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    Tales of a diehard CRT holdout, FW900 withdrawal and a newly acquired FG2421

    A few years back, I was lucky enough to find one of those coveted GDM-FW900s on the local craigslist, so I went over and nabbed it ASAP. All was well for a year, having a FW900 with none of the usual color drift that plagues FD Trinitrons like that these days, but then it blew on me and forced...
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    Kinesis Freestyle Edge

    I was surprised to see that nobody had posted about this yet, so here I go. There's still a few days left on their Kickstarter: I've actually been looking for a split keyboard option with mechanical keyswitches that won't break the bank for a while now, and this might just be the ticket...
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    COMPOUND - retraux VR FPS

    I figure I should give this game a little shout-out since while it's still in development and a very basic game at the moment, it's quite fun for what it is even at this stage. Even so, the developer's active and has some big updates in the works, going by the comments on the game page...