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    Blew my third 1100T

    And yet I bought another one AMD forever!
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    Man Down

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    What do I do now?

    I came back from work today after a really shitty day and I find my PC is off and I can't get it to turn on My UPS is working, my two monitors are showing power I tried different outlets, pc does not power up I used to have green lights on my mobo, not anymore So Now I unplugged the 24+4...
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    AMD Black Edition

    My CPU is at 70C What's the best water cooling solution What is better than water cooling (meaning cooler and more reliable)
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    CPU Folding

    Is CPU folding still worth it? I stopped F@H a long time ago when GPU and PS3 folding become so competitive, then stopped BOINC :( Should I get back in?
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    Low Performance

    I have a Thinkpad T410s with the discrete Nvidia nvs 3100m. It sucks, I have heard installing the 310m driver can improve performance, how can I do this? I have updated my notebook drivers to the latest nVidia 270.51 verde driver, but performance still sucks. I don't know what I did but in...
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    Anyone one have a portable degausser, prefer car mountable?
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    Windows App To Nuke Drive

    I have one week to destroy a thousand drives with 15 PCs What app would you use to just write random data, or 1,s or 0's with minimum 7 times?
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    Any good? I bought one on accident
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    I am a fool

    I built a new pc without a ssd! Sooooooooooooooooo slow
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    What should I do with this?

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    ZFSGuru Build

    8 drives - Raid 2Z - Must be AMD What parts? What 8087 controller - opinions? Will run ZFS v28 Must use 2TB drives Performance not an issue
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    Socket C32

    Anyone try out the new mobos yet? How are they? How are the six cores? 2.8ghz is out of stock? Anyone know ETA? Looking for dual socket C32, wait?
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    How to overvolt a hard drive

    I need more speed than 7200rpm Thanks
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    Dropbox for Teams

    Anyone with experience?
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    French Storage Return rates

    I rushed here to share
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    Memtest shows 1 error on the 20th pass

    Who do you buy your ram from and how many errors do you have? If ZFS needs a lot of ram, why not just max out mobos, ram is supposed to be making the largest difference? Thoughts? Happy Thanksgiving!
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    OpenSolaris Drama

    Building a replacement server, opensolaris is dead, openindiana is now on a usb stick, long live the king But I pm'ed sub.mesa a few days ago, maybe time to try out freebsd and zfs Any thoughts?
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    1090T and AMD Overdrive

    Is Overdrive still the suggested method to overclock AMD Black Editions? How?
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    LSI Megaraid issues

    I have an Asus p5bv-c mobo I have a RAID 10 over the LSI Megaraid ports (4 drives) My win 2k8 setup crashed, does not boot up, holds at crcdsk.sys I put in another hdd on the Marvell ports, got Win2k8 running on that Now after I've installed Megaraid storage controller, it shows the...
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    New Video Card Tomorrow!

    ATi 5750 should be here tomorrow, first time in a long time I've ordered a graphics card and actually been excited I'll be upgrading from a GeForce 7900GS, anyone know what kind of gains to expect? Also, is it worth going from a Core 2 Duo 1.86ghz to a Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz?
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    So the iPhone might prove to be useful...
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    We hit it. Last check was 1009 teraflops. Okay it's not 1024 -- but fuck you :)
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    Switched back

    No, not from Mac to PC, but from Camino nightly's to Webkit nightly's I have to say -- Safari is one smooth browser. Camino was nice, but Webkit feels much more mac-like.
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    IP Cameras?

    I'm thinking about getting video monitoring installed in our restaurants. I have a vendor that wants to do it for about 100$/store per month. That's equipment, warranty and installation. I feel that paying a few thousand a month is too much money for that kind of deal so I'm thinking about...
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    Opteron 240's?

    I have a dual Opteron 240 system, the CPU's operate at 1.4ghz each. To be honest, I haven't overclocked a machine in FOREVER. I do the basic fsb stuff / software stuff available on motherboards lately, but I haven't done any bios stuff or hardware mods in years. Where should I start if I...
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    Xbox360 Folding@Home?

    Does anyone know if the Xbox360 has plans to participate in the F@H like the PS3 can? I'm on the verge of putting down some money aside for that new black HDMI xbox coming out soon especially for Halo3, but I'm kinda on the edge since that's the only game I'd buy it for (oh, and Forza 2...
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    Howdy folks, I'm vraa. I've been a lurker for, I think about 7 years or a little more. I'm a F@H fanatic, I'm part of team mbworld. I just wanted to let you guys know (I IMed a few folks, whoever's AIM sn I could get through the profiles without registering) that the SMP faq needs to be...