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    Do All Gigabyte Brix Iterations Accept a 2.5" Drive?

    Gigabyte made a few different Brix systems using the exact case and form-factor as seen below. I have seen some of them mentioned as having a 2.5" drive bracket on the underside of the upper part of the case. However, in Gigabyte's documentation for many of the models that use this version of...
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    What Mini ITX Card Would Perform Better Than a GTX660?

    I'm wondering what the modern mini ITX equivalent of my gtx660 would be.
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    Cheap 43"-50" TVs with Matte/Anti-Glare?

    Do these exist currently (OEM)?
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    Smallest Case for 250w On-board Psu; (2) 2.5" HDDs; No GPU?

    Asked in SFF, & it seems no options exist under ~7L. Am I missing anything out there? I'm not wanting an external power brick.
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    Smallest Case for 250w On-board Psu; 2 HDDs; No GPU?

    Looking for a small air-cooled solution for a system without discrete graphics. I see there are some ~7L options with on-board PSU (no external power brick), that can fit big GPUs. What's the smallest case I can use to fit my specific requirements? edit: m.2 drives will not be an option. Thanks
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    Aftermarket VA Display for Thinkpad?

    I really prefer VA displays for my purposes. I have an older, 11.6" Thinkpad and I'm wondering if there might be a compatible VA display out there I could install. Any pointers (no pun intended)? Thanks
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    Budget 250-500 gig SSD Recommendation Needed (not M.2)

    Last time I was in the market, I know the Evo drives had issues with significant performance degradation (while the drive was being raved about elsewhere). Is that still an issue? What are people (in the know) recommending in this category? Looking to spend under $145.
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    Good Rec on a Non-Wireless Small Printer/Scanner

    I would prefer a non-wireless setup for certain reasons. Does anyone happen to have a good recommendation? It's a little tough to weed through all the wireless out there now, but looking for a more compact setup that can scan multiple pages and take on small print jobs. TIA
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    CM Elite 130 - 3.5" + Front Radiator Support?

    I'm considering using this case with a 120mm radiator, however, I realize the front 3.5" drive mount may need to be given up for water-cooled. Can someone please inform me how much clearance is available for fan(s)/radiator in the front of the case before the 3.5" front location must be given...
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    Dell XPS 13 - Mandatory Glossy on i7 Model?

    I thought I found my dream laptop for a minute, but it seems they are only offering up to i5 in their matte, non-touch display this year! Dangit! Is it possible there will be more processor options for this year's model? I believe it was only released fairly recently.
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    Anti-Glare Gorilla Glass on Laptops?

    Is this being done yet? I've not seen any mention of it, but seems like a great solution, especially for touchscreen users, who hate glare.
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    Samsung Magician 4.5: No More Optimization Scheduler?

    It seems they did away with this feature at some point (I know it was there last year), right? If so, I just can't figure out why they would do that.
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    Confused About Stock Over Provisioning on 840 Drives

    I read Samsung's article here: "Users with large SSDs (250GB+) will likely not use all of the available space on their drives as long as they are not storing large amounts of photos...
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    Need a USB 3.0 Thumbdrive Rec

    Looking for the following: *small, but not tiny *In the neighborhood of 16gb *decently fast read/write (definitely faster than 40/20) *capless design <$50
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    Browser Workaround for Youtube Failure to Pre-load?

    I'm on Firefox, but it seems a lot of browsers are having issues with this and I'm sure most of you have experienced it. Pause a video and it will no longer load in its entirety. The closest thing to a fix is to change to "I have a slow connection..." in settings-->playback. Then...
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    Analog or DAC?

    I have a z68 itx MB with a Realtek ALC892 audio chipset. I'm currently running my 2 channel amp via a 3.5mm to rca cable, and I'm wondering if I could gain any quality by instead using a DAC such as the FiiO D3.
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    Help Please - Removed GPU, now having Problems

    I had an issue with my GPU/MB where I was getting aberrations, so I removed the GPU to use the onboard graphics, but I've been having some unexplained issues since then: 1) I no longer have the option of putting the system in sleep mode 2) I get error messages trying to play video in MPC-HC...
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    Buying Considerations for Running a SATA III SSD on a SATA II PC

    I'm considering an SSD for my netbook which is SATA II. I'm wondering what specs will make the biggest difference in performance considering I only have SATA II. Is there a point of diminishing returns on such a setup? If so, where might it be? Netbook is a couple years old ASUS 1001PX...
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    GPU Seating Issues

    I'm using an MSI 560 Ti on a ASRock ITX MB. Things have been fine until recently when I took the system apart for cleaning and removed most of the components. Upon putting the system back together, I got a bunch of aberrations such as uniform vertical lines/squares, etc across the screen...
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    Monitor-as-TV Setup, a few Questions

    I have a monitor that I'd like to use as a TV, and I'm considering getting this (or a similar external tuner): My Q's: + Does the fact that my monitor supports 1920 x 1200 make a difference in what tuner I should get? + What...
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    Free Anti-Virus Needed for Parents

    I was going to go with MSE since it doesn't seem to need to be re-registered and is popular on this site. Any other suggestions? I know the re-registering bit is a little ridiculous, but it's just one less thing to go wrong.
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    What's Your Home Security Setup?

    Just curious what kind of setups people are using. It's on the fringe, but I would also consider backup as part of a security plan. I'm using Avast Free along with EaseUS Todo Backup free. Avast seems to be doing a good job, but just in case, I've got a "starter" image along with an...
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    Tips for 2 ch Near-Field Speaker Placement?

    I have a 24" monitor that I sit approx. arm's length from. Are there any tips for the placement of two small stereo speakers (approx. 4" drivers, 3/4" soft dome tweets)?
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    Any Rec's for an Xbox Controller?

    Just wondering if anyone has found a design that they like better than the OEM one.
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    ~$300 to Spend on a New Card

    -I most likely will not be using a 2560x monitor -Card must be <10in. -Quiet/cool are important -Must work with a 36A 12V rail, 450w PSU (rest of system: mITX, 2500k, 1hdd, 1odd, 2 120mm fans) Any suggestions?
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    Anything Tricky About Direct 2 Drive Downloads?

    I recently downloaded a game on amazon that turned out to need Steam, but this wasn't in the advertising. Is it the same deal with Direct 2 Drive? Any additional programs required to play the games downloaded from their site?
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    Samsung Laser Printer Smells

    I bought a small form factor samsung, which is toner-efficient and perfect for my uses, but this thing really smells when it works. I'm fairly sensitive to odors and this is a big problem for me. Is this pretty much going to be the case with any small laser printer? Does anyone have a good...
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    New (to me) Monitor Makes Popping Noises

    I've owned a few dell monitors: a U2711, a 2407wfp, and now a 3007wfp, and this most recent monitor is the only one that has ever made loud popping/snapping sounds. The best way I could describe the sound would be if one were to flick the plastic casing hard with their finger nail. It's loud...
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    Can Fan Filter Medium Be Purchased Alone In Sheets?

    If so, does anyone know where? Thanks
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    Choice Between These 2 Fans

    I need a new 120 for my HSF and I've got it boiled down to these two. Price being equal, which should I go with? Am I missing a better model in the <$15 range (must be PWM)? TIA