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    Need mobo for 3600x

    Hi, I hoping to upgrade my wireless HTC vive computer. It's on it's last legs with a 2600k oc to 4.8 and a 1080 gpu. For now, I just want to upgrade the mobo, cpu and ram on a bit of a budget. Main issue is the X570 mobo's are expensive. So I've turned to older B450 mobo's for the lower...
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    3900x oc to 4.3 question

    Hi, I have my 3900x running at 4.3 all cores. So that's fine, improves the cinebench r20 score (7500), but by manually forcing all cores to 4.3 it means they are allways there, and I'm missing out on the boost to 4.6 on single threaded apps. I'm new to the amd bios environment so I'll keep...
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    128gb memory for 3900x?

    Hi, I would like 4 32gb modules at 3200. Corsair doesn't sell a 4x32 kit at that speed ( I think 2600 they top out at). But they do sell these 2x32gb modules. Do you think 4 of these would work ok? Mobo is...
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    Asus motherboard for Z370? So many models?

    HI, I'm looking for a few Z370 motherboards for 8700k processors. With 64gb of ram. These are workstations, which I've built for years, and for a long time I'd used the sabertooth boards. But now they have gone away and the Asus model list is so extensive I have no idea what to pick or how...
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    Flaky power on with Asus z170 sabertooth mark 1??

    Hi, I have a 2yr old system with a asus z170 sabertooth mark 1 motherboard. It reached a state where it wouldn't power-on. Seemed like it was a bad case power switch at the time (about a month ago). So I switched the guts into a new case (330r blackout edition /corsair carbide) Now, it's...
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    Asus TUF Z270, wrong size for ATX??

    Hi, I just grabbed one of these boards and it's 12" x 9.2" instead of 9.6" and is missing 2 holes at the right edge corners, and the middle hole on the right edge has no standoff in my case! What gives? I have to use it in this case for now, it's entire right side is unsupported. Not sure...
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    Looking for a laptop, having a hard time!

    Hi, I'm looking for a laptop with pretty flexible minimum specs. But certain combinations don't seem to be available. Note, a high end surface book (the new one) would probably be great - but screen size is too small. 15.6 or 17" screen, Convertible touchscreen Pressure pen included or...
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    server2008 (whs2011) bsod classpnp.sys - resolve by achi in bios?

    Hi, I have a whs2011, I moved it from one location to another and somehow it would no longer boot, instead it would bsod which in safemode would happen at the classpnp.sys line. Out of frustration or desperation and googling I found some reference to ACHI or SATA = compatablie. No reason to...
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    Help restoring from old tape backups

    Hi, I have some old tapes that are supposed to have data on them from 2002, but no one remembers what was used to create them. There are 2 kinds of tapes. TRAVAN-8 and ADR2 cartridges. I built up an old system, bought the 2 tape drives and installed an older os (vista) that has ntbackup...
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    Need 4x16 ddr4 for asus maximus ix formula

    Hi, Can I use gkill ripjaw v series 4x16gb ddr4 in this motherboard? That ram says z170, but can I assume z170 kits will work on z270 boards? The qvl list doesn't really help as it's all over the map showing kits that out number the ram slots on the mobo! Thanks!
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    6700k skylake, cpu voltage question on sabertooth z170 mark1

    Hi, I'm doing some more overclocking on this mobo/cpu combo. I'm really a little confused on the cpu voltage settings. I can do a low overclock of 4.4 and just leave the cpu voltage on auto. But if I set it to say adaptive mode, + offset, and set voltage to 1.32 etc. then I'll get a...
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    identical computers, cloning with clonezilla

    Hi, I am building several identical computers, exactly the same hardware in everyone - so the only difference is the serial numbers. I also have new win7 pro product id's for each one. I don't believe it's worth my time to go through automated installation kit and windows pe etc. when I can...
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    :( asus Z170 sabertooth mark1 - boot_device_led

    Hi, I just built a new system with the above Mobo, booted up at first and basically all I did was in the ai menu change to XMP profile, so the g.skill ram would run at 2800 etc. Rebooted, and now, all I get is red boot_device_led. I tried every manner of resetting the bios to default, from...
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    htc vive, upgrade to dual 1070's or upgrade to 1080?

