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    Quake Champions' Visor Wall Hacks is an Ability

    It's free to play but they've stated that you'll have the ability to purchase the game and get all champions, including future ones (that last part might not be set in stone).
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    AMD [H]ardOCP FX GamExperience Coverage

    I happen to know the Asian girl sitting at the eyefinity setup. She's quite a good gamer, actually.
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    AMD [H]ardOCP FX GamExperience Coverage

    Had an amazing time! BF3 tourney was seriously intense. We got second, losing by only 3 kills. Congrats to the guys on Delta squad for beating us (Charlie squad) in the finals!!
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    January 2012 AMD HardOCP FX GamExperience

    Had a great time at the event; can't wait to go again next year. It's really a shame the machines running the bf3 tourneys were having so much trouble though.