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    Vertical & Horizontal Cable wire management for mutli-RU modular chassis switches

    Hi, I've got a greenfield project where new cat6 cabling has been pulled from several floors to a room and I need to direct a tech to dress and terminate cat6 cabling to patch panels. I was planning on installing all the gear in an APC 42u rack but the rack we have available doesn't look like it...
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    Free air cooling technology for data closets

    Looking for recommendations and advice on applying free air cooling to closet sized datacenter. At this stage we are open to all ideas. Some HVAC folks we've contacted suggest mini split airconditioner systems with one condensing unit and an air handler for each closet as a quick and simple...
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    What are best options for Intelligent PDUs 208v w remote ethernet power cycle mgtment

    I've seen a lot of companies like APC, Eaton, Avocent/Cyclades make PDUs and have product lines that offer remote power on/off features over networks. I've worked on some units in the past and wasn't too impressed at the implementation of the remote administration features. Probably because they...
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    Anyone know anyone familiar with RCN's Fiber network or service?

    Anyone able to share any feedback or perspective about RCN's fiber, not copper HFC, network, services, operations? We've been shopping for fiber in metro Chicago and have found so far several different options available at this site. One option is RCN that has fiber at our pole requiring no...
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    6u and more wallmount racks w/ vertical or different orientation for shallow closets?

    Please share recommendations and any experiences with vertical wallmount racks with more than 6 rack units. We are looking at and their MiniRaQ CONVERTIBLE models with top 4u normally facing rackunits for patch panels and 8u or 10u vertically oriented for switches and...
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    New building horizontal & vertical copper & fiber riser structured cabling

    We're looking at a multi level commercial and residential greenfield project and will be designing and configuring the MDF & IDF closet layouts as well as the vertical and horizontal riser system for the structured cabling and networking solutions. This is not a datacenter and their won't be any...
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    Do you still avoid using all 0's & all 1's subnets & hosts?

    Particularly, do you avoid the all-ones subnets because of the confusion and possible routing loop in having a network and a subnet with identical broadcast addresses?
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    Who enables Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) unrestricted access?

    Anyone do testing and find in which scenarios enabling and unrestricting VMCI access improves performance? Haven't found much concrete info on the interwebs so here are some info links. Configuring a Virtual Machine Communication Interface (VMCI) on a vSphere ESX host...
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    Looking for a system that'll email or sms on a motion alert trigger.

    Any cameras or recording software that will push out realtime notification of events? Anyone have experience with or heard of purpose built motion devices, security cameras or nvr/dvr software or hardware that'll send email or other communication on motion alerts?
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    Should 10gbe sfp+ 850nm be able to interface with 1gbe sfp 850nm?

    I've got some dell and hp switches and oem optical transceivers of each that I am unable to get an active link on when connecting as title states. All the firmwares are newest releases. Next step is I will manually set speeds on interfaces. Anyone here have success with connecting 10gbe to 1gbe...
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    SuperMicro SuperBlade SBE Chassis and SBI 7426T lga1366 blades

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    zfs child fs and clones inaccessible thru parent nfs mount requiring many esxi stores

    I've noticed this issue long ago and dismissed it by simply attaching individual nfs store mounts on esxi hosts for each zfs fs I require. I am in the process of creating lots of clones which are individual filesystems originating from a snapshot of a filesystem. Figuring there is a workable...
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    How do you manage dns in dmz perimeter?

    Our ISP may offer to provide reverse dns delegation. Looking for best solution for our dmz network with some mail transport and web servers using several different aliasing domain names. Will test in esxi lab then move to esxi production. I have no experience with domain name servers beyond...
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    Anyone work w/ Motorola passive optical networks? gpon bpon olt

    I am receiving quotes on Motorola hardware but the spec sheets on the cards for the OLT chassis are not publicly available. Apparently details are only available selectively and the engineers from Motorola are slow on the followup. Does anyone have white papers on Motorola's current PON...
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    How to identify pinout of rj45 to rj45 dongle

    I bought an Avocent RJ-45 to RJ-45 adapter used for Cisco and Sun equipment aka 210105 b/c Avocent reps are unable to disclose what the pinout pattern is. Am I correct that I could just switch the mulitmeter to test for resistance and then just connect each probe of the multimeter searching...
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    Accidentally got 1.8" crucial c300. Same speed as 2.5"? Keep it?

