Sales Tax

    Guess I got my 42LD450 just in time, shipped out of the Irving location.
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    Thermaltake Announces The Highly Anticipated Level 10 GT

    Still mexican hairless ugly and too expensive for what it is. I'd take something like a Corsair case over this junk any day. While I applaud them for trying different ideas, IMHO the best thing(s) they've been doing in recent times is bringing out some (higher) quality products rather than 1st...
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    Porn Studio Could Teach Apple, Google About Cloud

    Debbie does the IT team sent in to get the cloud lockers back online.
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    11 Year Old Racks Up $1,750 Xbox Live Bill

    It's asstards like this that make me ashamed to have Limey, tea-sucking blood in me. Typically spoiled child, loser mother, this is what happens. It's her fault and no one else's. Yes, Microsoft could do away with such ease for such micro-payments, but, hey isn't this at the root, an adult...
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    Did Sony Add a Rootkit to PS3 Firmware Update?

    Yet people will still continue to buy their shit.
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    Good Idea or Technology Gone Wrong?

    Found the news piece I mentioned.
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    Good Idea or Technology Gone Wrong?

    @caniba, you're totally right! That's the exact phrase that came out of my mom's mouth when she saw this on the news. 'Tis my neck of the woods (Dogtown to be specific for you surfers/skaters out there). Neither she, nor her boyfriend would be helped here, "what's my fucking license plate number...
  38. K HOT DEALS! 1/25 - 1/31

    Welcome to the club for those of us in CA, since most of the big names seem to be located here, or at least have a physical presence of some kind. With that said, there's TD for those of us over this side of the states, but the shipping costs tend to wipe the savings out for me (hey amazon...
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    Please recommend me a heatsink/fan combo for a Q6600...

    The Xigmatek S1283 (original) uses push pins, and cools a q6600 just fine as long as you have decent case cooling and/or don't live in the desert. Link - $37-$15 MIR, $2 shipping, includes free Xigmatek paste atm (no idea if it's any good). The pins are a bit of a pita on this hsf...
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    Kef 5.1 C1/C6/C4 speaker pack $398 [H]OT (way better than Energy Take)

    For those that actually cares about the deal, Amazon's showing this @ $378.61 atm, and FS at 85lbs+ must be saving a pretty penny (Amazon ftw). As far as the price drops are concerned, 2011 models on the way perhaps?