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    Pair of socket 771 HSFs needed for WCG

    I need a pair of HSFs for a naked board I'm looking to bring online. Its a pair of L5420s so the TDP is low. My zip is 66208.
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    2 PC Power and Cooling Silencer Mk II 950 watt power supplies Great condition, just cut the number of PCs I have and don't need these. Ends 12/25.
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    Bryce's FS Thread

    Temporarily reducing the number of machines I have so lots of stuff for sale I will add to this as I go through things I have a large amount of memory. I want to sell it as a lot. $95 shipped. ($15 price drop) Adata - DDR2-800 2GB (2x1GB) Kingston DDR3 khx1600c9d3k2/8gx 8GB (2x4GB) Kingston...
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    Asus Dual C32 Board and 2 4176HE CPUs + AMD 5850

    I have the following for sale and for personal reasons it needs to go fast: Asus KCMA-D8 Dual C32 motherboard with 2 AMD 4176HE CPUs. CPUs are 6 real cores at 2.4 Ghz and 65w TDP - $320 shipped for the lot. (I'll include HSF's as well). XFX Black Edition 5850 video card that needs a new fan...
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    The free ride is over!

    Just got an email from HP about the cloud services beta beginning to charge. The largest 8 Core virtual machine will cost $1.28 an hour. Probably not a good option for folding. ;) Basically pricing scales with memory. It works out to $.04 per hour per gig. With memory amounts preset.
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    WTB - Quiet Socket 771 HSF

    Title says it all, I know there aren't a ton of options, but hopefully someone has something. :) Otherwise I'm rig something up. CPUs are L series so the TDP is only 50w each. Water cooling really isn't an option since this is going to be in my Norco storage server. I'm looking to hopefully...
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    More life for C32/G34

    Over at Anandtech there is a story about the upcoming AMD road map. One interesting tidbit is that the G2012 socket is on hold and C32 and G34 will be getting Piledriver based CPUs. No changes in core count still a max of 8 on C32 and 16 on G34 I'm loving the lifespan of the platform...
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    FS 2 BFG GTS250 1GB

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    I'm Back

    After a long break, I'm back. I never left WCG, but I've been away from FAH for awhile. Picked up a couple of GTS250s that I just got up and running this evening with the GPU client. I haven't touched the cards yet from an overclocking perspective. What is a good target to hit on the shaders...
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    AMD Opteron 4000 Platform

    Thread in front page news Depending on motherboard availability looks like an interesting platform at a much lower cost than hexacore Intel CPUs. Sweet spot seems to be 6 core 2.6ghz Opteron 4180 for $188. Of course the motherboard quality is going to be the big question. Supermicro has a...
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    FS 2 9800GX2, 6 9800GSO, 1 8800GS

    I unfortunately need to ramp down my farm to cover some other unexpected bills (Taxes, and a larger than expected hospital bill for our new baby). More will come but the first things on the plate are the following. All cards should be considered bare cards only, all work perfectly for folding...
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    FS: Tons of stuff moving to a rackmount setup

    Ok, I will be adding to this thread a lot over the next couple of days as I pull items out. We have a new baby on the way, and it's time to clear out some things and grab a little cash in preparation for the big event. All prices include shipping unless otherwise noted. I will be adding pictures...
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    Low profile cooler needed for a 2U case

    I'm building a dual-ITX system into a 2U case, one thing I've been stuck on is the what would make a good cooler. I'm looking for something that can cool a Q9400. I'm using Zotac 7100 based motherboards. I'll post pics of the system when I'm done with it.
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    9800GX2s in stock 13 as of last count....;)
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    Bleepity, bleep, p6n diamond

    So what i thought was a power supply problem with my P6N Diamond and its refusal to boot with 4 GPUs installed does not appear to be the case. After replacing the OCZ Gamextreme 700w PSU I had a with a Corsair 750TX it still refuses to boot with 4 GPUs installed. If I take out one of them it...
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    Power Supply blow out 7 power supplies, 1 money

    So I've been consolidating my farm and don't need all the power supplies I accumulated in the past. All of these power supplies were working when retired. I'm looking to sell them as a single lot so that shipping is consolidated and they are out of my hair as quickly as possible. Looking for...
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    GPU Performance Trends - Or buying GPUs now for future PPD

    So the obvious sweet spot right now for GPU folding is on the Nvidia side using G92 based GPUs. There have been some allusions in other threads about how the PPD for G92 based GPUs will drop as newer more complex proteins are released. With that thought in mind. What are the relative...
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    So I got a Mac Mini today....

    So after starting off with an AppleTV as a media extender, I decided I wanted a more flexible solution and picked up a Mac Mini off ebay. It is a 1.83ghz Core2 model. Now this afternoon I see stories that Apple has to informed retailers not to expect any more Mac Mini shipments. The...
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    Is my 680i motherboard useful again using the new GPU client?