    Bought a 1.8" 256gb c300 accidentally and don't know if I should return it or just buy a microsata adapter and use it. Will the throughput characteristics be exactly the same across both form factors? Anyone test it? If I keep it it'd be used in nas for now but in future might install it...
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    Any recent players have component out as well as android remote app ala xmbc?

    The only recent players I've found w/ component out are wdtv live hub and xtreamer sidewinder 2. Are these the current best options? Just found wd has an android app: Another update... found the following just released with...
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    Android apps fail to authenticate & access cifs/smb shares on zfs

    I've been unable to successfully access my cifs shares with any of my Android devices. I've tested a Nexus S 2.3.4 and a Motorola Defy w recent Cyanogen and installed any and all apps I found on the market that offer smb/cifs features. Every single app fails to authenticate using correct...
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    Rack-mount Transfer Switches or UPS to UPS to utility power?

    At one location I have some single-corded psu powered electronics connected to one APC 3000 UPS. During a recent thunderstorm I witnessed the UPS failed for a moment when utility power fluctuated on off on off etc several times very quickly. This caused the electronics to reboot. The...
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    reset password on Avocent DSR IPKVM

    We recently inherited an Avocent DSR2035 IPKVM. We do not know the password for console access. We're also unable to get it on the network since we don't know what LAN subnet it was previously on, so the only access we have is through the serial console, but can't get into anything. On the...
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    Nvidia Geforce mobile GT 525 / 540 good for Adobe CS5 Mercury Playback Engine?

    I've read that cuda enabled gpus with at least 1gb of gddr5 are good performers for MPE. Unfortunately, most implementations of the gt 525 and 540 use ddr3. Anyone have a laptop with either 525 or 540 and see increased rendering performance in premiere and photoshop when gpu acceleration is enabled?
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    Identifying p2p traffic traversing lan to wan

    At one site I am reselling dsl and I received a few dmca notices identifying timestamps of bittorrent accessing certain movie files by name, size, and port. I need to implement a granular logging system that enables me to identify the culprits. The users are in vlans behind nat. I know that...
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    Disable zil sync writes on zfs?

    Looking for feedback.. disregarding backups as well as the implications of sync writes treated as async and databases receiving acks but the file server crashing w/o committing the data.. With zil disabled have any of your vms over nfs and/or iscsi or programs in a virtual machine fail after a...
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    10Gb Ethernet over copper users? (CX4 v. SFP+ v. KX4/KR v. T)

    I'm looking at some 10gbe goodness and am interested in the copper cables and interfaces. At this point is it a given that 10GSFP+Cu supersedes 10GBASE-CX4 for short lengths due to form factor and 10GBASE-T providing longer cable lengths over Cat6/a? What, if any, beneficial characteristics...
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    Nokia Checkpoint IPSO routers.. anyone use them or can offer any comment?

    I have no experience with these devices however I noticed some other forums have lively discussions about them but here at [H] there is little to nothing mentioned about them. What's the beef? Do any of these products provide any particularly interesting functionality? How do they compare to...
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    help: special power cable plug for switch 5400zl? see img.. (5406zl 5412zl)

    i just got a couple of these units delivered but have problem. the power supplies (j8712a) have this plastic insert key between the 3 prongs in the female connection. [/URL] UPDATE: The cheapest nema 5-15p to iec c15 power cable I found in usA coincidentally is through hp for $23.75usd plus...
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    Powering dual DC power supplies on switches

    I've seen some Foundry and Cisco switches with dual DC power supplies. What benefits are there to using such DC devices as opposed to 120 and 240v AC in racks? How are such DC devices best powered in a rack?
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    vt-d/vmdirectpath w/ vmware only on esxi?