    Hi, I have an htc vive, with a 1070, performance is pretty good, but I want hi iq not just medium and the 1070 isn't quite there. So my question is, upgrade to a 1080 (cheaper option as I can sell the 1070 for decent value) or buy another 1070 and run dual cards? Dual card option is a...
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    Tripp Lite 2.2kVa 1600 watts - noisy fan!

    Hi, I got this UPS the other day - it's 'online' in that it's inverter is always running. i.e. the cooling fan is running 24/7 even if you were to turn the UPS off. My issue is the fan noise - it's an 80mm fan and I can hear it in the next room. It's at a point where I will have to...
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    6700k overclock, seemed too easy, I'm suspicious now

    Hi, I just built some systems with asus z170 sabertooth mark 1, i7 6700k and 64gb of G.skill 2800 ddr4. Cooled with an H100i GTX. I planned on a mild overclock to 4.5. Based on reading hear and elsewhere it sounded like getting the ram at 2800 was going to be unlikely. Other people /...
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    asus z170, cpu led, no post

    Hi, I just built 7 identical systems. All work perfect except one. Board is an Asus Z170 sabertooth mark1. With a 6700k processor. First, the bios update button on the back will not work, no blue flash, no solid blue, just totally unresponsive. Second, cpu led is on when the board is...
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    Corsair 330 blackout, with H100i ughh

    I was afraid this would happen and it did, what I would give for 1/4" more space in this case: The corner of the fan presses tight up against the cpu power molex. The screw has to be removed, and realistically the corner of the fan cut off. Or, relocate the H100i radiator, mounting it...
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    skylake ddr4 memory voltage question

    Hi, I'm looking for ram for an Asus Sabertooth Z170. Currently looking at these G.skill kits. I'm confused about whether to buy 1.2 or 1.35 v kits? The G.skill site lists some kits as 'tested' at 1.35 but still lists an SPD of 1.2. The asus mobo manual makes no mention one way or...
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    Asus Z170 sabertooth build questions

    Hi, I'm about to build 8 systems with the following specs, I would appreciate any comments: MOBO: Asus Sabertooth Z170 CPU: i7-6700K RAM: G.skill ripjaws V series 64gb (4x16) ddr4 3000 (* not positive on this, but there aren't tons of 4x16 kits around) GPU: Quadro M4000 Corsair H100i...
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    24" thinnest bezel for eyefinity

    Hi, I'm in the market to upgrade my eyefinity setup. I use 3 24's but they are old and definately not thin bezels. There is a lot of mis-information on actual bezel width online. I've seen the 24" dell with a 1mm bezel (plus 5mm black inner bezel) for a total of 6mm, not bad. There...
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    memtest errors and then no more error

    Hi, Suddenly my system bsod'd 4 times in 24 hours. I ran a memtest, immediately saw errors, let it finish over night, something like 900k errors by morning. (8x4gb sticks). I run windows for a bit, reboot memtest, no more errors (at least for an hour, then I removed the ram, needed to...
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    can't pass sql server management studio through windows firewall

    Hi, I have sql express installed on my windows server (2008). My workstation has 2012 SQL serveer management studio installed. If I disable windows firewall on the server I can connect to the database no problem. But if I enable the firewall I can't connect. This is despite making...
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    lacp on zyxel gs1920 confusion

    Hi, My server has an intel dual port ni. Teaming is setup, so there is a 'team #0' set to 'static link aggregation'. On my gs1920, if I enable LACP on those 2 ports, the ports status changes to 'blocking' so no traffic is possible and the trunk isn't created. If I disable the lacp...
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    Asus RT-ac66u 100% cpu, no clients

    Despite power off, or reboots I can't seem to fix this - as soon as it turns on it's at 100% and hot, hi 70's. Is there a way of finding out what process is having a problem? This router is in AP mode, so I don't get what the problem is.
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    Asus P287q- with win7, no good

