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    WTB i7-4790k

    I have one up for grabs
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    FS Razer Man O War 7.1 Wirless Headset

    Up for grabs is my mint condition set of Razer Man O War headset. I MIGHT have u sed them a total of 10 time. Very comfy just too big to wear out in pubic. This particular set retails for 170+, i'll let them go for 100+ shipping. I'll have photos posted shortly. Ebay feedback...
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    WTB: Dell S2716DG

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    FS Asus itx motherboard z97

    Used approximately 5 months. There was an issue with consistent startup. The computer would turn on but the monitor would not illuminate. I was able to negate these issues by simply pressing a few buttons at the time of startup and the computer would come on. This only occurred maybe 5/10 boots...
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    Custom white gaming mechanical keyboard Meka G1 Thermal take

    90$ Custom white key caps with blue accents to match the body. ebay = makavelli302 100% positive feedback
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    WTF Intel 1155 Sandy Bridge 2nd Gen

    My pc currently has an Intel G620 looking to make a decent upgrade in processor power without replacing my mobo. Looking for an i5 or i7 1155 socket 2nd gen sandy bridge.
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    FS - Compact Splash - The Ultimate SFF

    bump! will throw in two uv lights and psu cables
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    FS - Compact Splash - The Ultimate SFF

    this is as rare as they come! only 105 ever produced!
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    FS - Compact Splash - The Ultimate SFF

    Bump another drop let's get it sold
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    FS - Compact Splash - The Ultimate SFF

    its just for the case, sorry
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    FS - Compact Splash - The Ultimate SFF

    *Case only* I was lucky enough to obtain this case while kyle was offering the group purchase. The case is in amazing condition. Powder coated White case - white led power button - #32 - "Mak" name plate (I believe you can purchase a new name plate). If you have any questions feel free to visit...
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    Compact Splash - The ultimate SFF

    please delete forgot FS in title
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    GTX 970 RARE Limited Gold Edition

    bump who wouldn't want a stellar back plate and copper heatsink!!!!
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    Looking for a small cheap SSD Drive..

    I have an adata ssd 60 gb fs
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    GTX 970 RARE Limited Gold Edition

    Decided to part my pc out. Up for grabs is my limited edition gold GTX 970 made by MSI. The newegg feedback speaks for itself, this is a beast of a card. Feel free to ask me any questions. My feedback can be located here...