    Is vt-d and direct device assignment available on any of vmware's windows based virtualization products ie server? I am unable to find documentation on this and do not see where to enable it within the gui.
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    Dual socket 1366 mb able to run two different cpus?

    For example, an e5520 and an l5518? I have supermicro 5500 and 5520 motherboards and am uncertain if I need to have identical cpus.
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    What UPS for 208V 3 phase 3 pole 4 wire (Delta) NEMA L15-30R PDU?

    I bought used HP 42u racks with several 0u power distribution units preinstalled. I am ignorant regarding the appropriate implementation of these 208V HP AF512A PDUs with uninterpretable power supplies. Now a 120v double conversion OPTI-UPS DS3000B-RM powers all the equipment but I would like to...
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    KVM over IP w/ Virtual Media ie USB CD-ROM other than Avocent?

    I know the MergePoint Unity products from Avocent offer this feature. Is there anything from HP, Dell, and others that provides mounting virtual media for local analog and remote ip users? This would ease managing bare metal servers. Otherwise, VMware VSphere allows mounting iso images etc into...
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    rack slides?

    I picked up a used hp 10642 rack and it came equipped with some accessories from previous use. i.e. hp power distribution unit af512a and some slides. The pdu is intended for 240v and I am unable to identify wtf the slides are exactly used for / compatible with. I presently only use 120v but...
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    Possible to run gui and/or nx in openvz, vserver, jails, or containers?

    Do openvz, vserver, jails, or containers allow to setup a gui and nx server? Or is this only possible on full virtualized operating system like xen, xvm, kvm, etc?
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    Esx4 passthrough attached harddrives (das) to nexentastor vm

    Given one machine with esx4 installed on a mirrored lun and several other hard drives directly attached to compatible storage adapters. I am unable to identify how to expose the directly attached hard drives to the nexentastor virtual machine without anymore abstraction. I want to passthrough...
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    lga 1366 heatsink active STS100A vs passive STS100P w/ air shroud ducting in case

    What is the best heatsink to install on a single or dual socket lga1366 xeon in a 3u supermicro chassis w/ or w/o the air shroud to duct airflow from the front hotswap bays directly over the cpu and out the rear fans? I have only found intel oem units: intel STS100P 95W TDP passive unit and the...
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    Connected wrong psu modular cable and shorted hd. What now?

    Several of my psus have modular cables. I just realized that certain Antec and Mushkin models have identical modular female/male plugs but the actual wiring is terminated differently. I used a mushkin modular cable to connect an antec psu to several hard drives. After powering the system on...
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    Why are slim optical drive form factors and slim ide not standardized?

    I bought a sony crx880a assuming most optical drives have the same dimensions and one type of slim ide connection. The crx880a does not fit in my norco rpc4020 due to the cases' slim slots four perpendicular protrusions preventing install and placement. Also, I bought the pictured IDE ATAPI...
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    Are 15k sas obsolete due to hybrid ssd and commodity hdd solutions ala zfs zil l2arc?

    Assuming no preexisting infrastructure and a new vm deployment with an opensolaris san providing iscsi to esx why would 15k sas drives be preferred for environments demanding high iops? (other than mtbf) Are 15k rpm drives made obsolete by hybrid solutions leveraging ssd for additional cache in...
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    mini redundant power supply psu for RPC-4020 w/ 20 wd green drives wd20eads?

    Any recommendations on a mini redundant psu that will fit in the RPC-4020 and adequately power ~20 wd20eads drives? I've read that the wd20eads maxes at 16watts at spinup while read/writing max load at 7w. The case may house a few 15k.6 sas drives, a dual core nehalem 80w intel, some pcie sata...