    I have a 680i motherboard that has 2 16x and 1 16x(8x electrical) slots. I was thinking that I could start off with 3 9600GSO cards. The way the slots are spaced I could also upgraded 3 9800gx2's at some point. But spending less $200 to get to 15k points a day out of one box is really...
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    2 Abit IB-9 Motherboards

    Purchased several months ago from another member, but I never got around to setting them up. Now there is a new baby on the way, so I really don't have the option to set them up at this point. Looking for $70 shipped for both.
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    Drivers needed for Supermicro AOC-SAT2-MV8

    This is insane. I bought a used AOC-SAT2-MV8 and now I can't track down drivers for XP. I did not get the install CD and supermicro doesn't seem to have them on their website. Anyone have a link?
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    KVM's for the [H]orde

    I recently acquired a fancy KVM (Avocent Autoview2000) and no longer need my other KVM's so here they are: KVM #1 Hawking HKS112AU - 2 computers with integrated cables. Has connections for VGA, PS/2 and audio on the KVM, the cables to the computers have VGA and USB connections and audio...
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    Completely Unofficial/Unsanctioned WCG Thread

    Ok at Jon855's request I'm moving the conversation about which team is the correct team to this thread along with some background info. Background: When shut down many of the team members who were running started looking for a replacement project. The logical choice...
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    New Google checkout coupon $20 off $60

    Just got an email for a new Google checkout deal at It was for $20 off $60 and is good through 4/6. So far I only see it on one of my google checkout accounts but don't forget to check your spam folder!
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    FS - Lots of CPUs, motherboards, powersupplies, hard drives, memory

    Terms: My heatware is under All items are guaranteed no DOA unless otherwise noted. All prices including shipping unless otherwise noted. I except PayPal. Please PM me with any questions you may have. SFF/Motherboards/CPUS: 4 AMD S754 Sempron 3100+ HSF - $30 each...
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    Functional equivalents to Microsoft HomeServer

    I've just started playing around with the Release Candidate for Windows HomeServer and was wondering if there any other solutions out there provided same ease of set-up and capabilities such as centralized back-up and restore.
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    Bryce's Single Core Blowout

    Terms: My heatware is under All items are guaranteed no DOA unless otherwise noted. All prices including shipping unless otherwise noted. I except PayPal. Please PM me with any questions you may have. For Sale: UPS's/Power Supplies: APC Smart UPS 1500 Model SUA1500...
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    Strange error message in SMP

    This is the error message I got when my box attempted to send back the results from its first work unit. Error: Length of work/wrresults.01dat (7394306) exceeds packet limit set (5241856)
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    Good sources for replacement UPS Batteries?

    I have had a rash of UPS go bad in the last 6 months and I was wondering what a good source for replacement batteries was.
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    Socket A and 940 clearence

    My heatware is under All items are guaranteed no DOA unless otherwise noted. All prices including shipping unless otherwise noted. I except PayPal. Please PM me with any questions you may have. SFF/Motherboards/CPUS: 1 256MB Registered ECC DDR(Crucial) $20 Luck of...
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    Any Dual 940 boards that overclock?

    I just picked up a pair of 246's on an impluse and if the MB I got with them doesn't work. (it was dirt cheap) are there any dual 940 MBs that have OC options?
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    Bryce's Basement Cleaning

    Ok I have the following parts for sale: 1 Celeron D340 2.93ghz, Socket 478 never OC'd comes with ThermalTake TR2-M12 HSF $55 shipped 1 Chaintech MPM800-3 Socket 478 MicroATX motherboard MPM800-3 specs here $35 shipped Fans 8 80 MM Panaflo FBA08A12L (24 CFM at 21db) 3 Pin Tail $4...
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    PNY 512MB PC3200 $9.99 + Shipping AR at Tiger Direct

    Yes it is Tiger Direct so if you don't like rebates from TD just move on. Supposedly they have cleaned up their act. linky $49.99-$30 rebate - $10 rebate = $9.99 AR + shipping
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    Looking for a race to 300K

    I'm currently producing about 250 PPD but have more firepower on the way. Current points are about 226k. Who wants to race? And the race is on:
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    looking into farming

    I'm looking into setting up a farm and have one main question. What motherboards support booting from a network? Right now I haven't setteled on using AMD or Intel procs so give me some options. Thanks
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    P180 Antech Tri-Cool Question

    Has anyone else had problems with the stock Antec fans not starting on the low or medium settings? If I set the fans to the low setting they never start and only 1 out of 2 starts at the medium setting.
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    Installing Zalman CNPS7700 on K8N Platinum SLI

    Ok I have a stupid question, do I actually need to remove the factory installed backplate and replace it with the Zalman supplied backplate and standoffs?
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    Slightly OT - Cooling an entertainment center

    I need some help cooling my entertainment so far I've cooked three of the cable companies DVRs but now I've bought my own ReplayTV and I don't want to cook it. I thought about getting some 120mm 120 v AC fans but the only ones I could find had noise ratings of around 40 db, way to loud for my...
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    I don't think I'm going to pass Celerator

    Well after Celerator's posts stating I was going to blow by him it looks like that won't come to pass. Because Celerator has been putting on D like crazy! Go man. Also who is the Dr. Cleetus guy and where did he come from? He is moving up fast keep up the good work! On a personal note, I...