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    Fan Problem on XFX 8800GT

    Anyone else have this problem? The two blue wires on the fan of my XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog Edition aren't actually connected, so the fan always spins at 100%. I received my card from NewEgg a couple days ago. The fan sounded like it was spinning at a constant 100%. I couldn't get anything to...
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    Need oringal installation CD(s) for Creative SB AWE64

    I've got a Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA PNP card running in an older system (so that I can play older DOS/Win 3.1 games) and I need the original application CD(s) that came with it to install the Win 3.1 utilities, like the MediaRack software. I've got the driver's from Creative's website...
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    ATI Capture Drivers

    He's probably right. It will only display media functions (video playback, TV) to the primary monitor. If you have dual monitors, you can try reassigning your monitors, #1 to the AIW, #2 to the 9500.
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    How to clean My tubing?

    This thread was a good read.