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    Am I the only one ...

    who's atkexcomsvc service has a memory leak? I've had it hit 1 gig before. Running a P8P67 Deluxe, Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I've installed, uninstalled, patched the AI suite, etc and it still does it. Anyone? Yes I'm running the AI suite from the website and tried the one that came on...
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    HyperV and VT-d

    I'm looking to build a new workstation to use with HyperV and would like the motherboard/chipset to fully support VT-d. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Receiver and gaming 5.1

    Since my Klipsch Ultras are hissing I'm looking at all options to replace them. A lot of the people on this forum are suggesting getting a HTIB solution. That seems fine but I have one problem with it. On my 2nd computer I have an Audigy 2 ZS hooked up to the receiver I use for movies via...
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    filco question

    I'm currently using an IBM membrane keyboard and I'm looking to upgrade to a much better one. The problem is that I'm not sure which type of switch would be best for me. I would like something that has a similar feel to it so I'd think a Black Switch would be best but then I read about how...