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    Incoming CSF WCG / GPUGRID challenges

    Hi all I noticed two challenges issued by team CSF : - Crunchathlon WCG Race VII : - Crunchathlon GPUGrid Race X : Already lots of teams registered, Gilthanis, could you sign us...
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    Congratulations to kenlo - 500 M in

    I guess everything is in the thread title, warm congratulations to the second [H]ard cruncher to make it up to this milestone. (I hope I will be the third one, though Dookey may mow me somewhere in the process ;))
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    Congrats to Patriot - 500M in GPUGrid !

    I guess everything is in the tile, that's a tremendous achievement in itself, and regarding the time it took to get there... Patriot, what's your target for the 1 billion mark ?
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    Nvidia firmware flashing utility for Linux

    Hi guys, EVGA RMAed my dead GTX 770, and I was surprised to see that the new card was running like 15 degrees colder with 15% less fan speed. After looking closer, it appears the difference is due to a BIOS/firmware update. It's changing a lot the noise profile of the room where my riggery...
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    FAH new Ocores with AVX support

    Guys, I know that the poor project management of FAH has driven most of us out of this DC project. However, there is some technical excitment coming in terms of bio computing. In case you haven't checked the thread in the beta section of FF, below the description that was made by Jesse_V...
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    Welcome back, tear !

    Dear all, It appears tear posted a 337k update. A warm welcome back, Sir !
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    AnandTech Supermicro quad 4650L review

    You may to read this review at AnandTech, showing that very few programs can correctly take advantage of a 4P under Windows. No big surprise. However there is an interesting part to quote : I like the so-called "obscure buyers" part :D:D:D
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    Z9PE-D8-WS Rig cannot POST after GTX770 install

    Dear all I received my 2 x GTX 770 tonight. I stopped the rig, removed power cord, removed old GT430 and installed GTX 770 #1 in PCIE slot 7 (linked to CPU 2) and GTX 770 #2 in PCIE. First boot stuck with Q code 94 eg "PCI Bus enumeration". Let's try some other PCI lanes : same results...
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    Linux Core 17 - situation in June 2013

    Now that Core 17 works on Linux I am considering some GPU folding. Easiest way would be to add GPUs to my signature rig. I did some trials with my old GT430 : it folds under Ubuntu 12.04 with latest nvidia-current drivers.Though it's not worth it since the hundred PPDs gained on GT430 are far...
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    Back to folding

    Hello guys Just to let you know my rig finally made it to my new home, and my 2P is back online ! Nicolas
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    [Phoronix] - AMD Shutting down Operating System Research Center ?

    Phoronix has been reporting that AMD have been downsizing engineers responsible of maintenance of Linux kernel components like the AMD cpufreq/powernow components, AMD microcode, and other CPU-focused areas. Phoronix, usually well informed on what happens in Germany, is wondering if the...
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    Project 8101 DDR3 1600 vs DDR3 1333 data

    From what I read, there has been some speculation that project 8101 favours the faster memory, which would explain why it has been reported 62xx perform better than 61xx on this project. I found out that my 1600 MHz RAM was running at 1333 MHz (DDR Auto in BIOS) on my LGA 2011 rig . I paused...