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    new BFG 6800GT overclock decent?

    well i got a new bfg 6800gt oc today, got if for 276 with my employee acomidations. so far i have it overclocked to 415mhz core and 1120 on the memory, now i know the stock retail bfg dual fan heatsinks are known not to be great performers. would i benefit by going with a artic cooling...
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    ocz ia using the samsung ram found in the corsair 3200xl

    i think its there 3500 and 3700 is this true ?
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    OCC lan 04

    OCC ( is holding its annual lan july17-18 registration is required 20$ prepay or 25$ at the door we have seating and power for 200 people. last years midnight prize was a vapochill, and we also gave hourly door prizes and tournament...
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    finally got a mobo for my 3400+

    i ordered the msi platnuim 250gb going to pair it with a x800pro (already have) 2x80gig maxtor SATA drives, gig of corsairs pc3200xl. what do yall think is this a good mobo decison runing my 3.0c@4.0ghz on a sp94 tornado ic7max3, but i want better gaming performance so im finnaly going to...
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    distilled water, water wetter ?

    would i need to add any thing else to prevent bactiera and algea? and if so what ? right now im running 3% watter wetter to water
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    far cry load level error

    ok so i got far cry tonight and made it to the reasearch entrance and got load level error. now after this i lost all my save check points. this really sucks. anyone else have this problem?
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    corsair pro 3200ll whats chips?

    well i got some 3200ll pro xms tonight and i really like it its doing 430ddr 30mhz past its stock voltage of 400mhz? ive gathered its winbond chips but is it some good hand picked ch5 it wont do cas2 2-2-6 but the stock cas2 -2-3-6 is soild at the overclocked speeds, or could it be winbond bh5...
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    check this keyboard out man this is one sweet keyboard lil pricey thou