    Hi, I picked up this monitor on the weekend, and basically I find the 4k res. is too small for windows, It's my 3rd monitor so it's not like I want to expand the font etc. system wide. Plus my main app does not deal with larger system fonts well at all, it's a dog's breakfast. At...
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    lacp on zyxel gs1920

    Hi, I have an intel pro/1000 dual on my server. I've teamed both ports successfully for static link aggregation. But on the zyxel box, when I create a team in the default src-dst-mac mode, and then enable LACP, the state of those 2 ports become blocked, and I loose access. I think...
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    P5Q asus, atheros lan in server2008

    Hi, I'm running server2008 on an old asus P5Q motherboard. For some reason, the onboard nic, an Atheros will only offer speed upto 100mbps full duplex. I know its a gigabit nic but I can't get it running properly. Any ideas?
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    qnap SSH security?

    Hi, I have 2 qnap nas boxes that I want to do remote replication on. Either rsync or rtrr offers ssh defaulting to port 22 for these connections. I'm trying to figure out if this is as secure as making this connection through an openvpn tunnel. Is there any reason not to just enable...
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    Zyxel managed switch for small office I'm considering this switch to replace my 5 8 port switches ( I just kept buying more when I ran out of ports). Any opinions? It's been around for a while but I'm not sure what else to...
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    pfsense - dual wan?

    Hi, I have an Asus RT-AC66U router at the moment, and dual cable modems. The asus is setup for load balancing. I'm really interested in building a pfsense box but I am too noob about pfsense to understand the implications of a dual wan scenario. i.e. how many nic's required etc...
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    680i sli with whs2011 and 3tb drives

    Hi, I have an old q6600 system on an xfx 680i sli chipset motherboard. I want to install whs2011 on it with a 150gb primary drive and 2 wd 3tb drives for data. The bios sees the drives as 3000gb, but the installer for whs report 746gb, I've read of people correcting this post...
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    asus RT-AC66U vpn PPTP problems!

    Hi, I using my asus rt-ac66u router to run a pptp vpn server. It's just for people from home to able to access office shares, templates files etc. Everything works perfectly once the user is connected. The problem is the connection part. Basically, a homeuser using win7 (vpn...
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    seiki 39" win7 boots up overscanned everytime

    Hi, I'm running this monitor with a GTX 750 TI, window7 64bit pro. Everytime the system boots the display is 'overscanned' (hope that's the right term, I mean that it's zoomed in a bit such that you can't see the task bar and start button (just barely). If I go to the NVidia control...
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    mid range build question?

    Hi, I have an awkward situation, normally I build the fastest system I can afford which is somehow easier to figure out which components to buy. But now I need to build a 'mid-range' system for a friend. About a 1000$ budget. I find I'm totally out of my element. I have no idea what...
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    X79 sabertooth only powers on after holding power button

    Hi, I have a system with an X79 sabertooth mobo. Recently the power button stopped working, i.e it wouldn't turn on the system anymore, or intermittantly would turn it on. I replaced the power switch but that wasn't the problem. So now, it's either the psu or the mobo (maybe mem stick?)...
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    2600k with a lame core/thread?

    Hi, I have an older 2600k that I ran overclocked (but not hot) for 3 years approx. 4.7 ghz on a p65 sabertooth. At one point a few months back it began to blue screen occasionally in a certain rendering application. So, I reverted to stock clocks. The weird thing is is that out of the 8...
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    Help! X79 sabertooth 4930k, cpu LED

    Just built this system as in subject with an H100i, it gives a cpu led when I try to power it up. Need it running tomorrow morning. Never seen this before so please help if you can. Thanks,
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    Xeon 2696 versus multiple 4930k's

    My render software needs lot's of horsepower. They maintain a list of systems performing a render of a 'test scene' for equal comparison of system speed. Top of the list is a dual cpu Xeon 2696. This is a pretty expensive system although I haven't really found it easy to price a system using...
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    Oc'd processor giving up? bugcheck 0124

    Hi, the last few weeks, while under 100% load my main system has bsod'd with the following bugcheck, which appears to relate to hardware fault. It's an i7 2600k, mobo p67 sabretooth which has been running at 4.7ghz (h70 cooler) since I built it in maybe 2011. System is 24/7 and never...