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    HTPC upconvert

    What all do you need for an HTPC in order to make it upconvert DVD's just like a high end DVD player?
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    Just bought NFSU:2 Need help

    I have played and played and played this game all weekend. It really is addicting. I have 3 questiosn however. 1. Is there really a point to "style"? It seems like the more ugly you make your car, the more "style" points you get, I seriously have a hard time bringing myself to putting...
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    Best Battlefield 2 Unlocked Weapon

    There is tons of talk of what weapons are actually worth unlocking, so lets help each other out and vote your class favorite unlock weapon.
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    amazing... installing BF 2 automatically installs Aimbot!! Guide on how to!!!!

    Its true!!!! I even wrote up a manual on how to install Aimbot. 1. Install BF2 2. Click "sign on" 3. Read "Wrong password" 4. Click ok 5. Click "sign on" 6. Read "Wrong Password" for the second time 7. Click ok 8. Click Sign on.... wait... wait.... wait.... wait...
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    Having Everquest 1 withdrawls

    Anyone who played the game knows what I'm talking about. Its been a good 4 to 5 years since i played it and for some reason i am feeling this itch... to play it. By now the game is so complex and stupid its pointless to play. Everquest 2 was boring. WOW was boring. Guildwars is cool, but...
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    Guild Wars: How to treat your NECRO well.

    1. Monks, Heal my pets before anyone else. 2. Say thank you everytime i cast a spell on someone/something. 3. Tanks, if you have only 5% health and you see that I have 80% health, jump in front of anything moving. Show me you care. 4. When you die, dont forget to say thank you. Show...
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    [H]ardforum current Guildwars guild members ONLY

    We need some kind of way of keeping up with who is at what lvl and what class. That way we can find group members from the guild alot easier. So anyone who is in the Hardforum guild post your name/lvl/class here. When you feel like updating your current lvl(or make a new character) just edit...
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    5 1/4 Bay Coolers

    My Lian Li Aquarium case only supports two from 80mm fans and one rear 80mm fan. I have found that even after swapping out for higher quality fans, the airflow is not sufficient. I cannot cut the side panel because of the aquarium case i have. I have been looking for solutions. Lately i...
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    ATI "Fudo" R520 Benchmarks released!!!

    No, just kidding. Yes, that is my prediction(as well as many others here I'm sure) of what will happen April 1st. It happens every year. Some kid always sets up a website with "benchmarks". I just figured i would start the post. When someone does release the "benchmarks" i will be...
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    2.4C overclock

    ok, I have had this 2.4C for over a year and a half now. My original Setup was: 2.4C stock heatsink IS7 2x256 corsair 3200 XMS ram Vantec Ion Power supply 420w Geforce 4 Ti 4600 my highest stable overclock was fsb 260 with a 5:4 or 3:2 ratio. The only problem, is 261 would not even...
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    2048mb of pure TCCD goodness

    i just ordered 4 sticks of 512 TCCD :cool:
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    Software that will help install generic programs for my work

    At my work i am the main network technician, so i am the one who sets up every computer (we have over a thousand) every week i have to do at least 10 machines. After i install Windows XP and windows updates I have an assortment of programs to install. Anyone know of a way i can install...
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    I have used MX1000,MX510,MX700,MX310,Razer Diamondback, My Review

    Ok guys, this mouse war thing is stupid. Everyone is stating that whatever mouse they have at that time is the best, its really rediculous. You cannot say say that you have the best unless you have tried them all. I for one have finally been exposed to the MX1000 to give a quick opinion on...
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    Dothan Pentium M Extreme Overclock

    anyone here have a Pentium M with some kind of Extreme Cooling? Or know of any websites that might have it. I may make a Pentium M my next setup as they are getting 2.0 @ 2.6 on stock air cooling and getting VERY good benchmarks. I wanted to see what upping the cooling a little might do :cool:
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    Got new mouse, doing weird things

    ok, i have a new razer diamondback. It doesnt read Func mousepads well first off. Second if i move the mouse slightly left and right the mouse gradually moves to the up and to the left. Anyone got any ideas on how i can fix this? some kind of mouse tweak maybe that makes moving to the left...
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    2x512 BH5 or 2x512 4400

    I'm trying to decide between getting Muskin lvl 2 bh5 or XMS Corsair 4400. Which is the better ram to have for a 2.4C p4? or just better ram in general.
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    Does anyone do this?

    I have a quick question. For the past 2 years i have been absolutely stoked about HL2 and Doom 3 to come out, along with other games. There are SOOO many good games out now, that i will not buy. Not because I'm low on money, but because i bought another MMORPG(everquest 2). Everytime i get...
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    Windows Update... need help

    Ok, I'm the main Network technician at my company. My boss wants me to run windows update on ALL 800 or so computers we have. Is there by chance an easier way to accomplish this as oppose to logging on each machine and running windows update via the internet? I know its possible to download...
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    President of company has computer problem... someone wanna help me out?

