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    I want to try LED light strip but I've read complaints they caught on fire

    I went with a nzxt blue kit similar to the one you mentioned, no issues so far running it about 1.6 years.
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    Xbox One X Pre-Orders Reportedly Launch This Weekend

    I would get one if they had Halo launch with it, same thing happening to this new one. No release games. I made the mistake of getting an Xbox one and not having anything worthwhile to play on it. Wont happen again.
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    ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

    Looking forward to Quake Champions
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    What brand 1080?

    I have had good luck with Gigabyte
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    Battlefield 1 System Specs

    I wonder how playable my 6500 and 1070 will be
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    Gigabyte GA-Z170X-Gaming3

    Gigabyte Technology GA-Z170X-Gaming 3 Link above, sent original in for repair and gigabyte replaced it, selling the replacement.
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    FS: Bose Solo 15 Sound Stand Series II

    Sold. thank you
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    Gigabyte 980 Xtreme Gaming Gigabyte GV-N980XTREME-4GD

    Sold! got 300 shipped from a bidder after it didn't hit reserve!
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    GA-Z170-Gaming3 audio issues

    feel free to close this, it turns out it was my speakers. Swapped them out and they cut out off my chromebook! Not sure what the alarm was but I dont think it was related to the audio
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    Gigabyte 980 Xtreme Gaming Gigabyte GV-N980XTREME-4GD

    It looks like its going for a fair price, ive moved to a 1070 so just looking to recoup some of the cost since april
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    Is this a 'OK' mobo for a 6600k/6700k/overclocking? (Gigabyte GA-Z170XP-SLI or another?)

    Looks like that board can overclock for you. Also check the support or QVL to see if that memory is supported. It should work. Good luck! Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI Motherboard Review GIGABYTE Z170XP-SLI (Intel Z170) Motherboard Review
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    Gigabyte 980 Xtreme Gaming Gigabyte GV-N980XTREME-4GD

    Gigabyte 980 Xtreme Gaming Gigabyte Ebay
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    GTX 1080 now or wait for Vega?

    Thanks good idea, I like the idea of the step up as well.
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    GTX 1080 now or wait for Vega?

    I am trying to get one now, waiting for Newegg to stock them Gigabyte or Asus
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    Gigabyte Xtreme 1080 Issue

    what are your system specs? PSU in good order?
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    GA-Z170-Gaming3 audio issues

    I have a problem with my GA-Z170 gaming 3 and am looking to see if I have missed something. Saturday during a game of overwatch the audio alarm on the motherboard started emitting a constant beep. No big deal I thought a shutdown and restart seemed to fix it. Now randomly the audio of the...
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    FS: Bose Solo 15 Sound Stand Series II

    Selling a brand new still sealed Bose Solo 15 Series II Sound system - 300$
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    Mobo won't post in dual-channel mode

    I would check out the motherboard for some type of damage, this might sound wierd but we had a mouse poop on a dell motherboard. After that it would only boot on all slots except for the one with the mouse poop
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    Max of $350 to spend on a new GPU...spend it for me

    I would say for that price range you should look to getting an AIB RX 480, It does not seem like the 1070 is in stock anywhere and if it is I have not seen one that does not exceed your budget. The 1060 might be worth waiting for as it looks to be in your budget. Like others have said ...
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    WTB cheap laptop / ultrabook

    a cheap Chromebook 200 or less with an i3 might suffice . you should be able to install linux on them
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    Battle of i5 6600k vs overclock or not.

    Felt like it was the natural upgrade since the 2500k was aging to me. As for the mobo the GA-Z170-Gaming 3 had all the features I needed, the ability to OC somewhere down the line, fan headers, M.2 capabilities . For me I like to be in the 130-150$ range. I had an old gigabyte P67x-UD3-B3...
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    Battle of i5 6600k vs overclock or not.

    I was in a similar situation. I had an I5 2500k setup for 5 years that I built in 2011. It was nice but i never really overclocked it and to me the performance was just fine. This time around I did get the 6500 non k and think I will be just fine. I did get the hyper212 evo just for fun and...
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    Upgrade old laptop, or buy new?

    Do you do gaming with it? If all you do is Internet and Chrome, how about a chromebook for less than 200$ Super responsive for the price
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    Google Play Music and Bluetooth

    This works exactly like this on my Motorola Droid Turbo and my last galaxy s5
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    Official NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Announcement @ [H]

    Nice card, now I have to figure out what route to go to get out of my 980 either 1070 or 1080, this 1060 is in a nice sweet spot and looks like it would be good for budget oriented builds.
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    AMD Radeon RX 480 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Looks like a good mid range 1080p budget oriented card
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    Gigabyte z170mx fan control

    Found this in the manual under the sys fans "Fan Speed Percentage Allows you to control the fan speed. This item is configurable only when 2nd System Fan Speed Control is set to Manual. Options are: 0.75 PWM value /o C ~ 2.50 PWM value /o C." Not sure but it sounds like its pwm
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    Microsoft Tweaks Activation Rules For Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    This would make sense, all of the people who go to big box stores or prebuilts would never really buy an OS if it did not come with their new pc anyways
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    Gigabyte z170mx fan control

    Interesting since it does seem inconsistent, for example Fan 3 and 1 do not have 0 and 10% and Fan 2 doesn't have 0-30 at least for mine anyways.
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    Gigabyte z170mx fan control

    So your saying that the 4 pin headers are just 4 pin and do not support PWM?
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    Gigabyte z170mx fan control

    I use bios and siv to control my fans on a gigabyte z170. All headers are pwm on my Gaming 3.
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    74% of Netflix Subscribers Would Rather Cancel Than See Ads

    This is funny, is netflix not making a profit right now? I just can't see why the price has to go up if the selection quality is the same as its always been. If they are making profit than its hard for me to see any price increase or adds as more money in someones pocket.
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    Asus Z170-A network

    I have heard of this before but i am a little foggy on a known fix, might be a fresh OS install fixed it. Out of curiosity does it do it with any browser? Just Microsoft IE or Chome as well? You could get an install file off another pc/flash drive and try that.
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    Vive/oculus pc build help.

    I agree a good 970 for 180$ is a fair bang for buck at this point. But that is last Gen, the 1070s will/should hover around 400$. From what I gather about the R9 480 for 200-225 is claimed to be faster than a 970 and 980 but not as fast as the 1070 and 1080. All of which should be substantial...
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    Vive/oculus pc build help.

    I would go with a GTX 1070 if you could, also for 200$ the AMD R9 480 is launching next month i believe. Not sure about the cpu usage in overwatch, using windows tm mine says it is using 40% while ingame on a i5 6500
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    Will the H100 work with LGA 1151 (6700K)?

    It looks like it should fit in the top of that case with no problems! Good luck!
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    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Official Trailer

    I am looking forward to this, it was the only reason why I got a Wii U. Unfortunately they keep pushing it back i have felt it was never going to happen
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    Just replayed Quake IV

    I could not get into the multiplayer, this is coming from hundreds of hours of q2/q3a in my youth
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    Quake Reboot From Id Software Could Be Teased At E3

    i am excited, I think most of my gaming as a youth was spent playing Quake 2:) I am all for any new "good" competitive multiplayer