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    Success! XFX R9 290 flashed to Asus R9 290X!

    Reposting this again as I will paste the post I have in the other forum. Sorry Kyle. Ok, I'll probably get trolled by this thread as BS, but I read a few posts on other forums and someone posted they flashed their XFX R9 290 card to an Asus 290X bios and unlocked all their shaders. Well since...
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    Eyefinity owners help! Check out my video

    Ok, I've searched all over the net for this issue and it seems like I end up finding about the tearing or screen flickering when the HD5800 series or HD5970 is overclocked running eyefinity. That issue I'm well aware of and can't do anything about it. My problem is another type of tearing...
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    What drivers are you using with 5970?

    I just want to get a consensus with what drivers 5970 owners are using. I tried the beta 4 and beta 5 drivers from the AMD site and not even 5 minutes on desktop my mouse begins to slow down and then everything freezes forcing a reboot. I even made sure msi Afterburner and GPU-Z were not...
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    My experience with the Heatkiller rev 3.0

    Alright, I've been watching all this hub bub with this Heatkiller rev 3.0 and its dramatic drops in temperature compared to my trusty Swiftech Apogee GTZ. I fell for the hype when I upgraded from the GTX to GTZ. I didn't see that much improvement to be at least even be satisfied with the...