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    [H]ot PIA VPN Deal

    From all these good review I just got a 2 year deal. Log in to find out that they have instruction for my asus merlin firmware. Will give it a shot.
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    QNAP TS-251+ 2GB NAS (Diskless) Newegg $270 with code

    I think the Fry's one will be a better deal. The TS-251 for $160 during BF sale.
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    AZIO EXO1 3500dpi USB Gaming Mouse - $6.99

    Received it a few days ago but never got around to opening it up until now. My baseline is the G5/MX518. My G5 primary switch just die so hence this mouse. So far I would say it's comparable to the MX518 including the layout. I do think the laser on this is better. Also this has 4...
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    AZIO EXO1 3500dpi USB Gaming Mouse - $6.99

    In for one as well @ 6.99. They do charge tax for CA but for the price, still good. Thanks strend for the reduce price notification.
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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    I believe it's like $850 if you have the Samsung EPP.
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    Doom is $19.99 @Gamestop. PC/PS4/XBOne

    Sold out? Shows 0 results.
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    Software Update Destroys $286M Japanese Satellite

    Any update are design to fix or adjust to the condition after launch. It does not give new functionality to stay ahead of the game. That's what you call build 2 or 3. The payload is only going to be used what it was designed to do and nothing more. The software update has nothing to do with...
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    Software Update Destroys $286M Japanese Satellite

    For something that expensive, I'm sure there are 2 OBC (on-board computer). Redundancy are based on importance due to weight restriction but the OBC would be one of those that would have a primary and redundant side. Usually there is a testbed that is use to test the code before it get upload...
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    Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault - free (Origin)

    Thanks. Free is always good.
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    SUPER [H]ot: 50% off Dell refurbs, 40% off laptops

    What model/configuration was this?
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    Free Sega Games on Steam

    I forgot I even signed up for it and got it like a week later as well.
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    Giveaway: WinX DVD Ripper Platinum

    Is the WinX HD conveter legit? Not sure what to think of the link.
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    [H]ot! Hyper X Cloud II w/ R6S for $69.99!

    Looks like I missed the deal.
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    "You have insufficient privileges to post here"

    It seem like I can't post anything in the "For Sale/Trade" forum. What's the requirement to do so? Thanks
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    sandisk ssd plus 240GB $55 @ Amazon

    looks like it went up to $69 at bestbuy today. newegg is selling for $59 with $5 code and free shipping. LINK
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    E6850 $99 + ship + tax DELL.COM

    Shipped as well. CA to CA.
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    Refurbished Linksys WRT150N $54

    Shows up as $45 for me.
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    8800GT 512MB $159 AR

    Deal dead.
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    8800GT 512MB $159 AR

    Oh snap. The price on these cards are dropping like rock. What to do... take my chance waiting for TD or this...
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    [H]ot!!! - XFX GeForce 8800 GTS Video Card - Alpha Dog Edition - 169.99 after MIR

    What's the timestamp on your invoice for when you ordered?
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    [H]ot!!! - XFX GeForce 8800 GTS Video Card - Alpha Dog Edition - 169.99 after MIR

    Nope, I order 12:08.01AM and it's backorder. I shouldn't have thought about this for 20 minutes. :mad:
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    Crucial T's $1! LOL (Dead Deal)

    sweet. :D
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    What is Wrong With My Q6600?

    Can you post your stepping and batch # on the Q6600.
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    Q6600 steping or batch?

    I guess when I post the stepping I thought it was the same as sSpec. Anyways, I have a SL9UM(B3) with a batch of L725Axxx. Just wondering if I should try to get a SLACR (G0) with any batch number or keep mine because the batch seems good.
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    Q6600 steping or batch?

    Which is more important the stepping (B3 or G0) or the batch number? I have an opened B3 L725A with pack date of 9/19/07. From google, the batch seems to only for G0. The only guarantee thing with the G0 is that it will uses less power.
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    cant flash my Asus A8V Deluxe

    I had this problem when I first got my X2 as well. All I did was connect a floppy/cdrom and let it do the autoupdate with the newest bios(at the time) from the device. I don't remember what is the correct key to press but I believe if you have the bios in the floppy with the correct name, it...
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    Antec SP2.0 500W $9.99AR + shipping @

    I bought 2 unit and they both died within the year. Antec replace 1 with another same unit and the other with an EarthWatts 500. I hope the EarthWatt is much better than the smartpower units.
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    need some help with my acer al2223w

    So far the only thing that I thought needing adjustment was the brightness and contrast. Everything else seems pretty good so far. No stuck pixels or too much bleeding.
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    IP35 Pro for $160 + FS

    I can tell you that this place is legit. For people who don't live by this area, the place is pretty big and they been there for a few years now at this new location. It use to be a Honeywell building.
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    HOT: GIGABYTE GA-965P-DS3 56$

    Does anyone know the version of this board?
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    Scalding Acer 22" WS $190

    what zip code are you in cos all the store here in southern cali are all out. i wouldn't mind getting my hands on a few. :D
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    the Abit IN9 32X-MAX thread

    Has anyone gotten a code 26? I'm running a 3DFuzion 7600GS and I get a error code 26 on either master or slave slot. It will boot (most of the time) when I use the 3rd slot but will complain and tells me to move it to either the master or slave slots. Is there a incompatibility issue?
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    Antec Smartpower 500W

    My SP500 crapped out with light usage as well. It's at Antec for rma but it's taking them a bit long since they have no stock of the SP500 right now. They told me that I *should* be getting the TRIO as a replacement but we'll see.
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    Spare radiator....

    My coworker has convince me to go WC. I was looking around for WC kits. Would all I need is a pump, 1-2 120mm fan, piping, and cpu block to make this all work? How much do you think shipping would be to 90503? Thanks
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    Big problem with Dual Core Upgrade

    I have a Asus A8V-Deluxe myself. One thing that did help me was to install the SATA drivers by hitting F6 in dos. Also, I would get random crashes in windows as well with using old Nvidia drivers. I had to download their newer dual core certify ones. I've updated my bios to 015 but not to...
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    HOT!! Logitech G7 25 Shipped!!

    Order a G5 yesterday and now a G7. I need to stop looking at these threads. :p