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    Post your UPS,surge protection, battery backup

    I just have a belkin surgemaster maximum surge protector :) but hey, i'm no techie. I just bought a computer to play games.
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    BFGTech GeForce 9800 GTX @ [H]

    man I'm happy I bought a 8800GTX... thx to [H]ard|ocp
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    Virtual Worlds gets $1 Billion in Investments

    hmmm... WoW has over 8 million subscribers, wich means they get well over 1 billion a year in subscriptions alone. this is a strange press release. Havok is a company who does a lot more in the gaming industry then just supplying technology for mmorpg's. I think the amount invested in...
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    which tests to run on a new system?

    Today I'm picking up my spanking new system. C2D e6700 Asus p5b deluxe 2GB pc 6400 G.skill ram ocz 8800 GTX corsair HX 620 videocard. Samsong 205 BW monitor I'm planning to run a couple of different tests to see if everything runs fine. which tests should i run? I'm thinking...
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    Thank you [H]ard|OCP, this is the result

    Including assemblage and 3 years warranty + dead pixel warranty on the monitor it was 2162,69 euro's. That should be around 2900 dollars I think.
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    Thank you [H]ard|OCP, this is the result

    six years ago I bought my first computer system. I was a complete beginner, and it showed. My motherboard did not have a AGP slot, It was loud, it was slow, it fell apart. :rolleyes: so I got my 2nd computer a few years later. this time I listened to a good friend who had 4 computers in...
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    Dell XPS 710 H2C

    I know this was about the first reply, and I know I'm late but: LOL that was funny
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    Monarch Furia @ [H] Consumer

    sometimes I think that companies with even the best intentions can lose "focus". I mean, look at Monarch. They must have done a lot of things right, to get where they are now. and although it doesn't show from this review, they must have happy customers. In fact, a lot of them. Then how is...
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    Cheap Computer builders... OMG im not kidding

    how much did they pay you?
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    Seems Dell gaming got finally got some brains

    any chance of a bloatware-free dell review then?
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    CyberPower Custom Build @ [H] Consumer

    When I read these system evaluations I always feel as they were written especciallly for me. They aren't too techy, and they tell me a lot about how a company works. If you look in my sig you'll see that I'm overdue a new system and I've been following these evaluations with growing...
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    Opinions on crossfire boards...

    the ati crossfire 3200 chipset has gained some very good reviews, read the [H]ard review of the asus board. User expiriences have been a bit of a mixed bag, but recent bios updates seem to have ironed this out. the main difference between the sapphire board and the abit/asus/dfi boards is...
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    Vicious PC Assassin @ [H] Consumer

    great review, as always, thx for a job well done guys. I just have one thing to add to the review: snakes on a plane... YIKES :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    PC Club ENP612 Laptop Evaluation @ [H] Consumer

    I'm another one of those customers.... thx for the review I've read the previous reviews as well, and it makes me wonder: How can a company change so drastically so quickly? I do assume PCClub's management will want to react to this. If they don't, it shows that everything that was said in...
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    6 channel sound and 8 channel sound, what's the difference?

    edit: The non SE version supports cool and quiet as well. It's listed in the specifications here: the a8n-sli SE specifications are here:
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    6 channel sound and 8 channel sound, what's the difference?

    I'm looking at these 2 motherboards: asus A8n-sli and asus A8N-sli SE I could be wrong, but the only difference in the boards I see is the fact that the A8N-sli has 8 channel sound on board while the A8N-sli SE has 6 channel sound on board. 2 questions: -have I overlooked anything and...
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    Great gaming system for around $1700?

    actually, it's not that bad. I think I can stay close
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    Great gaming system for around $1700?

    nice thread, I also want to build a system of around 1600 euro's, only I need all the peripherals in that budget as well, since I'll keep using my current rig. I'll keep following this thread with interest Btw hi all, new to the forums, 33 years, male, from holland, really like the [h]ard|ocp...