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    Let's just make it simple ... WallpaperMania!

    congratulations you cheat at online video games
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    Games you wish people still played...

    Frag.Ops (the mod for UT2004)
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    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Huh? Beyond the first 10 hours, FFTA didn't really have a story at all. Still, for some reason, I started to feel really attached to the crew that I built.
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    Free Game Thread!

    Cave Story rocks. Until you get to that tank boss in the labyrinth who never takes any damage at all.
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    Free Game Thread!

    You should also add everything by ABA GAMES, especially Parsec47 and rRootage. The website is in japanese, but it's obvious what to click, and once you are on the page of an individual game, you can turn it into engrish.
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    Do you think Xfire should support Mac?

    I think it should also support BeOS because there are some games for it.
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    Who do you want to see evaluated?

    tbh reviewing boxx tech is not the right thing to do here... remember, Boxx is not a consumer/gamer company. They are aimed at 2s/3d pros... Maybe when [H] Professional gets started. Also, for notebooks, you guys really can't reinvent the wheel. already exists, and it is way...
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    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is vaporware?

    The leaked Alpha a while back kicked ass. I remember dling it from IRC, and it actually ran on my r9500 at 1280x960, and still looked great. It crashed a lot, but it was an alpha...
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    New thread Zone for [H]ard Jobs?

    however, how many potential employers read GenMay?
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    FarCry question?

    You don't even have to kill the helicopter while you're on the carrier. It's much easier to jump off, swim for cover and then shoot the guy from there.
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    What have video games done for you?

    got me into mapping :)
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    iRiver G10... DS / PSP Killer?

    Guys, Sorry to say, but iRiver has confirmed that the G10 will be Korea-only. Makes sense though, since the type of WiFi it uses (WiBro) only exists over there...
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    iRiver G10... DS / PSP Killer?

    Didn't anyone notice the "WiBro" logo on it? That service isn't even available outside of Korea.
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    Infinium Labs plans to release their KB&Mouse to PC

    I've always thought that the lapboard was pretty awsome. It makes FPS on the console viable. I would buy 4 if they worked with the original Red Faction.
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    bought a new MX518 :cool:

    I still think that the paint job is the funniest thing ever.
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    First Revolution Screenshots

    Who cares. Even gamecube-level graphics are good enough. What counts is the gameplay. You guys really have to get out of the Sony/MS "more polygons = better game" mentality...
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    What we, the gamers, need.

    I agree with this thread. My DS is getting more gameplay than all my other platforms right now. Playing it on my TV would be awsome.
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    Civilization IV

    I havent played anything else. In the past month, that is.
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    14/14.1 or 15/15.4 inch screen for a PROGRAMMER STUDENT

    I code on my 15.4" Sony, but I am probably switching to a 14.1" Asus W3 soon.
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    *Not another which console thread*

    Super Smash Bros Melee. Best game ever.
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    I hate you.
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    My gaming experience just got about 10 inches bigger...

    I justed typed in powerspec lcd 30 in google and got some links, heres one:,1759,1784917,00.asp I got mine off of ebay for $899, but you can find them now for $799. Its not the best around, but its served me well and for the price I don't think you can...
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    PS2 Shooters

    Red Faction 1. That game was awsome. Also, the MP is fun as hell. Don't bother with the second part though.
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    CS and CS: Source res

    Back when I played CS 1.5/1.6 seriously, I played at 800x600 with a bunch of tweaks. Now, I play CS:S at 1280x1024, untweaked (except for removing the rain, cause that just annoys me)
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    "Sneak Peek" Weekend in General Mayhem!

    I don't get it. The link is locked again. However, has always been viewable. :confused:
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    What difficulty setting do you use?

    I usually start out on the hardest. HL2 on hard was a walk in the Park. FarCry on Realistic was doable. So were Q4, FEAR, etc.
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    Puget Systems Dual Core Custom @ [H]

    I guess he just noticed now. I agree though that the tech should stay anonymous. However, you should mention that its the same tech the entire time, or that its a different one.
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    Germany wants to COMPLETLY ban Violent video games

    Same as how Germany isn't what every American thinks it is. Some facts about Germany: - People live in houses, drive cars and buy their food at the supermarket - Our government is not a fascist one - Banning violent video games has NOTHING to do with WWII. Do a search on "bjps", it's...
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    Germany wants to COMPLETLY ban Violent video games

    Having lived in Germany, and currently living in Austria, I find this absolutely ridiculous. Also, I find it extremely funny how some people here make generalizations about a country that they know nothing of.
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    Oceans 11 meets EVE Online

    I remember there was another one where people basically promised to share battleship plans worth 750 mil, but then just transferred them money to a different char...
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    Puget Systems Dual Core Custom @ [H]

    One way you could let each costumer find their ideal system would be this, though it would take some time to implement: Have a database of what each system scored in each category. Then, have a site where the user can define his maximum price, and say how much he values each criteria. Maybe...
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    Nintendo to target urban demographic

    I disagree. Heck, I could spend hours just cruising through the countryside on a motorcycle.
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    Nintendo to target urban demographic

    All of this urban stuff is a load of shit. If nintendo thinks that even 1% of their "urban" audience does drive-bys and beats up hookers in real life, they have never been in an urban area. NBA Street was a great game. Not because it was targeted at the same guys who listen to Snoop Dogg...
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    Revolution: HD Discussion Thread

    who cares. No HD cuts down costs, which Nintendo wants to do. Lower costs for them = lower price for us. Noone likes a 400 dollar console.
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    Final Fantasy X voicing

    I thought Rikku was very well Done. Yunas voice really fit her diligent character, but wasnt anything exciting. The way she acted matched her voice though. But honestly, everytime I heard Tidus speak, I just wanted to punch him right through the TV.
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    Ventrilo or Teamspeak

    TS is just a million times better. - It only sounds like ass if the person configuring it has no clue what they're doing - It can be costumized in almost every way - 999999999 slots (add a few digits if you need them) - At least in europe, everyone else uses it. Half the people I know dont...
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    some NFS:MW pics i took :P (56k warning)

    Holy crap the bloom is overdone!
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    Getting desired resolutions in FEAR. w/pics

    Considering how many people have 1280x1024 LCDs, I find it amazing that some devs still havent added it.
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    Having problems with Snake Eater

    Use the infrared goggles (or it was the other ones, I forgot) to see his footsteps. Then, just shoot him with a real gun.
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    Orgasm Girl

    Lol, even the first "level" is impossible.