    Its a small problem. The president of the company i work for has a laptop and whenever he uses his touchpad, his cursor moves in the opposite direction. If he plugs in a mouse his cursors moves correctly, but when he travels he has to use his touchpad. Anyone got any ideas on what i can do to...
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    Nvidia 7800?

    Nvidia is long known to coordinate its drivers to the series of cards it releases. They were releasing 4x.xx upon the Geforce 4 releases, 5x.xx upon Geforce FX(5) , 6x.xx for the Geforce 6. Its really not confusing to follow. What is confusing is the recent release of the 70.xx beta drivers...
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    So which FPS looks the best now?

    With Farcry 1.3 patch that Included HDR its hard to determine which game looks the best. I for one am in love with the colors that HDR is producing. It makes everything so Vibrant. I remember when i use to think Sacrifice was the best looking game years ago. It was such a colorful game...
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    Yea, so i just bought 2 sticks of XMS PC3700 Corsair Ram

    yea so i bought 2 sticks of 512 XMS PC3700PRO Corsair ram. Both sticks ended up being bad. One of the sticks wont even let my system boot up. The other stick causes random restarts. If i put both sticks in the motherboard so that the memory can run in dual channel mode, my computer just...
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    ABIT IS7 chipset fan died

    anyone know of a good replacement for an OC'd board that wont break the bank? thanks
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    best ram for 2.4C / IS7

    i have XMS Corsair 2x256 memory right now and i need to upgrade to 2x512gb. I am overclocking and am looking to overclock even more but as of right now i hit a wall at 3.12 , It doesnt matter what i change the ratio to or how the timings are. The wall stays at 3.12. Anyway i have heard...
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    memory for 2.4c

    i currently have 2 sticks of 256 XMSCorsair Cas2 3200 memory. I have an IS7 motherboard which i found out does not like my memory as much as it should. I am not able to overclock my 2.4C over 3.0 at all no matter what i do. Does not matter what cooling. Anyway back to my topic. I need to...
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    why can i not post on General Mayhem?

    see above
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    Northbridge chipset fan dieing... whats a good replacement cooler?

    what is the best bang for the buck cooler for my northbridge chipset? I have an IS7 motherboard(yea the ones with the gig ethernet) and im using a 2.4C i purchased last year. My cpu hits a wall at 260fsb. Before 260fsb my computer is as stable as can be and can pass ANY test. Right after u...
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    anyone who knows how to read Hijackthis please help me out

    hey guys.. here is my hijackthis log... i just got finished deleting tons of virus/worms/spyware through the use of antivirus software and spybot, however my hijackthis log file is still pretty full. I still am not able to change my homepage. Can someone please tell me what to delete or keep...
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    Is there an auto OC tool for my 6800 GT?

    I am using 61.71 drivers. They seem to be working better than the 61.34's from EVGA which i believe do have the auto OC tool, but i want to keep the drivers i have now considering they have S 3.0 support and farcry patch should be here soon. And if there isnt any auto OC tool for me to get...
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    just got my GT where can i get the farcry 1.2 patch!

    i need some shadermark 3.0 action!
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    So does 2 day air shipping = 6 days? new one to me

    ok I ordered a evga 6800 GT on July 1st. It actually shipped out on July 2nd. I payed the extra money for 2 day air shipping. My shipping status says it wont be here til the 7th. what gives? I "thought" it would be here today. But it is saturday, i wasnt sure if they still ship on...
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    ATi and technology

    ok... a few things... i thought ATi did support HDR? now i am hearing they dont... Which is true and what does it do. Reason i am asking is that Jakup(or whatever his name is on nvnews forum) the guy with the 6800u that is posting all the screens of Farcry absolutely look amazing. Is ATi...
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    Ok... so i wrote a poem

    The name of my Poem is "Nvidia and ATi im tired of your BS launches, i want my card now and i want it today and ummm.... Gothic Circle is teh win" I need my A F, i need my A A. ATi and Nvidia help me out guys, I want my card today. The clock is ticking, People are dying. And I keep...
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    Overclocked x800pro vs. xt pe

    i've noticed from alot of people that the x800pro has a very nasty overclock. like 560 core clock. How would this match up to the xt pe? anyone know a website with benches? I have a preorder at gateway, and thinking about canceling it and just going ahead and buying a pro. save 100 bucks...
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    Whats wrong with FX series?

    Ok, to start. Yes i do realize i am "new" to the board. I have been visiting this board however for years. I have been paying VERY close attention to video cards and i have one question. What is the deal with everyone bashing the Geforce FX series? Yes i know they had their problems with...