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    Water cooling that really cools!

    Why have water cooling if it is only marginally better than really solid air cooling? Perhaps noise is an issue with you. For me it is not!!. Wife, Kids, TV's Stereos, Barking dogs! Give me the staedy drone of some cooling fans!!! Well Let's see what I mean by way better than air My System...
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    Abit BE-7 and it's a DELL no more!!

    You know a lot of people just do not realize that some old processors had a lot more in them than people knew. My sister-in law's Dell lost it's hdd and it's cd-rw had been going downhill and it was a Dell!! So I repackaged and sold her My 2.4C. Sl6Z3 on my Epox 4PDA2+Ver.2 mobo. I still have...
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    Epox 5PDAJ & 540J Pure Energy!

    Intel has been grinding out so many processors and chipsets it's rediculous. The good news for us is that many of these are just gonna be going for give away prices by next year. I just built a new system in the last week. I have read and looked everything over. I decided to just save my money...
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    Why G.Skill PC4400 ?

    Well let's say for the sake of arguement you have a processor that just won't get past 265 fsb. Maybe only say 255, and you want a memory that you can run 1:1 with full PAT enabled. Since you have a limited Fron side bus you need to make up for it with great memory that will run as tight of...
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    GSKILL 3200 to 4400

    Well I have been using OCZ mem Exclusively for a few years now. Yesterday however I installed 2x256 sticks of GSKILL mem into my system. As many of you know GSKILL is a fairly new Name on the mem scene. I decided to try it cuz the OCZ PC4000 Gold would peter out at anything above 257fsb @ 1:1...
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    PNY 6800 Cards $199

    Only for a few hours at CompUSA tommorrow morning. The day after Thanksgiving!! for like 6 hours. They are on sale, that's $229 with a $30 dollar rebate. Hard to beat for the price. Remember the sale runs from like 6:00 am to 11:00 or 12:00 shop early, play late!! WZ
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    Epox & Ocz

    I recently got some new PC4000 Gold Rev.2 mem from OCZ . My old mem died and they replced it with this pretty new stuff. Rather than go on and on I will just show you where I am at so far. this mem is allowing me to get some good clocks from my CPU. The old stuff that was dying had me...
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    Post your Aquamark3 scores with your 6800GT OC'd

    Come let's have a look. I see a lot of OC numbers but I don't see what that is bringing you in the way of speed. So post your aquamark scores so everyone can see where there card stacks up on all this. I'll start it off. with a pick and a link post both if you can but definitely the link!! I...
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    WeldZilla 2 "A New Beginning" Mod!!

    it was a cold and dreary January morning. there was a knock at my door, hmm? So I looked and saw it was the fedex man with my new Enermax CS-181-B Case!! This was great! I was off work for another few weeks and I wanted to do some case modifying. Actually I wanted to redesign a case to fit my...